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General Information
HostPluto - Brad Ramey

Panky - Christopher Pankhurst

FormatPodcast & Livestream
CountryUnited States
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LeagueSpot was Leaguepedia's flagship webshow hosted by Brad "Pluto" Ramey and Christopher "Panky" Pankhurst. Styled after ESPN's "SportsCenter", episodes included weekly forecasts of the upcoming tournaments, player & team news, League of Legends updates, and much more!


ID Name
Pluto Brad Ramey
Panky Christopher Pankhurst

LeagueSpot Forecast[edit]

Date # Participants Links Length
2012-11-17 1 Pluto, Panky Week 2 07:17
2012-11-22 2 Pluto, Panky Week 3 04:00


Date # Participants Links Length
2012-11-09 1 Pluto, Panky Pilot - MLG Dallas, Preseason 3 31:15
2012-11-18 2 Pluto, Panky Sophomore - LoneStar, Tales of the Lane, S3 Items 38:26
2012-11-24 3 Pluto, Panky Pankless - IPL Wildcard, GPL Finals 18:52

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