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Let's Go Liquid
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TeamTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid
CountryUnited States
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"Let's Go Liquid" is a vlog-style series that follows the members of Team Liquid. The series was previously known as "TLWIN" for season 1.

Episode List[edit]

Season 2[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
7 2017-02-02 VOD 2m39s Feeling Blue A promise made is a promise kept — in this episode of LGL, LiQuiD112 pays the price for losing his bet at IEM!
6 2017-01-26 VOD 2m48s Shoe Shopping As NA LCS spring split approaches Team Liquid management seek out the best shoes to match with the teams new 2017 jersey.
5 2017-01-12 VOD 1m53s Riot Media Day Join the guys as they head to Riot for media day - gearing up to start the 2017 season next week!
4 2016-12-29 VOD 4m00s What Is This?! When your teammates make you try food in a new country... things could get... fishy.
3 2016-12-22 VOD 2m25s Shopping Spree If you look good... You feel good. Right? Watch as Reignover gives the guys some much needed fashion advice.
2 2016-12-15 VOD 3m39s Korea Bootcamp Tour Lourlo and Goldenglue give us a tour of their bootcamp and surrounding area. This ain't no ordinary bootcamp tour!
1 2016-12-08 VOD 3m22s Back To Korea After a tough 2016 season, the fresh, new revamped roster heads back to Korea in the offseason to train for the upcoming 2017 LCS Spring Split.

Season 1[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
5 2016-06-02 VOD 4m04s Korea Bootcamp House Tour Take a tour of the TL bootcamp facilities in Korea with hosts Matt, Locodoco & Lourlo.
4 2016-05-26 VOD 3m43s Fabbbyyy's Birthday The team celebrates Fabbbyyy's birthday together.
3 2016-05-20 VOD 3m56s Day in the Life of Liquid's Korea Bootcamp Take a peek into Team Liquid's Korea Bootcamp!
2 2016-05-16 VOD 2m11s Korean Solo Queue Matt gives a few words on the differences between NA and KR solo queue.
1 2016-05-10 VOD 3m51s Korea Bootcamp / Captain America "Civil War" While in Korea for bootcamp the team goes to see Captain America Civil War.

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