Making the Rounds

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Making the Rounds
General Information
HostKelsey Moser
Emily Rand

"Making the Rounds" is a show initially produced by Yahoo Esports and hosted by Emily Rand and Kelsey Moser; after Yahoo Esports' shutdown, the show continued independently on Kelsey's channel. The two discuss upcoming match-ups, analyzing each team in detail, including previous game footage.

Episode List[edit]

Date Link Length Description
2018-11-10 VOD 53m54s Kelsey and Emily discuss the Worlds Final and responses to Fnatic's loss and iG's victory.
2018-10-31 VOD 52m09s Emily returns for a pre-Grand Final episode of Making the Rounds.
2018-10-13 VOD 1h07m35s EVOS Coach Jensen guest stars on Making the Rounds to discuss Phong Vu Buffalo and LMS teams at the World Championship.
2018-10-09 VOD 1h10m43s Kelsey Moser and Emily Rand discuss the events of Play-In and if major region third seeds can make it through Main Stage Group Stage.
2018-09-23 VOD 1h11m35s Kelsey and Emily give first impressions on the 2018 World Championship Group Draw.
2018-05-21 VOD 1h00m53s Kelsey and Emily discuss the MSI Playoffs.
2018-05-17 VOD 37m27s Kelsey and Emily cover the end of Group Stage and predict the MSI 2018 Semifinals.
2018-05-14 VOD 42m00s Kelsey and Emily focus on RNG's rise, FW's fall, and the last game between FNC and TL on Day 4 of 2018 MSI.
2018-05-13 VOD 35m16s Kelsey and Emily discuss the third day of MSI's Main Stage with special attention paid to EVOS and RNG.
2018-05-12 VOD 50m03s Kelsey and Emily visit the events of MSI 2018 Groups Day 2 with a look at Fnatic's wins, a discussion of KingZone's struggles, and praise for Flash Wolves.
2018-05-11 VOD 52m34s Kelsey and Emily review the first day of MSI's main stage, focusing on the losses of Fnatic and Team Liquid and the highlight match between KingZone and Royal Never Give Up.
2018-05-10 VOD 1h21m41s Kelsey and Emily discuss differences in approaches for teams attending MSI.
2018-05-10 VOD 37m28s Kelsey and Emily wrap up 2018 MSI Play-Ins.
2018-05-06 VOD 52m40s Emily and Kelsey go over the second Play-In Group at MSI and discuss the strengths and preview the Playoff stage.
2018-05-05 VOD 29m46s Emily and Kelsey review the teams competing in Group A of MSI 2018.
2018-01-12 VOD 44m47s Kelsey and Emily invite HKA's Nelson to discuss increased Korean import appetite in LMS, CBLoL, and TCL.
2017-12-29 VOD 49m12s Kelsey and Emily discuss misconceptions about statistics and the concept of "Moneyball" in LoL esports.
2017-12-23 VOD 1h01m00s Kelsey and Emily discuss a few differences between esports and sports journalism and learning to be patient about media access.
2017-09-27 VOD 1h03m05s Kelsey and Emily discuss the Play-in Group Stage conclusion and prediction for the qualifying round.
2017-09-24 VOD 46m22s Kelsey and Emily discuss the conclusion of Play-in for Group A and B.
2017-09-23 VOD 1h18m19s Emily, Xander, and Kelsey discuss their picks for top five players in each position at Worlds.
2017-09-13 VOD 49m17s Kelsey and Emily react to the 2017 World Championship Group Draw.
2017-08-03 VOD 1h07m03s Kelsey and Emily discuss several topics that have been brought up around the idea that "EU LCS is boring."
2017-07-11 VOD 39m10s Kelsey and Emily review the lessons from NA vs EU Rift Rivals.
2017-07-11 VOD 45m07s Kelsey and Emily discuss LPL's awkward win, the finish for each of the three regions, and the tournament's unconventional format.
2017-07-08 VOD 36m08s Kelsey and Emily discuss the last day of EU vs NA Rift Rivals Group Stage.
2017-07-07 VOD 29m50s Emily and Kelsey discuss the pitfalls of EDward Gaming and KT Rolster as well as LMS' second place finish.
2017-07-07 VOD 36m57s Kelsey and Emily go over the second day of EU vs NA Rift Rivals.
2017-07-06 VOD 31m42s Emily and Kelsey discuss OMG, MVP, and Samsung's performances on Day 1 of Asian Rift Rivals.
2017-07-06 VOD 37m40s Kelsey and Emily discuss the first day of EU vs NA Rift Rivals.
2017-04-28 VOD 21m36s Kelsey Moser and Emily Rand dissect Team WE and Royal Never Give Up's shots at winning the LPL title.
2017-04-20 VOD 14m49s Who will win the LCK final? Emily and Kelsey make some predictions.
2017-04-14 VOD 17m30s Taking stock of the EU teams and how things might play out between G2 vs. Fnatic and Unicorns vs. Misfits.
2017-04-07 VOD 17m21s Dissecting the NA LCS playoff contenders: CLG, FlyQuest, Dignitas, and Phoenix1.
2017-04-07 VOD 15m10s Discussing the playoff prospects for the 2017 EU LCS teams.
2017-04-06 VOD 15m10s Discussing the playoff prospects for the 2017 Afreeca Freecs, MVP, and KT Rolster teams.