Loco Lets Loose

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Loco Lets Loose
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General Information
HostYoonsup "Locodoco" Choi
CountryUnited States
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"Loco Lets Loose" is a series hosted by Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi. Initially it was produced by Team Liquid, but he now does it on his own. Each episode covers one of many varied topics related to the LoL esports scene in an informal manner from Locodoco's perspective.

Episode List[edit]

Season Two[edit]

# Date Link Length Topic
9 2018-09-29 VOD 6m01s Why C9 does well at Worlds?!
8 2018-09-24 VOD 8m50s 2018 League of Legends Worlds Group Draw Guide
7 2018-09-19 VOD 9m02s How Academy is going to save NA LCS!
6 2018-05-17 VOD 16m24s Top 5 Most Valuable Players in NALCS
5 2018-04-30 VOD 9m08s 5 Rules to a good team composition in League of Legends
4 2018-01-12 VOD 9m04s Roster Rundown 2018: TSM
3 2018-01-08 VOD 8m50s Roster Rundown 2018: CLG
2 2018-01-05 VOD 7m45s Roster Rundown 2018: Cloud9
1 2017-12-30 VOD 8m52s Roster Rundown 2018: Team Liquid

Season One[edit]

# Date Link Length Topic
8 2016-04-26 VOD 05m14s Mid Season Update Pt. 2
8 2016-04-25 VOD 04m06s Mid Season Update Pt. 1
7 2016-02-08 VOD 06m41s Early Playoff Predictions
6 2016-01-25 VOD 06m31s New Champs in Competitive Play
5 2016-01-09 VOD 05m35s TSM
4 2015-12-09 VOD 05m33s Immortals
3 2015-12-04 VOD 09m52s Imports in NA
2 2015-11-25 VOD 05m09s Cloud 9
1 2015-11-18 VOD 05m19s NRG

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