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Competitive Rulings

Date Link Subject Ruling By Violation Fine (USD) Additional Penalties/Ruling
2019-05-25 CN ZWuji Rogue Warriors Negative behavior in solo queue ¥ 20,000 CNY -
2019-05-08 KR Moojin Hanwha Life Esports SNS Controversy ₩15,000,000 48 hours of community service.
2019-03-19 EU Dawn of Stars Fortuna Esports Using a ringer in two official LGL matches - Disqualified from LGL 2019 Spring and suspended from playing in LGL for the remainder of the 2019 season
Emiljan Ceci
2019-01-14 KR Jamie bbq Olivers Negative behavior in solo queue, SNS Controversy - 30% pay cut for three months, 20 hours of cultural education and community service
Quest Suspension his head coach's post
LS Additional disciplinary action
Malice Suspended for 2 weeks
Staff Report periodic sharing of the process and results to prevent specific recurrence
2018-10-24 BR Ranger KaBuM! e-Sports Bad behavior on Twitter Unknown Ranger is receiving orientation from the team about an appropriate conduct in his relationship with the team and the professional scene
2018-07-17 EU Dextro ESL Bad ingame behavior - Banned from ESL Meisterschaft until further notice
2018-03-19 KR Smeb KT Rolster Using someone else's account - 20 hours of community service
2018-03-11 KR Aiming Afreeca Freecs Making suicide related, Ilbe affiliated jokes - Suspension for the remainder of the LCK 2018 Spring Season, 20 hours of community service, reeducation
2018-03-09 KR Rascal Kingzone DragonX Inappropriate online activities prior to joining the team - Indefinite removal from team roster and community service
2017-06-12 TW Karsa Flash Wolves Disconnecting before the end of a LMS match - Suspended indefinitely
2017-06-02 TW MMD
Flash Wolves Living disciplinary behaviour - Suspended for 1 week
2017-05-25 CN Staff Snake Esports Lose to Red Wolf Gaming in 2017 Demacia Cup 1 month of salary Zhu Kai Steps down from head coach.
2016-06-19 CN SofM Snake eSports Using bad word in a KR ranked match 1 month of salary -
2016-05-27 NA Dardoch Team Liquid Behavioral problems - Suspended
2016-05-27 KR LokeN KeSPA / Riot Korea Used his parents' information for the creation of accounts - 20 hours of community service by August 27th.
2016-05-19 CN Otto Saint Gaming Insulted EDward Gaming fans on Weibo 2 months of salary -
2016-05-02 NA Eve Apex Gaming Unspecified "disciplinary reasons" - Indefinite suspension
2016-02-15 JP Dragonfly Gaming
SANKO Illegal substitute - Dragonfly Gaming Sebun and SCARZ Nova were suspended for 2 games of Round 2 of LJL CS 2016 Season 2 Qualifier.
2016-02-15 JP KINGDOM SANKO Leaking of prohibited information - Disqualified from LJL CS 2016 Spring Qualifier.
2015-11-19 TW GreenTea ahq e-Sports Club Bad behavior on personal life $ 4,969 All fines had been donated to charity
2015-03-21 NA Bee Sin Team Fusion Receiving leaked scrim footage and information Unknown Reprimanded and "put on a zero tolerance policy for the future"
2015-03-09 CN Mata Vici Gaming Negative attitude 007985 $ 7,985 Mata got fined by Vici Gaming for negative attitude in their games against Invictus Gaming in the 2015 Demacia Spring Season.
2015-02-04 EU Kori MeetYourMakers Absence from play Unknown None
2012-08-26 NA Team Curse
Team Dignitas
MLG Pro Circuit Conduct Rules Collusion between the two final teams -

Both teams have been disqualified, and no placements or prize money will be awarded.
Riot has agreed with this decision and, in accordance with their Season 2 rules on Unsportsmanlike Conduct, will not be awarding Circuit points to either team.