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Roster Changes

These are the steps that you should take to fully update our wiki in the case of a roster change.

  1. Front Page:
    • Make a news item announcing the roster change.
  2. Player Page:
    • Update the player's infobox team history, including the appropriate date (just month and year).
    • Update the player's infobox current team.
    • Optional - Update the player's bio. Include relevant information related to the roster change (for example, if player A is added to the roster of team X because player B was dropped from the starting lineup, you would mention player B in player A's bio). This isn't required especially if your're not a native English speaker, but it is encouraged.
    • If Applicable - Update the player's social media links.
    • If Applicable - Update the player's stream link.
    • If Applicable - Update the player's list of alternate IDs.
  3. Team Page:
    • Update the roster, either adding a player to the starting roster, changing the information, or moving the player to the list of former players.
    • Update the timeline section, including a reference.
    • Update the team history section, including relevant details and a reference.
  4. Former Team Page:
    • If the player is currently a free agent (i.e. the player leaving edit was already completed):
      • Add a |newteam= in the Former Players section.
    • If this is a direct move from one team to another:
      • Move the player to Former Players, add a leave date, and add a new team.
      • Update the timeline section, including a reference if possible.
  5. Roster Portal (only applies if it's preseason or midseason):
    • Update the Confirmed Changes section. If this player switched regions, update on both pages.
    • If there were any rumors involving this change, mark them as confirmed or disproven (or unsuccessful), including a reference.
    • Update the Current Rosters page if applicable.
    • Update the Rumored Rosters page to confirm the move if applicable.

Tournament Coverage

Start of Game

  1. Add casters to Data page, as well as side selection if applicable
  2. Press Refresh Overview
  3. Picks and Bans
  4. Team Rosters

End of Game

  1. Add results to Data page
  2. Add MVP or Player of the Game if relevant
  3. Add the Riot/QQ match history to the Data page if applicable
  4. Create the scoreboard if match history page exists
  5. Press Refresh Overview

When Possible

  1. Add the VOD or VODs in 2 places (sorry):
    • Data page
    • Scoreboard

Tournament Ends

  1. Portal:
  2. Front Page:
    • If the tournament is over, update the news.
  3. Player Page:
    • If the tournament was relatively major in the player's career thus far, write a line about it in their biography.
  4. Overview
    • For a multi-part tournament like LCS, the tournament may have a season overview tab. Add the final standings or bracket accordingly.

Tournament Page Creation

  1. Tournament Page:
    • Create it using the tournament page prefill.
  2. Templates:

Team Formation

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a new team is created (or when you are creating a page for a team that we did not yet have a page for).

  1. Check to see if the team meets our notability guidelines.
  2. Team page:
    • If it does, create the page for the team using the team template.
    • Create all relevant redirects (e.g. TSM to Team SoloMid)
  3. Teamnames Module:
    • Add the team name/names to the teamnames module: {{Teamnames}}m (see documentation there as well as Help:Setting Up Teams for more information).
    • If you would like to use the same short name that another team had in the past, do not use the short name as an input, but it's fine for two teams to have the same output short name.
  4. Images:
    • Upload a 60-pixel-wide, 25-pixel-tall, transparent-background .png image at [Teamlink]logo std.png (for example Team SoloMidlogo std.png).
      • If you don't have an image available, make a redirect from this location to File:Logo std.png
    • Upload a square dimension, transparent-background .png image at [TeamLink]logo square.png (for example Team SoloMidlogo square.png).
      • Again if you don't have an image available, make a redirect from this location to Logo square.png.
    • If this team is the sister team of a team that already has logos uploaded, and the images are identical, make redirects from the new team's filenames to the existing filenames instead. Make sure you don't make double redirects.
    • See Help:Setting Up Teams for more information.
  5. CargoConcept:
  6. Other:
    • Follow the guidelines in the roster changes section for updating player pages reflecting their joining the team.
    • If the team was just formed, created a front-page news item about the formation.

Team Disbanding

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a team is disbanded.

