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December 13[edit]

December 7[edit]

November 17[edit]

  • Changed font size in all match histories to 90%. -- River

November 1[edit]

  • Added support for inactive players in {{team}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

September 13[edit]

  • Created {{BlockBoxFlexStart}} for vertical text support in the team roster section of overview pages. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

September 7[edit]

August 23[edit]

August 10[edit]

August 9[edit]

  • Changed "rsl" to "rightshort" in highlighting brackets. -- River

August 7[edit]

July 24[edit]

July 6[edit]

  • Created {{Vspace}}, for adding a small vertical space in between a TabsHeader and overview text on tournament pages. -- River

June 16[edit]

June 15[edit]

June 13[edit]

June 11[edit]

June 10[edit]

June 1[edit]

May 30[edit]

  • Created {{MDWTL}} ("Match Details With Time Line"). -- River

May 29[edit]

May 18[edit]

May 15[edit]

May 7[edit]

May 4[edit]

May 3[edit]

April 27[edit]

April 25[edit]

  • Continued work adding LCS games-played chart semantics to {{SetPlayerVariables}}. -- River
  • Created {{TSC}}, which will be used in the future with metadata information to categorize tournament concepts more specifically. -- River

April 24[edit]

April 21[edit]

April 14[edit]

April 13[edit]

April 11[edit]

April 9[edit]

April 8[edit]

April 7[edit]

April 6[edit]

April 5[edit]

April 4[edit]

April 3[edit]

March 29[edit]

March 28[edit]

March 27[edit]

March 25[edit]

March 24[edit]

March 23[edit]

March 20[edit]

March 18[edit]

March 17[edit]

March 16[edit]

March 15[edit]

March 14[edit]

  • Created {{(!}} and {{!)}} for opening and closing tables within if statements. -- River
  • Created and installed an extension to determine the status of Daylight Savings Time in Australia, the United States, and Europe given an input date. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Added support for a legend to {{StandingsStart}}. -- River, DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

March 10[edit]

March 6[edit]

  • Fixed a bug where {{TCSBR}} was linking to an improper query. Created {{TCSBR/Line}} and removed dependency on {{IPS}}. -- River
  • Created Property:SP Keystone URL and made all Season 6 scoreboards link to the keystone mastery as a 2016 mastery. Updated all Match History and line templates to make keystones link to their pages based on the value of SP Keystone URL. -- River

February 27[edit]

February 23[edit]

February 20[edit]

February 18[edit]

February 15[edit]

February 13[edit]

  • Modified all match history pages to include [[Summary SubobjectType::Game]] or [[Summary SubobjectType::Player]] as a condition for the query. -- River

February 10[edit]

  • Modified {{IPS}} to show the player's team(s) if |query is not defined. Also created CSS class ul.teamsInPlayerStatsList. -- River

February 7[edit]

February 6[edit]

January 22[edit]

January 21[edit]

January 19[edit]

January 15[edit]

January 12[edit]

January 11[edit]

January 2[edit]