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Listen Loco
General Information
HostChoi "Locodoco" Yoon-seop
Duncan "Thorin" Shields
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"Listen Loco" is a show hosted by Choi "Locodoco" Yoon-seop and Duncan "Thorin" Shields. It is the pair's new show, continuing after Thorin & Loco vs Worlds 2018. The format is essentially the same; they discuss a topic, sometimes joined by a guest.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Link Length Guest Topic(s)
84 2019-08-27 VOD 148m Artemis LCS Finals, How Reapered Drafts, and Caps vs Jensen
83 2019-08-23 VOD 133m Bwipo Fnatic, Top Lane, and LEC MVP
82 2019-08-22 VOD 134m Pr0lly 100 Thieves Roster, All Pro Voting, and Finals Predictions
81 2019-08-16 VOD 175m Croissant LCS Finals, Why Akaadian was Benched, and Echo Fox’s Sale
80 2019-08-15 VOD 115m Unlimited Young Rekkles, Team Environment, and Imports in EU
79 2019-08-09 VOD 102m Amazing LCS, ANOTHER TSM Jungler, and Playoff Predictions
78 2019-08-08 VOD 127m YamatoCannon LEC, Early Game Meta, and Wunder’s Garen Pick
77 2019-08-02 VOD 130m H2K Rich No Profit in Esports, Sponsors, and the Future of Esports
76 2019-08-01 VOD 118m Dylan Falco LEC, Perfectionist Rekkles, and Schalke’s American Playstyle
75 2019-07-26 VOD 140m Zaboutine LCS Episode, Zaboutine's thoughts on Optic, Strongest Teams in LCS
74 2019-07-24 VOD 96m LS Teams Regressing, State of Midlane, Freezing
73 2019-07-19 VOD 120m Crumbz The TSM Episode, Developing Talent, and Playoff Predictions
72 2019-07-16 VOD 146m Kelsey Moser LEC, Is Caps Unique, and Rating Fnatic Players
71 2019-07-13 VOD 98m N/A Broadcasters, Golden Guardian’s New Bot Lane, and C9 Nisqy
70 2019-07-12 VOD 116m Splyce Duke Splyce, LEC, and Rekkles vs Forg1ven
69 2019-07-11 VOD 92m Moonstreuxx Girls in Esports, Questions from Chat, and Dating in Esports
68 2019-07-02 VOD 103m Kayys Rift Rivals, How to beat IG, and FNC on the Rise
67 2019-06-27 VOD 101m Upset LEC, Evaluating Perkz, and Rift Rivals
66 2019-06-21 VOD 100m N/A TSM’s Jungle, CLG’s Upgrade, and a SIX-WAY Tie
65 2019-06-20 VOD 108m Foxdrop LEC, Invincible G2, and Imports in EU
64 2019-06-14 VOD 174m MarkZ A Weird Start to Summer, LCS So Far, and NA Junglers
63 2019-06-11 VOD 131m Vedius LEC Week 1, Tentative Predictions, and Riot's New Game
62 2019-06-04 VOD 95m N/A Summer LCS Week 1, Proview, and Patreon
61 2019-05-31 VOD 126m Dodo Summer Split Predictions, Team Rundowns, and ANOTHER BET
60 2019-05-28 VOD 96m Perkz Perkz’s Brain, Bot Lanes, and Drafts
59 2019-05-25 VOD 120m RazLPL What IG Did Wrong, LPL Coaches, and Tfue vs Faze
58 2019-05-24 VOD 101m Caps Inside G2, MSI's Meta, and Cap's advice to Faker
57 2019-05-20 VOD 89m MarkZ and Liquid Steve MSI 2019 Semis, Finals, and Building Team Liquid
56 2019-05-17 VOD 136m N/A MSI 2019 Groups, Playoffs, and Predictions
55 2019-05-12 VOD 105m N/A MSI 2019 So Far, Crazy Reddit Mods, and More Drama
54 2019-05-10 VOD 176m Kelsey Moser, Veteran, and AtlusTV MSI 2019 MEGASODE
53 2019-05-09 VOD 115m Gbay100 MSI, Team Liquid’s Chances, and CLG’s decline
52 2019-05-04 VOD 115m Riot Blaustoise Balancing, Voice Coms, and Bot Lane Changes
51 2019-05-01 VOD 132m Jensen Goh Minor Leagues, MSI Play-In Teams, and Match Fixing
50 2019-04-27 VOD 171m PapaSmithy LCK, Vision Metas, and Missing Money in Korea
49 2019-04-26 VOD 124m Lisa Doan Dating in Esports, Journalism, and Esports Media
48 2019-04-21 VOD 128m N/A GRF vs SKT, Super Players, and Reddit
47 2019-04-19 VOD 132m Grabbz & Veteran A Late Host, LEC Finals, and the G2/Griffin Alliance?
