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January 2013
  • Jan 29th
Haydal leaves Millenium.
  • Jan 27th
Copenhagen Wolves, Against All Authority, GIANTS! Gaming, Fnatic and DragonBorns qualify for Riot Season 3 Championship Series.
Brokenshard steps down to substitute position and coach of DragonBorns.
  • Jan 25th
Evil Geniuses picks up former CLG EU squad. Snoopeh, Froggen, Wickd, Yellowpete, and Krepo join.
  • Jan 23rd
Meat Playground disbands.
Team Solo Mebdi disbands.
  • Jan 22nd
Leko, SagaZ, Revolta, Soulsilver and Kid Cudi join Insight eSports.
  • Jan 21st
Tera-Gaming acquires the roster of Gamed!de. Sebastian, Buddha, platin, Gazek, Bambino, maxell and dX join.
Keyd Team acquires the roster of Me Salva Batima. Snowlz, Volcan, Loop, Rafes and Mylon join.
  • Jan 20th
PlacementIcon1.pngGambit Gaming PlacementIcon2.pngAzubu Blaze SF.pngFnatic and SF.pngAzubu Frost at IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Katowice
  • Jan 16th
XXF joins Kuala Lumpur Hunters.
  • Jan 15th
Bigfatlp steps down to substitute position of Counter Logic Gaming; LiNk becomes starter.
  • Jan 14th
Gambit Gaming forms with Alex Ich, Darien, Diamondprox, Genja, and Edward.
EloHell acquires roster of Mysie Pysie. Grom, Puki style, Artinho, Pachols, and Ðãnny join.
YellOwStar joins Fnatic.
  • Jan 13th
Team FeaR, Good Game University, Curse Gaming, The Brunch Club, and Team MRN qualify for Riot Season 3 Championship Series.
  • Jan 10th
Moscow Five releases their League of Legends team.
  • Jan 8th
eRot1c replaces Elendix on Anexis eSports.
  • Jan 4th
PlacementIcon1.pngTeam FeaR PlacementIcon2.pngCurse Gaming PlacementIcon3.pngTeam NomNom in SoloMid NA Invitational 12
Team Dynamic roster leaves Team Dynamic organization, forms Good Game University.
  • Jan 3rd
DinTer joins Taipei Assassins; MiSTakE, NeXAbc, GoDJJ, Zonda, OhReaL, and colalin leave to form sister team Taipei Snipers.
  • Jan 2nd
Team FeaR acquires Zuna and Sycho Sid.