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Team has disbanded.
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Team Information
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OwnerTito "Tito" Latella
SponsorMOBA Network
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MOBA ROG is an Italian team, formerly composed of some of the most important streamers of the Italian League of Legends scene. One of MOBA ROG's initial goals was to use the popularity of its members to increase audience interest in the Italian competitive scene. Despite early criticisms that accused MOBA ROG of being nothing but an "advertisement stunt", the team has proven to be seriously committed and prepared.


2018 Season[edit]

The first signs of the team were seen on the 14th of December 2017, when a Facebook page was created.[1] However, four months later there was still no roster announcement - only rumors about Paolocannone, vANEZ, and italiand0g. From the 6th to the 10th of April 2018, one video was published on the official Facebook page per day, each presenting a new team member. The full roster was revealed during a live stream on Paolocannone's Twitch channel on April 10th. Later that month, ASUS ROG's partnership was announced.

PG Nationals Predator Summer Season[edit]

MOBA ROG qualified for PG Nationals Predator Summer Season, their first competition ever to participate, which won PG Nationals Predator Summer Expansion Qualifier #1 defeating Racoon 3-2. PG Nationals Summer went great: MOBA ROG earned third place in regular season, with a record of 9-5. Despite its performance during regular season, the team got beaten by Racoon during quarterfinals.

Late 2018[edit]

Following its goal to increase the audience in italian competitive scene, MOBA ROG was invited to Red Bull Factions 2018 as wild card.
Roster changes were expected. Some rumors were heard about Aki and Fragola during the summer. On 20th September, during a live stream on Paolocannone's Twitch channel, Aki and Fragola joined officially the team. It was announced that MOBA ROG would compete in EVC 2018 Winter Season too.

EVC 2018 Winter Season went good. MOBA ROG placed second in regular season, becoming the only team never beated in a serie. They earned 5 wins and 4 ties. Despite its second place, the team showed its inconstancy. MOBA ROG was defeated by iDomina eSports in semifinals.

2019 Season[edit]

After EVC 2018 Winter Season, some rumors were heard about Acefos and Counter's departures. In January, Acefos and Counter's departures were confirmed, followed by Aki's departure, after only four months from his entry. Only Paolocannone remained from the original roster. Zvene and Outlandisch, first MOBA ROG's imports, joined with Lazuriel and Sabbath. Fragola moves to sub jungler and Crocomux joined as sub midlaner.

PG Nationals 2019 Spring Season[edit]

Spring Season didn't go well. Some accidents happened. First of all Lazuriel was banned for two week due to summoner's code violation on 5th of February, forcing MOBA ROG playing with Vigil, an unknown italian midlaner. Later MOBA ROG decided to bench Outlandisch, due to his bad performance. During week 5, Fragola replaced Outlandisch and Lazuriel's ban ended. Once again MOBA ROG tried the comeback, with zero results. MOBA ROG's last hope was Hiro, an young rookie discovered by Paulcannon during soloqueue matches. On week 6, Hiro replaced Sabbath, Lazuriel moved to starting jungler and Vigil moved to starting midlaner. Despite these last desperate changes, MOBA ROG ended the season with a 2 - 12 record.


  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

Player Roster[edit]


