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This page contains a partial list of module, template, category, and form edits made on the wiki. It's not a complete list - for example, navbox template creations, additions of teams to {{Teamnames}}m, and minor category creations such as adding a new country of birth category will not be included, as these only expand on existing framework. The goal is to include a complete list of framework modifications that may be relevant to editors and major feature additions (that require usage of framework elements like the above) that may be relevant to users. If you have questions about any of the changes, please contact the person or people listed as having made that change. Note that this page only chronicles changes on Leaguepedia, and not on any of the other esports wikis, with the sole exception of global CSS changes on the commons esports wiki.


October 27[edit]

October 23[edit]

October 22[edit]

October 21[edit]

  • Created {{HoldsWorkaround/CargoDec}}, {{CargoDeclare/HoldsWorkaround}}m, and [HoldsWorkaround]. Added a join to the table in {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m in an attempt to workaround an issue where Players is a disallowed string in team page names (it didn't work). -- River
  • Updated {{LuaClassSystem}}m; version bumped to 2.1.0. -- AttemptToCallNil
    • LCS now works correctly with the LuaSandbox Scribunto engine in cases where ipairs is used to iterate over an object, and the __ipairs metamethod is defined in the superclass of the object's class. Other metamethods that weren't currently used in this manner might have been fixed as well. Also, this isn't a new problem, but just something made more or less official with the fix: classes should never define custom __index, __call, or __tostring fields. (For the latter, define the tostring method for the class.) -- AttemptToCallNil
    • LCS now exports its previously-internal deepCopy method that clones a value in a LuaClassSystem-aware manner. LCS objects and classes in the value are not reconstructed, but have their references copied, which makes deepCopy, unlike mw.clone, safe to use on tables that contain LCS data. deepCopy also ignores metatables on original tables and so should be safe to use on mw.loadData objects (also unlike mw.clone), but it's not safe to use if mw.clone's metatable behavior is needed for correctness. -- AttemptToCallNil

October 20[edit]

October 17[edit]

  • Fixed sb_parser to return game lengths formatted as MM:SS instead of HH:MM:SS. -- River
  • Removed background color on .roster-rumor-tbd from Gadget - standings.css. -- River

October 14[edit]

  • Added an optional outersep param to {{ArgsUtil}}m for cases when an outer template has a nonstandard separator; this is for use on the COD wiki, but written here for code consistency. -- River

October 10[edit]

October 7[edit]

October 2[edit]

October 1[edit]


September 30[edit]

September 29[edit]

September 28[edit]

  • Created {{Placement}}m.number(). Updated {{TournamentResults}}m to use it for casting [TournamentResults].Place_Number instead of {{MathUtil}}m.deserialize(), since the latter does not support removing dashes; this fixes a bug with the upcoming UCP migration and must be rolled out to other esports wikis ASAP. -- River

September 26[edit]

September 21[edit]

  • Added a variable isdisbanded in {{Infobox/Team}}m. Updated {{TeamMembers}}m not to display any output if this is set to true and no team members are found. -- River
  • Added support in {{Sprite}}m.spriteImage() for |fallback=. Updated {{EntityAbstract}}m and {{Role}}m to use it, stopping the latter from overwriting getSpriteKey, which means that role names no longer need to be in {{Rolenames}}m to have custom icons, only {{RoleSprite}}m. -- River
  • Removed {{EntityAbstract}}m.getSpriteKey() as its own function and moved the code inline into image(). -- River
  • Deleted {{Sprite}}m.spriteImageOrNil() as it was unused. -- River

September 20[edit]

September 14[edit]

September 13[edit]

September 11[edit]

September 10[edit]

  • Added a groupBy to {{CastingHistory}}m so that casters who are listed as both play-by-play and color casters in the same series don't have vods duplicated; however, they will only be shown as one of these in the history. -- River

September 8[edit]

  • Allowed for unknown champions in river-wiki-cogs.patchupdate for unreleased champions with pages (solves issue with Samira). -- River
  • Fixed an issue where patch was not passed properly sometimes in QQ parser in leaguepedia_sb_parser. -- River

September 6[edit]

September 4[edit]

September 2[edit]

September 1[edit]


August 31[edit]

August 30[edit]

August 29[edit]

August 24[edit]

August 23[edit]

August 22[edit]

August 21[edit]

August 20[edit]

  • Updated {{CargoUtil}}m so that limit is applied after resolving one-to-many displays. rawlimit can additionally be provided in order to optimize the query. -- River
  • Updated {{CastingHistory}}m so that 10 or 100 series are shown instead of 10 or 100 games in accordance with the above changes. -- River

August 19[edit]

  • Updated sprite cachebreak cron task to respect the new image URL format post GCS migration. -- River
  • Fixed settings for team text queries in {{MatchHistoryGame/Settings}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m where Link was always being uppercased due to previous conventions no longer in use. -- River

August 18[edit]

