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2018 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • Play-In
  • LCK
  • Challengers
Regular Season
Jan 16th - Mar 25th 2018

1. KSV eSportslogo std.png KSV eSports 2-0 (4-0) +4pts
2. Freecslogo std.png Afreeca Freecs 1-0 (2-1) +1pt
2. Bbq Oliverslogo std.png bbq Olivers 1-0 (2-1) +1pt
4. KTRolsterLogo std.png KT Rolster 1-1 (3-2) +1pt
4. Kongdoo Monsterlogo std.png Kongdoo Monster 1-1 (3-2) +1pt
6. SKT1Logo std.png SK Telecom T1 1-1 (3-3) +0pts
7. JAGlogo std.png Jin Air Green Wings 1-1 (2-3) -1pt
8. ROX Tigerslogo std.png ROX Tigers 0-1 (1-2) -1pt
9. Kingzone DragonXlogo std.png Kingzone DragonX 0-1 (0-2) -2pts
10. MVPlogo std.png MVP 0-2 (0-4) -4pts
Latest News
January 22nd
News Label - Europe.png Team Vitalitylogo std.png VIT.A Team is formed. Shemek, Nji, Abbedagge, Yuuki60 and Dreams join. Unlimited joins as head coach. Kanani joins as analyst.
News Label - CIS.png Team Justlogo std.png Just A Taikki joins.
January 21st
News Label - Brazil.png Iron Hawks e-Sportslogo std.png IHKS Sora and Killuard join.
January 20th
News Label - Turkey.png Oyun Hizmetlerilogo std.png OH KonDziSan joins as coach.
News Label - CIS.png Team Justlogo std.png Just A Phlaty joins.
News Label - CIS.png Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.png EPG Roster and staff are announced. Aoi Haru, Gumbeq, Drobovik123, Shiganari, and Archie join. Fiftyseven joins as analyst.
January 19th
News Label - Brazil.png KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png KaBuM Halier joins as assistant coach.
News Label - Brazil.png Operation Kino e-Sportslogo std.png OpK Kyon joins as analyst.
News Label - CIS.png Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.png EPG Ultimatum joins as head coach.
January 18th
News Label - North America.png FlyQuestlogo std.png FQ.A Pekin Woof will substitute for Keane for Week 2 of the NA Academy League.
News Label - North America.png FlyQuestlogo std.png FLY Due to visa issues, Keane will substitute for Fly for Week 1 of the NA LCS.
News Label - Brazil.png 5Fox E-Sports Clublogo std.png 5Fox Roster and BRCC spot of CNB govTLogo std.png CNB Trinity White are acquired. Duclou, hi im biel, Mewkyo, Days4fun, Pkr, Furyz, Road, danz0r, Vahvel, and WoodBoy join. Patron joins as head coach.
News Label - Europe.png H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k Kelsey Moser joins as an analyst.
News Label - CIS.png Team Justlogo std.png Just A Kinzu joins.
News Label - Japan.png Unsold Stuff Gaminglogo std.png USG Tussle joins. Skatch joins and renames to Gango. Fate moves to starting roster and renames Gariaru.

Matches & Results
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This list displays up to the next 20 series from any available event.
Tournament Match Countdown
LCK 2018 Spring
AFs Freecslogo std.png vs Kingzone DragonXlogo std.png KZ
LPL 2018 Spring
Snake Snake Esportslogo std.png vs Welogo std.png WE
ECS 2018 Spring
178 ONE SEVEN EIGHTlogo std.png vs K Special Forceslogo std.png KSF
LCK 2018 Spring
bbq Bbq Oliverslogo std.png vs ROX Tigerslogo std.png ROX
LPL 2018 Spring
LGD Lgdlogo std.png vs Royal Never Give Uplogo std.png RNG
LGS 2018 Spring
HH Headhunterslogo std.png vs Bigetron E-Sportslogo std.png BGES
LCK 2018 Spring
Jin Air JAGlogo std.png vs MVPlogo std.png MVP
LPL 2018 Spring
JDG JD Gaminglogo std.png vs Invictus Gaminglogo std.png iG
LCK 2018 Spring
KT KTRolsterLogo std.png vs SKT1Logo std.png SKT T1
LPL 2018 Spring
BLG Bilibili Gaminglogo std.png vs Oh My Godlogo std.png OMG
LGS 2018 Spring
nxl Team nxllogo std.png vs Devoticorelogo std.png DVC
TPL 2018 Spring
SL Sinelightlogo std.png vs MEGAlogo std.png MEGA
TPL 2018 Spring
TNT The Nativeslogo std.png vs Third Party Gaminglogo std.png 3RD
TPL 2018 Spring
ASC Ascension Gaminglogo std.png vs Aqua Forcelogo std.png AQF
CK 2018 Spring
DWG DAMWON Gaminglogo std.png vs ES Sharkslogo std.png ESS
CK 2018 Spring
RSG Rising Star Gaminglogo std.png vs APK Princelogo std.png APK
LCK 2018 Spring
ROX ROX Tigerslogo std.png vs Kongdoo Monsterlogo std.png KM
LMS 2018 Spring
M17 Machi E-Sportslogo std.png vs Hong Kong Attitudelogo std.png HKA
VCS A 2018 Spring
FTV FTV Esportslogo std.png vs An Phat Ultimatelogo std.png UTM
LCK 2018 Spring
KSV KSV eSportslogo std.png vs Freecslogo std.png AFs
Tournament Listing Rotation & Sales
2017 LCL.png  
Feb 10 - TBA
  LCL 2018 Spring
SLS logo small.png  
Feb 10 - Mar 10
  SLS 2018 Spring
LCM logo small.png  
Feb 3 - TBA
  LCM 2018 Spring
Esl de.png  
Jan 31 - Mar 18
  ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2018
2017 CLS logo.png  
Jan 20 - Mar 25
  CLS 2018 Opening
NA LCS logo small.png  
Jan 20 - Mar 18
  NA LCS 2018 Spring
CBLOL 2017 Logo.png  
Jan 20 - Mar 11
  CBLOL 2018 Split 1
LMS 2016 logo.png  
Jan 20 - Apr 1
  LMS 2018 Spring
TCL 2015 logo small.png  
Jan 20 - Mar 26
  TCL 2018 Winter
OPL logo small.png  
Jan 20 - Mar 18
  OPL 2018 Split 1
Jan 19 - TBA
  LLN 2018 Opening
EU LCS logo small.png  
Jan 19 - Mar 17
  EU LCS 2018 Spring
Pro Gaming Series logo 2016.png  
Jan 19 - Feb 17
  PGS 2018 Spring
NAAL logo.png  
Jan 18 - Mar 16
  NA Academy 2018 Spring
CK logo.png  
Jan 18 - Mar 30
  CK Spring 2018 Season
VCS logo 2018.png  
Jan 18 - Mar 11
  VCS 2018 Spring
ThaiPL logo small.png  
Jan 17 - Mar 2
  TPL 2018 Spring
ECS logo small.png  
Jan 16 - TBA
  ECS 2018 Spring
LCK logo small.png  
Jan 16 - Mar 25
  LCK 2018 Spring
LPL 2017 logo.png  
Jan 15 - Apr 8
  LPL 2018 Spring
LGS logo small.png  
Jan 15 - Feb 28
  LGS 2018 Spring

Free Rotation


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Current Patch: v8.1