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Curse staff
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The Admin Noticeboard is one way through which users can notify Administrators or the Staff regarding issues that needs Administrative attention. While users are welcome to directly contact specific administrators or staff (especially if they are seen to be active by having a Activity Quill Blue.png beside their name), posting here can be an easier and quicker way of ensuring that at least one admin will notice an issue and respond to it promptly. For league specific issues or questions, you may contact the staff in-charge through the following:

Region/League Staff Talk Pages Twitter
NA LCS Natsu Talk @SwordArtNatsu
EU LCS Dhox Talk @dhoxtot
Izzy Talk @lpOatmeal
LCK Dhox Talk @dhoxtot
LPL Natsu Talk
Cory Talk @cbeast135
Kelvin Talk @Hodeken
LMS Hannah Talk
Izzy Talk @lpOatmeal
Matt Talk @MattBaconMosley
CBLoL Andre Talk
LJL Thomas Talk
Andrew Talk @AndrewLinaac
LCL Ademir Talk @Ademir_LoL
Luis Talk @soniglf
OPL Synchen Talk

You may also contact us directly through Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment below.

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6 days ago
Score 0++

Can you review all my contributions?


one month ago
Score 0++

Also, I would like to help translating to Spanish some of the pages here


one month ago
Score 0++

I see you take so much time to review new changes in pages. Is there a way how I can become staff or something to help you reviewing changes?


2 months ago
Score 0++

How much time revisions are being reviewed? I edited Team Rock's page couple days ago.


3 months ago
Score 0++

Hi, I notice the Countdown Gadget isn't loading? Special:Gadgets


8 months ago
Score 1++

Hello Admin and staff :) I would like to edit a page for context and info, http://lol.g...om/Strompest, I was trying to add his stream and other information but was unable. I was wondering if I could, thank you.


8 months ago
Score 0++

Just use stream=link


8 months ago
Score -1++

The rest of your additions were already approved.