  1. Add the argument |isdisbanded=yes in the infobox (or |isrenamed= or |neworg= as appropriate).
  2. Add a timeline entry with reference (if possible).
  3. Update the text in the team's history biography if applicable and you are comfortable writing in English.
  4. Update the introductory sentence ("Team SoloMid is a North American team" to "Team SoloMid was previously a North American team).
  5. Follow the guidelines in the roster changes section for updating player pages reflecting their leaving the team.
  6. Update the front-page news.
  7. If this was the sister team of another team, update the CargoConcept to move this team to inactive. If you're not sure what to do about this talk to River.

Making a New Player Page

  1. Player Page:
    • Make the player page.

The rest applies if and only if the player has at least one game recorded on the site in a scoreboard. If not, then please go back and do these steps once they do have a game recorded in a scoreboard.

  1. Subpages:

Player Namechanges

  1. Team Page:
    • Change the player's name in the team's starting roster & navbox
    • Write in the team's timeline that the player namechanged (this is new as of 2016)
  2. Player Page:
    • Move the player's page to the new URL. Move all subpages and leave behind a redirect.
    • Update the infobox to state the player's new ingame name.
    • Add the player's old IGN to the list of alternate IDs.
    • Write a line in the biography about the switch.
    • Change the introduction and the first line of the biography if it doesn't use {{StandardBioSentence}}, where the player's name is in quotes in the middle of their IRL name. Do not change the name anywhere else in the biography.
  3. Player Subpages:
    • Move them if you forgot to check "include subpages" when you moved the main page.
    • Change the argument of the match history and career stats pages to be the new name. Move, but otherwise do not edit yearly stats pages since these must match the scoreboard names.
    • If {{lowercase}} applies, add or remove this to each subpage.
  4. Double Redirects:

Champion Release (to the PBE)

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a new champion is released to the PBE.

  1. Create a new champion page using this template as a rough guide.
  2. Upload all necessary images in .png format, making sure to include {{Fairuse}} in the description. Images include:
    • Skill icons (naming convention: "Power Chord.png")
    • Splash art (naming convention: "Sona Splash 0.png")
    • Thumbnail (naming convention: "SonaSquare.png") -- if not available, use our placeholder.
  3. Add to Module:Championnames

Patch Notes

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a new patch is released.

  1. Front Page:
    • If the patch is released, update the news.
  2. Patch Notes Page
    • SoonTM

Adding A New Set of Scoreboards

This is how to set up scoreboards for a tournament that doesn't have the automated stats stuff set up yet (match history, stats, etc.)

  1. Determine the tournament's scoreboard name. This will be of the form <tournament abbreviation> <year/season> <split> <period>. For example, NA LCS 2016 Spring or IEM Season 10 World Championship or OPL 2016 Split 1 Playoffs or World Championship 2015 or EU Regional Finals 2016. If you aren't 100% sure please ask River.
  2. Create a redirect from <tournament name> to the tournament's overview page. This is really important to remember!
  3. Add <tournament name> to the appropriate template in the metadata templates category and define its variables appropriately (if it's an ongoing league, this has probably been done for you already unless it's the start of a new year).
  4. Create the match history, champion stats, and player stats pages once one scoreboard has been created.
  5. If applicable, create and/or add to the players' statistics tabs (NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, LMS, NACS, EUCS, CBLOL).
    • Include the code |showstats=<year> in the template on the tournament player stats page
    • Create the stats page at Player's PAGE NAME/Statistics/<year>.
    • If the tournament name of the player differs from the page name, do the following:
      1. Make a redirect from TOURNAMENT NAME/Statistics/<year> to PAGE NAME/Statistics/<year>.
      2. Also make sure there's a redirect from this name to the player's page name.
    • Otherwise just make or add to the stats page at Player's PAGE NAME/Statistics/<year>.
    • The order should be domestic games ordered chronologically, followed by international events ordered chronologically.
    • Look at examples if you aren't sure, also you can ask River.

Region Creation or Removal

It's January 1st