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Cribob Cristian Bobernaga 15Support None 2020-01-282020-01-28 2020-03-112020-03-??
Nova611 Andrea Galassi 21Sub/Top None 2020-01-152020-01-15 2020-03-112020-03-??
Oblivion Alessandro Passanisi 24Sub/Bot None 2020-01-152020-01-15 2020-03-112020-03-??
Crocomux Davide Gioan 13Mid DayDreamerslogo std.pngDayDreamers 2020-01-132020-01-13 2020-03-112020-03-??
GentlemanHero Luka Prentović 11Top Vector Gaminglogo std.pngVector Gaming 2020-01-122020-01-12 2020-03-092020-03-09
Diagu Witold Nypel 12Jungle PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRIDE 2020-02-112020-02-11 2020-02-282020-02-28
Creon Riccardo Santarelli 14Bot Nordavindlogo std.pngNordavind 2020-01-142020-01-14 2020-02-282020-02-28
Shawn Nicola Begni 15Support Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2020-01-122020-01-12 2020-02-282020-02-28
Yung Bjarne Nielsen 12Jungle Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2020-01-132020-01-13 2020-02-102020-02-10
Sadaz Antonio Scalese 23Sub/Mid None 2020-01-152020-01-15 2020-01-112020-01-??
Click Vittorio Massolo 15Support Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngSamsung Morning Stars 2019-07-182019-07-18 2020-01-072020-01-07
StenBosse Stass Skopin 11Top Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngSamsung Morning Stars 2019-10-062019-10-06 2020-01-032020-01-03
Aki Daniel Lauri 13Mid Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngSamsung Morning Stars 2019-05-052019-05-05 2020-01-022020-01-02
Mikoto Brayan Teepprayan 24Sub/Bot None 2019-10-062019-10-06 2019-11-112019-??-??
PesE Mattia Pesenti 21Sub/Top Campus Party Sparkslogo std.pngCampus Party Sparks 2019-10-062019-10-06 2019-12-222019-12-22
Khema Emanuele Conti 12Jungle QLASH Forgelogo std.pngQLASH Forge 2019-06-022019-06-02 2019-12-162019-12-16
Guubi Frederik Mortensen 14Bot Campus Party Sparkslogo std.pngCampus Party Sparks 2019-10-062019-10-06 2019-12-142019-12-14
Glebo Piotr Dąbrowski 11Top Campus Party Sparkslogo std.pngCampus Party Sparks 2019-05-222019-05-22 2019-09-112019-09-??
DrMatt Mattia Fazzalaro 13Mid Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngSamsung Morning Stars 2019-05-222019-05-22 2019-09-112019-09-??
Hiro Pablo García Muñoz 14Bot None 2019-05-052019-05-05 2019-09-112019-09-??
Fragola Alessandro Zappalà 22Sub/Jun None 2018-09-202018-09-20 2019-09-112019-09-??
Paolocannone Paolo Marcucci 15Support QLASH Forgelogo std.pngQLASH 2018-04-062018-04-06 2019-09-112019-09-??
Counter Giacomo Manconi 14Bot YDN Legionlogo std.pngYDN Devils 2019-05-222019-05-22 2019-08-152019-08-15
