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December 31[edit]

December 29[edit]

December 27[edit]

December 26[edit]

December 25[edit]

December 23[edit]

December 21[edit]

December 16[edit]

  • Created {{16SEBracketHL}} and {{32SEBracketHL}}, which have collapsible columns and highlight-on-hover but do not have Match Info (to speed up page load time). -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

December 14[edit]

December 13[edit]

  • Created {{OB}} and {{CB}} (Open Bracket and Closed Bracket). --

December 11[edit]

December 7[edit]

December 6[edit]

December 5[edit]

December 2[edit]

December 1[edit]

November 30[edit]

November 21[edit]

November 19[edit]

November 18[edit]

November 17[edit]

November 13[edit]

November 12[edit]

November 11[edit]

  • Created a more user-friendly page setup for Project:Featured Leagues and that includes a subpage for each tournament and a form to set up tabs. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

November 9[edit]

November 5[edit]

November 3[edit]

October 28[edit]

October 27[edit]

October 24[edit]

October 23[edit]

October 21[edit]

October 18[edit]

October 17[edit]

October 16[edit]

October 9[edit]

October 3[edit]

October 1[edit]

September 29[edit]

September 27[edit]

September 17[edit]

September 2[edit]

  • Created {{IndividualPlayerStats/Mini}} and supporting templates in order to have narrower tables on player overview pages so that stats charts don't overlap infoboxes. --

August 30[edit]

August 27[edit]

August 26[edit]

August 24[edit]

  • Added a roster navbox transclusion at the top of {{Infobox Team}}, assuming it exists and the team isn't disbanded. --

August 23[edit]

August 20[edit]

August 19[edit]

August 18[edit]

August 16[edit]

August 12[edit]

July 29[edit]

July 21[edit]

July 19[edit]

July 18[edit]

July 12[edit]

July 11[edit]

  • Added option to have a different link to the team page instead of the teamname in {{Team}} through adding a variable in {{Teamnames}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 10[edit]

July 9[edit]

July 6[edit]

July 5[edit]

  • Added {{ChromaBox}} and modified {{Infobox Champ}} to display legacy skins in italics, "special" skins in strikeout, and show a reason for being special. Also added the ability to specify energy values instead of mana values; energy values are not added to semantics in any way currently. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris,

July 2[edit]

  • Modified {{Pc}} to include an {{anchor}} and created {{PTOCI}} to create icons for a Table of Contents at the top of Patch pages. (Example) --

July 1[edit]

June 30[edit]