46 2019-04-18 VOD 110m Curry LCS Finals, Betting, and Dignitas is Back?!
45 2019-04-12 VOD 144m LS LCK Finals, The Downfall of Griffin, and The Strength of Korea
44 2019-04-12 VOD 116m GoldenGlue Doublelift’s Buff Goons, Finals, and a Bet
43 2019-04-09 VOD 143m Veteran Trick joins Schalke, Forg1ven's Comeback, and Fnatic vs Origen
42 2019-04-05 VOD 133m Solo Thorin Quits Listen Loco!?
41 2019-03-29 VOD 143m N/A Awards Predictions, Upcoming Match-Ups, and Failed Teams
40 2019-03-27 VOD 162m Ashley Kang Griffin's Downfall, Evergreen Players, and The Next Faker
39 2019-03-23 VOD 142m Medic Misfits, EU Mids, and Personal Competition
38 2019-03-21 VOD 128m N/A Talk Shows, Pr0lly, and Losing Pros to Streaming
37 2019-03-18 VOD 144m Zirene Bad Barons, Caster Favoritism, and Playoffs
36 2019-03-14 VOD 153m Foxdrop G2 weakness and LEC Playoff Predictions
35 2019-03-09 VOD 128m IWillDominate State of LCS, Dom Coaching, Tinder Stories
34 2019-03-08 VOD 108m Guilhoto LEC/NA, G2, Future of NA and EU, Coaching Problems
33 2019-03-01 VOD 103m Jankos LEC Teams, Mid Lane Rookies
32 2019-02-27 VOD 145m MarkZ Trash Teams, Coaches, and LCS Predictions
31 2019-02-23 VOD 150m Brokenshard LEC, Coaching, and Loco's White Knight
30 2019-02-21 VOD 170m Weldon Green Clickbait, Work Ethic, and Flow State
29 2019-02-16 VOD 160m Saintvicious Problems in NA, TSM's Rough Start, and Macro Strategies
28 2019-02-13 VOD 109m Perkz Perkz's Role Swap, NA vs EU, and the Best LEC Team
27 2019-02-09 VOD 166m Ashley Kang LCK, Griffin, and the Kingzone DragonX Bet
26 2019-02-07 VOD 79m Dgon The LCS, CLG's great weekend, Is GGS Doomed?
25 2019-02-02 VOD 166m IWillDominate Streaming, the LCS/LEC, and Team Liquid's Shit Show
24 2019-02-01 VOD 166m DLim Coaching in EU, The Year of Lourlo, and How Bad is Dardoch Really?
22 2019-01-30 VOD 112m Damian Estrada Reality Content, Merchandise, and Breaking Point
23 2019-01-26 VOD 84m Dash LCS Expectations, Teams, and The Desk
21 2019-01-21 VOD 105m Trick2G Twitch Rivals, Stream Personas, and Another Bet
20 2019-01-18 VOD 123m Quickshot LEC, EU Midlaners, and Caps Leaving Fnatic
19 2019-01-16 VOD 79m Diamondprox Moscow 5, IEM Katowice 2013, and the Russian League
18 2019-01-13 VOD 105m Brendan Valdes Korean Rosters, Kespa Cup, and Korean Solo Que
17 2019-01-06 VOD 135m Barry Lee Agents, Player Salaries, and Girls in Gaming
16 2019-01-04 VOD 125m Hashinshin Top Lane, Longevity of League, and Being a Streamer
15 2019-01-03 VOD 140m Raz LPL Teams, Current Meta, and Chinese Players
14 2018-12-31 VOD 141m Chauster OG Pros, League History, and Doublelift's Beginnings
13 2018-12-28 VOD 141m Veteran Olympic Esports, EU Rosters, and Franchising
12 2018-12-22 VOD 145m Achilios Culture Shock, Kespa Cup, and Team Operations
11 2018-12-18 VOD 126m Ben Spoont Misfits Gaming, Trouble in EU, and Team Branding
10 2018-12-14 VOD 161m Ashley Kang LCK Rosters, Bottom Teams, and a Bet
9 2018-12-12 VOD 128m Gilius Saintvicious, Jungling, and Self Branding
8 2018-12-05 VOD 125m Nick Phan Flyquest, Poaching, and Imports
7 2018-12-03 VOD 120m sOAZ New Lineups, Role Swapping, and Player Age
6 2018-11-27 VOD 124m Captain Flowers Season 9 Teams and Predictions
5 2018-11-21 VOD 120m Dgon NA Offseason Roster Craze
4 2018-11-20 VOD 113m Froggen Echo Fox, Imports, and Narratives
3 2018-11-17 VOD 97m Clement Chu New Team Joining LCK?
2 2018-11-14 VOD 127m MarkZ Off Season Roster Changes
1 2018-11-12 VOD 75m N/A Franchising

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