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Locked In
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"Locked In" is a Riot produced montage show. It showcases high notes of a certain pro player with clips of their career best plays, or highlights of a certain champion throughout its existence.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Player or Champion
7 2019-08-04 VOD 2m13s Marksmen
6 2019-03-11 VOD 1m59s
Lee Sin
5 2018-09-13 VOD 1m59s
4 2018-08-02 VOD 1m45s
3 2018-03-27 VOD 1m28s
Broxah FNC
2 2018-02-08 VOD 1m38s
Perkz G2
1 2017-08-11 VOD 1m34s
Caps FNC

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