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This page contains a partial list of template, property, category, and form edits made on the wiki. It's not a complete list - for example, prediction contest forms, roster navbox templates, and minor category creations such as adding a new country of birth category will not be included, as these only expand on existing framework. The goal is to include a complete list of framework modifications that may be relevant to editors and major feature additions (that require usage of framework elements like the above) that may be relevant to users. If you have questions about any of the changes, please contact the person or people listed as having made that change.


April 18th

April 17th

April 16th

April 15th

April 14th

April 13th

April 11th

  • Updated some column widths in {{PlayerResults}}. Fixed a bug where not all names were properly being identified as belonging to the same player. Updated the player's own names to be unlinked and bold rather than linked and bold. Added role displays. -- River
  • Added [TournamentRosters].Role_Markup as a field and populated it in {{TeamRoster/Simple}}. Updated the type of [TournamentRosters].Role to List (;) of String from List (,) of String. -- River
  • Updated all dynamic query links to use &pfRunQueryFormName= instead of &wpRunQuery=true. -- River

April 9th

April 8th

  • Added a {{nowrap}} around USD and Euro equivalent prizes. -- River

April 7th

April 6th

April 5th

April 3rd

  • Added an option |margin=0 to {{PicksAndBansS7}} to manually set the top margin to 0px in case a series starts with a score other than 1-0 or 0-1. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox Player}} where [InfoboxPlayer].Residency was saving markup instead of plaintext. -- River
  • Added additional grammatical parsing for substitute roles to {{DisambigPage}}. -- River

April 2nd

  • Fixed a bug in {{TeamRoster/Simple}} where links of players beyond 5 were saving with an extra space in them. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{PlayerResults}}m where names weren't bolded if the redirected name was lowercase. -- River

April 1st

  • Reverted April Fools Day jokes. -- River


March 31st

March 30th

March 29th

March 27th

March 25th

March 23rd

  • Fixed a bug where {{TournamentResultsEnd}} had extra whitespace if no prize pool exchange rate is displayed. -- River
  • Modified the |Date field in [InfoboxTournament] to allow an empty argument for |edate= instead of requiring it to be undefined if |date= is to be used. -- River

March 22nd

March 21st

March 19th

March 17th

March 16th

March 15th

March 14th

March 13th

  • Replaced Play-In and Autoqualify with Wildcard and Premier in {{CCMTournaments}} to avoid SMW's allowed values errors. -- River

March 12th

March 11th

March 10th

March 9th

  • Reorganized {{Teamstyles}}m for redability and added |leftmediumlinked as an allowed input. Renamed |leftlong and |rightlong to |leftlonglinked and |rightlonglinked, respectively; added new versions of |leftlong and |rightlong in which the team name is not linked. Updated templates that used |leftlong as needed. -- River
  • Replaced {{Team2}} with a direct invoke of {{Team}}m. -- River
  • Created {{Leaguestyles}}m. -- River
  • Added support for |wXbgY= to {{Timeline}}m to show a background color when a position has been clinched. -- River

March 8th

March 7th

March 6th

  • Updated variables in {{DisambigPage}} if a team doesn't exist. Fixed a bug where the description wasn't properly displaying. -- River

March 5th

March 4th

March 3rd

March 2nd

March 1st

  • Fixed a bug where {{PlayerPageStart}} wasn't evaluating a |TOCLimit if a Twitch stream was present. -- River


February 28th

February 27th

February 26th

February 25th

February 24th

February 23rd

February 22nd

February 21st

February 20th

February 19th

  • Added an optional argument to {{PlayerCountryCategory}} of country name. Moved all existing country categories to the <localization> Players locations. Removed the <country name> category from {{Infobox Player}}. Additionally removed pages from Category:Free Agents and the player country categories if checkboxIsPersonality is marked. -- River

February 18th

February 17th

February 16th

February 15th

February 14th

February 13th

February 12th

February 11th

February 10th

February 9th

February 8th

February 7th

February 6th

February 4th

February 3rd

February 2nd

February 1st

  • Created function crosstableUnmatched in {{Crossbox}}m. Created {{CrossboxUnmatched}}. Deleted {{Crossbox4x4}} and {{Crossbox3x3}}. -- River
  • Created {{TeamImage}}m. Created redirects from all files File:<team link>logo square.png to existing files where applicable. Created redirects from File:<team link>logo square.png to File:Default logo150.png where there are no existing images. -- River
  • Updated {{News Logo}} to not use any variables from {{Team}}m. -- River


January 30th

January 29th

January 27th

January 25th

January 24th

January 23rd

January 22nd

January 21st

January 20th

January 19th

January 18th

January 17th

January 16th

  • Added aprilfools and clubmasters as allowed values of |special= in {{Infobox Team}}. -- River
  • Added an option |nocargo= in {{TeamRoster/Simple}}, specifically to be used for displaying disqualified teams on a tournament page. -- River

January 14th

January 12th

January 9th

January 8th

January 7th

January 6th

  • Updated {{MatchHistoryItem}} to strip the text (Item) from its input prior to processing since most pages use titleparts/pagename to get item name. -- River
  • Replaced current calling of a direct Scoreboard Metadata template with a call of {{GetScoreboardMetadata}}, which is only performed in the first scoreboard of a page. Added calls of the template to scoreboard templates that were missing calls, including no-SMW templates. -- River
  • Rewrote the subpage list on Project:Featured Leagues to use the DPL extension; also added a full list of subpages. Added frontpage styling for better checking of spacing. -- River

January 5th

January 4th

January 3rd

January 2nd

January 1st

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