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November 2012
  • Nov 29th
Gold.pngTeam WE Silver.pngKT Rolster A Bronze.pngInvictus Gaming in Enter the Dragon
  • Nov 27th
SuperAZE leaves Curse Gaming EU
ming9 replaces SmallBrain on MVP White
  • Nov 25th
Gold.pngvTi Nox Silver.pngpaiN Razer Bronze.pngInsight e-Sports in GeForce GTX League of Legends Invitational Brasil
Gold.pngTeam WE Silver.pngRoyal Club Bronze.pngInvictus Gaming in Tencent Games Arena Grand Prix Winter 2012
Gold.pngCurse Gaming Silver.pngTeam Dignitas Bronze.pngTeam FeaR in SoloMid Series - Week 5
Gold.pngDragonBorns in SCAN Invitational
Gold.pngEclypsia in 4Players.de All or Nothing 8
  • Nov 24th
Gold.pngMeetYourMakers Silver.pngAbsolute Legends NA SF.pngKuala Lumpur Hunters SF.pngitadakimasu in IEM VII Singapore
Jree replaces Leofromkorea on Team ALTERNATE
  • Nov 23rd
Gold.pngFnatic Silver.pngCLG EU SF.pngCopenhagen Wolves SF.pngSju Sjösjuka Sjömän in DreamHack Winter 2012
  • Nov 19th
Gold.pngFnatic in RaidCall Dominance 1
  • Nov 18th
Gold.pngCurse Gaming Silver.pngTeam FeaR Bronze.pngQuantic Gaming in SoloMid Series - Week 4
Gold.pngLowLandLions Silver.pngRegez Gaming Bronze.pngNG-Gamer Copper.png AVENUE in PROG4MER League Season 1
  • Nov 17th
Gold.pngTaipei Assassins Silver.pngSingapore Sentinels Bronze.pngSaigon Jokers in 2012 GPL Season 1
  • Nov 13th
Patch v1.0.0.151 released.
Gold.pngInvictus Gaming Silver.pngAll Gamers Bronze.pngLGD Gaming Copper.pngCC5 in Go4LoL Pro Asia Season 3
  • Nov 12th
Previous Xenics Storm roster of May, Nolja, Cornsalad, SBS and ManyReason reforms Team OP. Previous Tempest roster of ŁØAÐ, H0R0, Angel, Legend, and Impact becomes Xenics Storm.
  • Nov 11th
Gold.pngTeam WE Silver.pngLGD Gaming SF.pngInvictus Gaming SF.pngNaJin Shield in GIGABYTE StarsWar League
Nientonsoh, Hai, LemonNation, WildTurtle, and Yazuki join Quantic Gaming.
Gold.pngCurse Gaming EU Silver.pngEclypsia Bronze.pngMoscow Five Copper.pngSK Gaming in Tales of the Lane
Gold.pngCLG EU Silver.pngCurse Gaming Bronze.pngReddit Nation Copper.pngTeam FeaR in Lone Star Clash 2
Gold.pngCLG Prime Silver.pngPulse Esports Bronze.pngAbsolute Legends NA in SoloMid Series - Week 3
  • Nov 7th
Gold.pngCLG Prime Silver.pngTeam FeaR Bronze.pngCLG Black in National ESL Pro Series Season 4
  • Nov 5th
Ghost leaves the Manager Position of Manila Eagles
  • Nov 4th
Gold.pngFnatic Silver.pngGSU Gaming Bronze.pngEclypsia in Paris Games Week 2012
Gold.pngAzubu Blaze Silver.pngNaJin Sword Bronze.pngCLG EU Copper.pngCLG Prime in MLG Fall Championship 2012
  • Nov 3rd
Gold.pngTeam WE Silver.pngInvictus Gaming Bronze.pngMVP White in IEF 2012
  • Nov 2nd
ToFuBoi leaves Singapore Sentinels
  • Nov 1st
Voyboy joins Curse Gaming while Salce leaves.
Team FeaR acquires Aphromoo, mandatorycloud, Muffinqt and Xmithie.
Kiralho replaces Gutso on Vince Te Ipsum Nox.
LemonNation, Hai L9, Nientonsoh, Yazuki, and WildTurtle leave Orbit Gaming.