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Player has retired.
RED Loop 2018 Split 2.png
Background Information
NameCaio Almeida
Country of BirthBrazil Brazil
Soloqueue IDsKeyd BenQ Loop
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Feb 2012 - Aug 2012
Painlogo std.pngpaiN Gaming
Aug 2012 - Dec 2012
Vtilogo std.pngvTi Nox
Dec 2012 - Aug 2013
KeydLogo std.pngKeyd Team
Aug 2013 - Nov 2013
KeydLogo std.pngKeyd Team
Nov 2013 - Feb 2014
KeydLogo std.pngKeyd Team
Feb 2014 - Aug 2015
Keyd Starslogo std.pngKeyd Stars
Aug 2015 - Jan 2016
INTZlogo std.pngINTZ
Feb 2016 - Nov 2016
Painlogo std.pngpaiN Gaming
Nov 2016 - May 2018
Painlogo std.pngpaiN Gaming
May 2018 - May 2019
RED Canidslogo std.pngRED Canids

Caio "Loop" Almeida is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously support for RED Canids.


Loop first played for paiN Gaming back in 2012 as their Jungler, then as a AD Carry for vTi Nox and, after being the support for 5 months in Keyd Team, he was back to the AD Carry role, but then again started playing as support.


  • Known for being the main theorycrafter of Keyd Team, and one of the players with the most knowledge about the Brazilian scene.
  • Known as a high-level AD Carry, he switched roles due to his game knowledge and shotcalling abilities.
  • As a Support player, he is known for his
  • As an AD Carry player, he is known for his
  • Doesn't play Solo Queue.
  • Called "Fiddlesticks" by fans for his likeness to the champion.
  • After Haelz left Keyd Team, he went back to the AD Carry position.
  • Played for the three rival teams paiN Gaming, vTi Nox and Keyd Team.
  • Portrayed as
    in the CBLoL 2015 official wallpaper.

Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Loop Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-05-241 Gamers Club Rift Season 2
2 : 0Logo std.pngUNDE
Logo std.pngAPOS mazaev,  Days4fun,  takeshi,  Juzo,  Loop
2019-04-013 BRCC 2019 Split 1 Playoffs
1 : 3Team oNe eSportslogo std.pngONE
RED Canidslogo std.pngRED Guigo,  Lep,  Revolta,  Avenger,  YoDa,  Sacy,  Loop,  Nuddle
2019-03-181 BRCC 2019 Split 1
13 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
RED Canidslogo std.pngRED Lep,  Guigo,  Revolta,  Avenger,  YoDa,  Sacy,  Cabu,  Loop,  Nuddle
2018-08-058 CBLOL 2018 Split 2
2 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
RED Canidslogo std.pngRED LEP,  Chaser,  Sky,  Sacy,  Loop,  Abaxial,  Coelho
2018-03-118 CBLOL 2018 Split 1
1 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Painlogo std.pngPNG takeshi,  Tay,  TinOwns,  Matsukaze,  Loop,  jUc,  Yaltz
2017-12-173 - 4 Superliga ABCDE 2017
0 : 3INTZlogo std.pngITZ
Painlogo std.pngPNG takeshi,  Tay,  TinOwns,  Kami,  Matsukaze,  Loop,  jUc
2017-09-022 CBLOL 2017 Split 2 Playoffs
1 : 3Team oNe eSportslogo std.pngONE
Painlogo std.pngPNG Mylon,  Tay,  Kami,  Matsukaze,  Loop,  jUc
2017-07-234 CBLOL 2017 Split 2
2-4-1Blanklogo std.pngRR
Painlogo std.pngPNG Mylon,  Tay,  Kami,  Matsukaze,  Loop,  jUc
2017-03-263 CBLOL 2017 Split 1 Playoffs
1 : 3RED Canidslogo std.pngRED
Painlogo std.pngPNG Mylon,  SirT,  Kami,  Matsukaze,  Loop,  MiT
2017-03-123 CBLOL 2017 Split 1
4-2-1Blanklogo std.pngRR
Painlogo std.pngPNG Mylon,  SirT,  Tay,  Kami,  Rakin,  Matsukaze,  Loop,  MiT
Loop 1v1 Tournament Results
DatePlEventPrizeTeamLast Result
2015-11-299 - 16All-Star 2015 IWC MelbourneBrazillogo std.pngCBLOL0 : FB ⁠LJL Allstarslogo std.pngCeros



  • 2015



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