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Best Contact Methods

By far the best way to get in contact with us is to join our Discord server. If you would prefer not to do that, you can tweet us or email River (see below).

If you have a specific question and want to speak directly to a member of our staff who specializes in that region, you can contact anyone listed below.

Wiki Staff

Though we are a community-driven wiki, we have a set of staff members who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that we are completely up-to-date. Have a question? Someone on this page can answer it! (If you write on someone's talk page, they'll get a notification when they log into the site, so you can expect a response that way; however, some people may respond faster to tweets.)

Clicking on someone's name will take you to their talk page.


  • SonaSquare.png River
    (Twitter)(Contributions) - Manages all esports wikis. Can contact if you have questions about any aspect of this wiki or any other esports wiki. Email: river.esports (at) gmail (dot) com
  • ShenSquare.png James
    (Twitter)(Contributions) - Assistant Manager & EU Regional Manager. Contact if you have any questions about player/team information, tournament pages, or pretty much anything else on the wiki.
  • AzirSquare.png Yzal
    (Twitter)(Contributions) - Wiki Live Updates. Contact if you have any questions about Tournament coverage, Brackets, Scoreboards, VODs, Picks/Bans,Content, etc. Speaks Portuguese natively.

Regional Managers

  • AhriSquare.png Sawyer
    (Twitter)(Contributions) - Latin America/Spain Region Wiki Manager. Contact if you have any questions about Latin America/Spain pages. Speaks Spanish natively.
  • SejuaniSquare.png Ade20K
    (Twitter)(Contributions) - Brazil Region Wiki Manager. Contact if you have any questions about Brazil pages. Speaks Portuguese natively.
  • Poro.jpg Brian
    (Twitter) - Chinese & Taiwan Wiki Manager. Speaks Chinese natively.
  • AkaliSquare.png Konbayashi
    (Twitter) - Japan Region Wiki Manager. Speaks Japanese natively.
  • AlistarSquare.png Urbanspirit
    (Twitter) - French scene manager. Speaks French natively.


  • VarusSquare.png Darleesian (Twitter) - Recurring content (Talk shows, team shows, podcasts etc).
  • JaxSquare.png Ragaga (Twitter) - Game Info. Speaks French. Skins dude. Helps with OPL and random EU tournaments.
  • SkaarlSquare.png Lewis

    (Twitter) - Southeast Asian coverage.
  • LucianSquare.png Anio
    (Twitter) - LCS + Challenger scene. And everything else.
  • RakanSquare.png 4nklebiter
    (Twitter) - LAN/LAS.
  • LuluSquare.png MF144
    - Team Rosters
  • EbonmawSquare.png Snackbar - Game Info, Patch Notes, Scoreboards and things.
  • ChoGathSquare.png BomingWang

    - Collecting pentakills stats worldwide. Helps with LPL/LDL and most CN tournaments. Speaks Mandarin natively.
  • DariusSquare.png Sergeantpetpig
    (Twitter) - Nordic Leagues Coverage. Speaks Danish.
  • MissFortuneSquare.png EmJaeCaer
    (Twitter) - OPL person, speaks Australian.
  • JinxSquare.png Lavazomb
    (Twitter) - 2018 EULCS + 2019 LEC Live-Coverage, assisting with other Live-Coverage.
  • CaitlynSquare.png Caarlosm
    (Twitter) - LATAM. Assisting global events in free time.
  • KledSquare.png Noisia1896
    (Twitter) - Currently doing Coverage for the german scene and LDL. Speaks German. Also doing logo stuff.
  • AatroxSquare.png Ixzahilz
    - LPLOL live coverage, Updates on EU tournaments. Speaks Portuguese natively.
  • LuxSquare.png Roz3y
    (Twitter)- TCL Live-Coverage, assistant of EULCS Live coverage and odd job man.
  • Aurelion SolSquare.png Wicoirien
    (Twitter)- LPL/LDL Live-Coverage.
  • ThreshSquare.png Likari
    - LVP Ar/Cl live & Media coverage. Speaks Spanish natively, English fluently, and has over 2 years of Japanese studies.
  • MalphiteSquare.png Hispanic_at_the_di5co
    (Twitter) - OPL live coverage, overall Oceanic specialist, general fixer-upper. Speaks Australian English
  • BraumSquare.png FigoHSV
    (Twitter) - Tournament Coverage, Data Page Assistant and Scoreboards. Speaks German.
  • AsheSquare.png Aircrou10
    (Twitter) - Tournament Coverage, Clinches Calculator. Speaks Greek natively, as well as English and French.
  • JannaSquare.png Thrust216
    (Twitter) - Coverage of random ERLs, mostly Balkan and CZ/SK, also doing OCE and CIS stuff. Speaks German.
  • NeekoSquare.png Jibril
    (Twitter) - Tournament Coverage. Mid- and Offseason Roster Changes. Player Photos. LPL/LDL Scoreboards. Strategical Inter. Speaks German.
  • QiyanaSquare.png Jesto95
    - Major Tournaments Live-Coverage (LEC,LCK,Int.) - Partly responsible for adding Content. Speaks German aswell.
  • LeonaSquare.png RigasUT
    (Twitter) - Responsible for the Self namespace, also the main Greek scene contributor.