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March 2014
March 30
PlacementIcon1.pngLMQ TClogo std.pngLMQ PlacementIcon2.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9 Tempest PlacementIcon3.pngCurse Academylogo std.pngCurse Academy PlacementIcon4.pngVVv Gaminglogo std.pngvVv Gaming in 2014 NA Challlenger Series #2.
Mineskilogo std.pngMineski Kaigu and Snoy leaves.
PlacementIcon1.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9 Eclipse PlacementIcon2.pngDenial eSportslogo std.pngDenial eSports EU PlacementIcon3.pngMYinsanitylogo std.pngmYinsanity in 2014 Black Monster Cup Spring Europe.
March 28
PlacementIcon1.pngNinjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngNinjas in Pyjamas PlacementIcon2.pngDenial eSportslogo std.pngDenial eSports EU PlacementIcon3.pngReason Gaminglogo std.pngReason Gaming PlacementIcon4.pngTeam Coastlogo std.pngTeam Coast Gold in 2014 EU Challlenger Series #2.
March 27
Denial eSportslogo std.pngDNL Denial.EU acquires the roster of Departed. Babunia, Kikis, niQ, Woolite, P3rmm join.
March 26
PlacementIcon1.pngLMQ TClogo std.pngLMQ PlacementIcon2.pngTeam 8logo std.pngTeam 8 in North American Challenger League Season 2.
March 25
Dignitaslogo std.pngDIG scarra steps down to become a substitute/coach. goldenglue joins.
Complexitylogo std.pngCLR goldenglue leaves.
March 24
Milllogo std.pngMIL Kottenx becomes the starting jungler.
March 23
Milllogo std.pngMIL Araneae steps down as a starting jungler, coach Olly leaves.
March 20
SHC XDlogo std.pngSHC Moopz is released. Selfie becomes the mid laner.
March 19
PlacementIcon1.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9 Eclipse in EUW Challenger Series #20.
 EpicGear Cup
PlacementIcon1.pngMousesportlogo std.pngmousesports in EpicGear Cup #2.
March 17
Patch v4.4 is released.
Team Coastlogo std.pngCST Team Coast acquired the roster of Awsomniac to form Team Coast Gold. Ritix, Lasagna, Masterwork, Morsu and F1NATYX join.
March 16
PlacementIcon1.pngLMQ TClogo std.pngLMQ in NA Challenger Series #2.
PlacementIcon1.pngKT Rolster Bullets PlacementIcon2.pngFnatic SF.pngCloud 9 SF.pngGambit Gaming in IEM Katowice.
March 9
Team InfusedLogo std.pngINF Das, Nutri, Sigris, Omega and B0lt are released. geobob, Dan, Imbalyte, WaWa and Red join.
Cloud9logo std.pngC9E k0u joins again as starting jungler.
March 7
CNB govTLogo std.pngCNB esA is released. manajj becomes the starting AD carry.
Logo std.pngSBC Logo std.pngSteve Bakes Cookies disbands.
March 6
Team Curselogo std.pngCRS Bunny FuFuu joins while Saintvicious steps down to substitute/coach position.
March 4
Dignitaslogo std.pngDIG Flappy Bearfish joins as AD Sub.
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP.HK LaoPi leaves.
Mousesportlogo std.pngMOUZ Mousesportlogo std.pngmousesports acquires a new League of Legends team. Kubon, Mokatte, TakeFun, Makler and Libik join.
March 3
Btlogo std.pngBKT SKLz leaves.
CJElogo std.pngCJF Lira leaves, while Swift joins.
March 2
PlacementIcon1.pngGamers2logo std.pngGamers2 PlacementIcon2.pngSK Gaming Primelogo std.pngSK Gaming Prime in FACEIT Challenger Invitational 2.
March 1
TNP Gaming EUlogo std.pngTNP TNP Gaming EUlogo std.pngTNP Gaming EU is formed with the acquisition of The Fox Sound. Zeriouz, Santorin, NeeGodbro and Crazycaps join.
Cloud9logo std.pngC9 MeyeA joins as substitute.