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League Weekly
General Information
HostTravis Gafford
CountryUnited States
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"League Weekly" is a live podcast format talk show previously produced by Yahoo Esports; afterwards, it began to be independently released under the name League Weekly ReCoDeD. Hosted and mediated by Travis Gafford, with co-hosts Mark Zimmerman, Kelsey Moser, and Emily Rand, the group discusses current esports news and related topics.

Episode List[edit]

as "League Weekly ReCoDeD"[edit]

# Date Link Length Topics
9 2017-09-14 VOD 86m Gauntlet, Worlds Groups, Overrated LPL, and Who Wins Worlds Besides LCK
8 2017-09-07 VOD 98m Eu format changes, TSM Wins playoffs, Gauntlet, and more
7 2017-08-22 VOD 84m Riot killing Jensen, how to ruin EU LCS, and other Reddit ideas
6 2017-08-08 VOD 88m LCS playoffs, CLG Omargod, first team to qualify for Worlds, and more
5 2017-08-01 VOD 101m CLG Acquisition, patch 7.15, C9 Playstyle, and Dig Faith
4 2017-07-25 VOD 89m Mickey to TL, Patch 7.14 makes League crazy, the TSM/SKT perfect team problem
3 2017-07-12 VOD 60m What does 'Rift Rivalries' mean and more
2 2017-06-28 VOD 96m IMT's performance, dismissing G2, 10 man roster, and more
1 2017-06-20 VOD 101m NA LCS top teams and subs, Europe rejuvenated, esports cheerleaders

as "League Weekly"[edit]

# Date Link Length Topics Guest
9 2017-06-13 VOD 112m NA chaos, skill ceilings, Flash Wolves suspensions, Doran's Shield woes? N/A
8 2017-06-06 VOD 131m Meme teams, NA upside down start, and an hour on LCS evolution N/A
7 2017-05-25 VOD 132m MSI wrap-up, the NiP controversy, and Rift Rivals N/A
6 2017-05-16 VOD 122m Everyone at MSI is bad, offseason jungle swaps, and MSI bracket predictions N/A
5 2017-05-09 VOD 113m NACS, TSM's play-in fumble, and the Korean system Locodoco
4 2017-05-03 VOD 125m Strength of TSM at MSI, LPL franchising, and why the Play-In format sucked Moon
3 2017-04-26 VOD 128m MVP Voting Controversies, NA LCS Finals, & the upcoming MSI N/A
2 2017-04-17 VOD 124m LCS semifinals, Korean imports flopping, champ pool targeting N/A
1 2017-04-11 VOD 129m LCS playoffs, Doublelift, voting controversies, and more. N/A

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