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This page contains a partial list of module, template, category, and form edits made on the wiki. It's not a complete list - for example, navbox template creations, additions of teams to {{Teamnames}}m, and minor category creations such as adding a new country of birth category will not be included, as these only expand on existing framework. The goal is to include a complete list of framework modifications that may be relevant to editors and major feature additions (that require usage of framework elements like the above) that may be relevant to users. If you have questions about any of the changes, please contact the person or people listed as having made that change. Note that this page only chronicles changes on Leaguepedia, and not on any of the other esports wikis, with the sole exception of global CSS changes on the commons esports wiki.


February 25[edit]

February 24[edit]

February 23[edit]

  • Rewrote river_mwclient. Updated all files in leaguepedia_util. Removed the old_and_temp_scratch folder from the latter and created a new repo called leaguepedia_archive. --

February 19[edit]

February 18[edit]

February 17[edit]

February 14[edit]

February 13[edit]

February 12[edit]

February 11[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in {{TeamMembers}}m where the most recent name a player had while on the team wasn't always shown. --

February 10[edit]

February 9[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in weekly_utils.py where in Python 8, some regular expressions were unintentionally being successfully matched to whitespace-only strings and causing problematic replacements. --

February 8[edit]

  • Made redirects.py and vodstosb.py available via Nami Bot. --

February 7[edit]

  • Migrated cron tasks and Nami Bot from a CentOS machine to Ubuntu. --
  • Updated Nami Bot's RED version to 3.3 (required Python upgrade to 3.8 as well). --

February 5[edit]

February 4[edit]

February 3[edit]

  • Fixed several issues in Gadget - toggles.js with popup content positioning inside of content areas smaller than the entire window. --
  • Added support for .popup-window-container to be specified on an element to make popup content constrain to its area. --
  • Added support for offsetting vertically depending on container space for popups, instead of only horizontal offsetting. --
  • Updated {{PopupButton}}m.standings() to depend on {{ToggleUtil}}m instead of using a custom solution. --
  • Deleted Gadget - tournamentTeamHistory.js. --
  • Globally removed support for .popup-right. --
  • Created esportswikis_editing Python package and updated several scripts to depend on it. --

February 2[edit]

February 1[edit]


January 31[edit]

January 26[edit]

January 19[edit]

  • Removed Cargo storage from {{NewsItem}}m, fixing a bug where everything using this module was broken. --

January 18[edit]

  • Updated {{MatchHistoryGame}}m to have flexibility in what field is set as the record type in the not-null check. --

January 16[edit]

January 15[edit]

  • Moved weekly_utils_main.py to run on cron on a remote server instead of Windows Task Scheduler locally to attempt to address recent inconsistencies. --

January 14[edit]

January 13[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox}}m where lowercasing wasn't taking into account namespace (a problem in the Self namespace). --
  • Fixed an issue in {{Retirement}}m where |status= was not being considered, making it impossible to notice the retirement of inactive players. --

January 11[edit]

January 10[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in Gadget - interface.css where the sidebar wasn't resizing properly when windows were dynamically resized. --

January 9[edit]

January 8[edit]

January 7[edit]

January 6[edit]

  • Updated Gadget - titleButtons.js to check if the current URL is on live or staging, and redirect based on that, so that the same gadget can be used on both wikis. --
  • Recreated GCD backup script as gcd_scrape.py but did not deploy yet. --

January 5[edit]

January 4[edit]

January 3[edit]

  • Updated {{Infobox Player}} to default to |TOCLimit=2 if none is specified. --
  • Added a condition to {{NewsQueryPlayer}}m that [NewsItems].ExcludePlayerNews not be true. --
  • Updated {{Legend}}m to have a dependency on {{ToggleUtil}}m.popupButton() instead of assigning any generic classes directly. --
  • Updated Gadget - dataPages.css to hide news refresh overview buttons in preview and edit actions. --
  • Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m to delegate printing date of |contract_expire= to {{TimeUtil}}m.strToDateStrFuzzy(), adding support for specifying month and year but not day. --

January 2[edit]

January 1[edit]