Degh Sama Oleksandr Degtyarov (Олександр Дегтярьов) 11Top Moscow Five.CISlogo std.pngMoscow Five 2019-07-032019-07-03 2019-07-112019-07-??
Rulfchen Tom Ruckh 12Jungle PANTHERS Gaminglogo std.pngPANTHERS Gaming 2019-05-222019-05-22 2019-07-172019-07-17
Skar Alessandro Torresi 11Top Racoon (Italian Team)logo std.pngRacoon 2019-06-022019-06-02 2019-07-052019-07-05
Lazuriel Kevin Pirrone 21Sub/Top Racoon (Italian Team)logo std.pngRacoon 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-06-022019-06-02
Degh Sama Oleksandr Degtyarov (Олександр Дегтярьов) 11Top Ace Chaoslogo std.pngAce Chaos 2019-05-052019-05-05 2019-05-312019-05-31
Ju29r0 Matteo Bellini 25Sub/Sup None 2019-05-052019-05-05 2019-05-162019-05-16
Unforgiven William Nieminen 14Bot FALKNlogo std.pngFALKN 2019-05-052019-05-05 2019-05-162019-05-16
Spooky Miroslav Gochev (Мирослав Гочев) 12Jungle X25 Esportslogo std.pngx25 Esports 2019-05-052019-05-05 2019-05-162019-05-16
Sabbath Marcello Morini 24Sub/Bot YDN Legionlogo std.pngYDN Devils 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-05-052019-05-05
Vigil Matteo Scarcelli 23Sub/Mid Outplayedlogo std.pngOutplayed Academy 2019-02-102019-02-10 2019-05-042019-05-04
Hiro Pablo García Muñoz 14Bot MOBA ROGlogo std.pngMOBA ROG 2019-02-282019-02-28 2019-04-202019-04-20
Crocomux Davide Gioan 23Sub/Mid HG Esportslogo std.pngHG Esports 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-03-182019-03-18
Zvene Simon Svensson 11Top Outplayedlogo std.pngOutplayed 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-03-152019-03-15
Outlandisch Sermend Alhmawendi 12Jungle WarKidZ E-Sportslogo std.pngWarKidZ E-Sports 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-02-262019-02-26
Aki Daniel Lauri 13Mid IDomina eSportslogo std.pngiDomina eSports 2018-09-202018-09-20 2019-01-102019-01-10
Counter Giacomo Manconi 14Bot RIFT Esportslogo std.pngRIFT Esports 2018-04-102018-04-10 2019-01-102019-01-10
vANEZ Edoardo Cassai 21Sub/Top Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2018-04-082018-04-08 2019-01-102019-01-10
Acefos Alexandru Neatu 11Top Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngSamsung Morning Stars 2018-04-072018-04-07 2019-01-072019-01-07
Tsuzume Nikita Frunza 25Sub/Sup Campus Party Sparkslogo std.pngCampus Party Sparks 2018-04-092018-04-09 2018-11-132018-11-13
Gotrek Ettore Barcella 24Sub/Bot Team Forgelogo std.pngTeam Forge 2018-04-102018-04-10 2018-09-102018-09-10
italiand0g Alessandro Luiso 23Sub/Mid None 2018-04-102018-04-10 2018-06-022018-06-02

