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Volunteer for Leaguepedia

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Leaguepedia is always on the lookout for passionate individuals who want to get involved in the League of Legends competitive scene.

Are you enthusiastic about League of Legends? Is Leaguepedia your go-to source for LoL information? Do you want to participate in and contribute to the League of Legends eSports community? Do you believe that volunteering is a unique and valuable way to achieve your goals, gain skills, and develop your talents? If you answered an emphatic “Yes!” to these questions, then joining the volunteer team at Leaguepedia may be just the opportunity you are looking for.

Leaguepedia is a wiki which means that it is a volunteer-centric organization. Leaguepedia’s accomplishments are fueled by valuable volunteer contributions at all levels - from wiki basics to project development and leadership. Volunteers fill a variety of essential roles at Leaguepedia and participate in diverse activities such as mediawiki maintenance and development, LoL player and team research, marketing, event planning, eSports event coverage, graphic design, journalism - writing and editing, statistical analysis, video production, social media, and Leaguepedia staff ARAMs.

As you can see, Leaguepedia’s enterprises require a multiplicity of talent sets and skills. If you are energetic, attentive to detail, responsible, interested in learning new things, knowledgeable about LoL, and dedicated to growing the LoL eSports community, then Leaguepedia can benefit from your talents and skills - whatever they might be. In turn, you can benefit from volunteering at Leaguepedia. You can break into the eSports industry, gain practical and hands-on experience, learn new skills, develop your talents, build your resume and portfolio, grow your network of contacts in the LoL community, and attend major eSports industry events (like MLG or PAX) as a representative of Leaguepedia.

If you think that you and Leaguepedia would be a good match, please apply for one of the positions listed below.


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