  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to use {{i18nUtil}}m. -- Droonkid
  • Updated and refactored{{LuaClassSystem}}m, incrementing version to 2.0.0. Functionality changes:
    • Removed fallback to self:describe().
    • The is_A function for classes, and the one provided by LCS itself, are gone.
    • LCS now provides the instanceOf(thing, class) function to check whether thing is an instance of class or of one of its superclasses.
    • LCS now provides the xtype(which) function that is like the built-in type, but returns object and class for known LCS objects/classes.
    • LCS now provides the isObject(which) and isClass(which) functions that check whether given values are known LCS objects/classes.
    • LCS now provides debug functions, intended to be used in cases of suspected errors in LCS itself or code that uses LCS.
    • LCS now provides the _VERSION string, currently 2.0.0. -- AttemptToCallNil
  • Created patchupdate championstats in river-wiki-cogs. -- Droonkid

August 17[edit]

August 16[edit]

August 15[edit]

August 14[edit]

August 12[edit]

August 11[edit]

August 10[edit]

August 8[edit]

August 7[edit]

August 6[edit]

August 5[edit]

  • Updated {{Medal}} to use the same images that the COD wiki uses. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - markupObjects.css to fix an issue where role sprites weren't centered in team lists. -- Kittymmeow
  • Updated {{Rolenames}}m to default to name as its default length instead of store. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in sb_parser where series vs game preference was ignored. -- River
  • Removed unused serialize methods from {{CompoundRole}}m and {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Added override in {{CompoundRole}}m to names() so that prefix is only printed once at the start. -- River

August 4[edit]

August 3[edit]

August 2[edit]

August 1[edit]

  • Added traceback displays when uncaught errors occur in sb_parser so silent failures can no longer happen. -- River
  • Removed field for patch from sb_parser and replaced with a query of patch based on provided QQ ID. -- River
  • Updated sb_parser to query tournament based on a [MatchSchedule].QQ field with provided QQ ID or [MatchScheduleGame].MathcHistory field with provided Match History link. This will eventually lead to the removal of |tournament= from {{MatchRecapS8}} altogether. -- River
  • Added instructions to sb_parser. -- River


July 31[edit]

July 30[edit]

July 29[edit]

July 28[edit]

July 26[edit]

July 25[edit]

July 24[edit]

  • Added support for showing logs from lol_esports_parser to the user in sb_parser. -- River

July 23[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerWithRole() where parentheses got dropped for staff role display after the change yesterday. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{ExtendedRosterLine}}m where spaces were treated as non-nil entities and displayed with unknown role icon. -- River
  • Deleted {{NewsUtil}}m.roleOrStaffImage() (unused). -- River
  • Removed dependency on {{Role}}m from {{NewsUtil}}m, now using methods on the {{CompoundRole}}m field for everything. -- River
  • Deleted {{EsportsUtil}}m.placeNumber(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.makeLinks(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.concatLinksFromStrings(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.concatLinks(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.ucfirstLink(), and {{EsportsUtil}}m.ucfirstLinks() (all unused). -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{ExpiringContracts}}m where players who had changed name after joining their teams weren't properly supported. Also added support for players without role listed, even though this shouldn't occur ever. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in cron tasks where redirects would be followed even if redirect was due to newly-created redirect rather then page move. -- River

July 22[edit]

July 21[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in cron task that wasn't creating tooltips for page moves correctly. -- River
  • Deleted {{CompoundRoleSet}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{FLLinks}}m so that when no |tabs= are supplied, nothing is displayed, instead of showing only the overview page. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/Player}}m where players on two or more teams had an empty entry for contract displayed when no contract data was present. -- River
  • Added support for |RxMy_seed_z= in {{Bracket}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in cron task that creates module documentation pages to stop overwriting {{Bracket/i18n/doc}}m with {{BracketDoc}}. -- River
  • Removed field CompoundRole from {{NewsCurrentStatusAbstract}}m and updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m not to expect field compoundRole. Updated {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m not to send sub, trainee, or compoundRole and instead encode all of this information in role with type CompoundRole. -- River

July 20[edit]

July 19[edit]

July 18[edit]

July 17[edit]

July 16[edit]

July 15[edit]

  • Added a removal of word joiner (u2060) from all template fields to hourly cron tasks. -- River
  • Added data_pages method to river_mwclient.EsportsSite. -- River
  • Added support for having multiple data pages for a single event to MENA scraper. -- River

July 14[edit]

July 13[edit]

July 12[edit]

July 8[edit]

July 7[edit]

July 3[edit]

July 1[edit]

  • Added support for |orderby=bo2nopoints to {{Timeline}}m to show record including ties. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{EsportsUtil}}m where players without ingame role retiring wouldn't have their names printed because the ingame part was nil. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Champion}}m images to be 120px again. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m to support having only |link= defined and not |name=. -- River
  • Updated {{Scoreboard}}m.header(), {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m, and {{ScoreboardUtil}}m to automatically compute score based on values of |winner= provided when |team1score= and |team2score= are missing. -- River