Formerly On Loan[edit]

R C ID Name Role Loaned From Duration
CrAzY Adam Fedoruk 12Jungle Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIlluminar Gaming PGN 2019 Summer Playoffs
Click Vittorio Massolo 15Support QLASH Forgelogo std.pngQLASH Forge PGN 2019 Summer & PGN 2019 Summer Playoffs

Temporary Subs[edit]

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Goose Lucca Schouten 14Bot
EVC 2019 Winter - Day 3
Degh Sama Oleksandr Degtyarov (Олександр Дегтярьов) 11Top
EVC 2019 Summer - Week 4



C ID Name Position
Tito Tito Latella Owner & CEO


C ID Name Position Next Team Joined Left
Dkkn Federico Mocilnik Team Manager None 2020-01-21 2020-03-??
Trickke Mattia Pietropaolo 80Assistant Coach Riddle Esportslogo std.pngRiddle Esports 2020-01-212020-01-21 2020-03-112020-03-??
CapricornusD Alex Lucchin Strategical Coach None 2020-01-21 2020-03-??
Kant Bilal Khan Khalid Analyst None 2020-01-21 2020-03-??
Platy Jens Musarra 80Head Coach Vector Gaminglogo std.pngVector Gaming 2020-01-142020-01-14 2020-03-082020-03-08
Navi Ivan Borrell 80Analyst Cyberground Gaminglogo std.pngCyberground Gaming 2019-06-092019-06-09 2020-01-132020-01-13
Ghiare David Frumuselu Cortés Scout Cyberground Gaminglogo std.pngCyberground Gaming 2019-05-20 2020-01-13
Cense Jorge Iranzo Team Manager Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2019-05-07 2020-01-02
Gale Andrea Galeati 80Head Coach Campus Party Sparkslogo std.pngCampus Party Sparks 2019-10-062019-10-06 2019-12-112019-12-??
Leask Girolamo Gabriele Ingrassia 80LoL Director Cyberground Gaminglogo std.pngCyberground Gaming 2019-05-202019-05-20 2019-12-292019-12-29
Sovonix Adrian Lee Team Manager Enclave Gaminglogo std.pngEnclave Gaming 2019-05-20 2019-10-06
Enkkfull Enrico Mensa Head of Project & Streaming None ' 2019-09-??
GGNabbo Lorenzo Zanchi MOBA Network Manager None ' '
Bar Marius Barariu Head Manager None 2019-05-20 2019-08-26
Coach Shelby Marco Longo 80Head Coach Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2019-03-312019-03-31 2019-08-072019-08-07
Zefi David Dallafior Individual Performance Coach Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2019-05-07 2019-08-07
10Aschente Lorenzo Manetti Analyst Team Refuselogo std.pngTeam Refuse 2019-05-07 2019-08-07
Hybrid Nicolò Settanni 80Assistant Coach EGN Esportslogo std.pngEGN Esports 2019-05-072019-05-07 2019-08-072019-08-07
Lud0 Ludovic Callier 80Head Coach Žalgiris Esportslogo std.pngŽalgiris Esports 2019-05-262019-05-26 2019-08-112019-08-??
Cydonia Cristian Vidal 80Head Analyst PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRIDE 2019-05-072019-05-07 2019-06-172019-06-17
Thouruk Paweł Wojtasiewicz Analyst PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRIDE 2019-05-07 2019-05-16
Ferakton Marcello Passuti 80Head Coach Future Perfect WLGaminglogo std.pngFuture Perfect WLGaming 2018-11-022018-11-02 2019-03-022019-03-02
pquadri Paolo Quadri Analyst Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngSamsung Morning Stars ??? 2019-01-27
Pirla Ander Pirla Sola 80Head Coach For The Win Esportslogo std 2.pngFor The Win Esports 2018-05-112018-05-?? 2018-07-112018-07-??


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

MOBA ROG Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2020-02-278 PG Nationals 2020 Spring
1 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR
 GentlemanHero,  Yung,  Diagu,  Crocomux,  Creon,  Shawn,  Cribob,  Platy
2019-12-143€2,000€2,000€2,000 Red Bull Factions 2019 Finals
0 : 2Outplayedlogo std.pngOP
 StenBosse,  Khema1221,  AkiXD,  Guubi,  ClickJJ,  Gale
2019-12-071€3,000€3,000€3,000 EVC 2019 Winter Playoffs
3 : 1Outplayedlogo std.pngOP
 StenBosse,  KhemaXD,  AkiXD,  Guubi,  ClickJJ,  Gale
2019-12-063 Red Bull Factions 2019
11Blanklogo std.pngPts
 StenBosse,  Khema,  AkiXD,  Guubi,  ClickJJ,  Gale
2019-11-181 EVC 2019 Winter
6-1-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
 StenBosse,  Khema,  akiXD,  Guubi,  Goose,  ClickJJ,  PesE,  Gale
2019-07-185 - 6 PG Nationals 2019 Summer Playoffs
1 : 2Racoon (Italian Team)logo std.pngRCN
 Glebo,  CrAzY,  DrMatt,  Counter,  Click,  Lud0
2019-07-156 PG Nationals 2019 Summer
6 - 8Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Glebo,  Rulfchen,  DrMatt,  Counter,  Click,  Lud0
2019-07-113 - 4€1,000€1,000€1,000 EVC 2019 Summer Playoffs
1 : 2Racoon (Italian Team)logo std.pngRCN
 DeghSama,  Khema,  aki,  Hiro,  Paolocannone,  Hybrid
2019-07-042 EVC 2019 Summer
6-2-1Blanklogo std.pngRR
 DeghSama,  Skar,  qtFragola,  Spooky,  Khema,  Aki,  Unforgiven,  Hiro,  Paolocannone,  Hybrid
2019-05-16NQ PG Nationals 2019 Summer Promotion
0 : 2HG Esportslogo std.pngHG
 Degh Sama,  Spooky,  aki,  Unforgiven,  Paolocannone,  Shelby
Total Prize:USD 0 • EUR 6,000


  • 2019
  • 2020



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