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LDLC Manaty 2021 Split 1.png
Background Information
NameStéphane Dimier
Country of Birth
BirthdayJanuary 21, 2002 (age 19)
TeamLDLC OLlogo std.pngLDLC OL
Contract Expires2022-11-21
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsLegendary Manaty, Manaty,T1 Manaty, KING Manaty, SLY Manaty
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Stéphane "Manaty" Dimier is a League of Legends esports player, currently jungler for LDLC OL.

Team History

Combine Role Swaps:No|Yes
Solarylogo std.pngSolary
Jan 20192019-01-17[2]Nov 20202020-11-27[1]1yr 10mo
LDLC OLlogo std.pngLDLC OL
Jan 20212021-01-06[3]Present1mo 28d
Solarylogo std.pngSolary
Jan 20192019-01-17[2]Nov 20202020-11-27[1]1yr 10mo
LDLC OLlogo std.pngLDLC OL
Jan 20212021-01-06[3]Present1mo 28d



Solarylogo std.pngSLYJanuary 17,
Manaty and
Hantera join.
Caelan (Coach to Assistant Coach) changes position.[2]


Solarylogo std.pngSLYJanuary 30,
Manaty's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.[4]
Solarylogo std.pngSLYSeptember 24,
Manaty is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.[5]
Solarylogo std.pngSLYNovember 27,
Dreamsu, and
Hantera leave.[1]


LDLC OLlogo std.pngLDLCJanuary 6,
Manaty joins.
LDLC OLlogo std.pngLDLCJanuary 8,
Manaty and
Exakick's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 21 November 2022.[6]


Stéphane "Manaty" Dimier grew up in a suburb of Paris, in Levallois-Perret. He discovered League of Legends at the age of 9, playing on his friend's computer. Manaty didn't own back then a computer, so he mainly played on Wesnedays, when his friend had lessons and he didn't. At the same time, Manaty watched many videos in order to expand his League knowledge, which allowed him to improve even if he didn't play a lot. When he entered middle school, Manaty still didn't have a computer. At the end of his school year, he bought a 500 euros-computer, thanks to the money he was able to save.

During his first years in middle-school, he considered himself as a "normal teenager", chilling out with his friends after school. Indeed, he wasn't tryharding League of Legends yet. This period was a rough time for Dimier. Indeed, he recognises that he did mistakes when he was in middle-school, by not respecting his teachers, not working at all, and rubbing shoulders with bad people. He doesn't hesitate to say he was a "scum". However, Dimier began to focus more on League than before. He played between 3 and 5 games per day and quickly hit platinium, in roughly 100 games. Gradually, Manaty began to play more and more. In his last year in middle-school, he hit diamond. Then, he started to increase his playing time (7-12 games/day). During Season 6, he hit master for the first time. It was a turning point for Manaty, as he began to dream about becoming a pro player. Entering high-school, Manaty began to gradually forsook school, skipping class. He quickly began to play more than 16 games/day. He recognises he was spamming the game without thinking, only driven by a desire to improve. Thus, he was hardly ever going out. During this period, he hit challenger for the first time. He didn't tell his friends about his achievement, because they wouldn't believe he could become pro one day. However, Manaty lost his challenger rank quickly, because of his tilt but mainly due to his toxicity. For 8 months, he was stuck between Diamond 1 and Master 350LP. He almost stopped playing LoL when he dropped to Diamond 2. Despite his bad mood, Manaty kept playing, considering he "lost to much time" on League to stop now. Thus, he pulled himself together, spamming solo queues, analyzing pro-players-replays as well as his. He also worked a lot on his mental. His efforts paid off during Season 8. Indeed, he directly hit challenger during the preaseason, as well as his elo-peak (700LP). He thus took a decision : he would let himself a year to receive an offer which will allow him to drop out high-school, if it didn't work out, he would forsake LoL.


This offer came from Solary, which he officially joined on January 17, 2019, alongside Hantera. Indeed, their jungler Skeanz left for Vitality a few days before. They thus recruited Manaty; this choice was pretty surprising, given the fact Manaty was unknown and unexperimented. He was considered by the majority as a random-soloqueue-player. This gamble was mainly Chap's one. Indeed, he often met Manaty in solo queues and he noticed he had talent and a great potential.

Manaty was quickly thrown in the deep end in a lineup composed of Katare, Tioo, Wakz and Hantera. He played his first tournament with them during the Lyon e-Sport 12, where Solary finished top 8. Less than a month after, the LFL 2019 Spring began. The Spring split was very complicated for Solary, as they finished last (2-12). For the LFL 2019 Summer Split, Tioo was substituted by tonerre from GamersOrigin. Despite this transfert, Solary finished last of the Summer Split (2-12) again.

These results affected Manaty but he gained experiment and assurance during these two splits. He became a key-player for Solary. On the LFL 2020 Spring Split, many considered him as the most impactful player of his team, and one of the most promising jungler of the LFL. Despite the non-qualification for the playoffs, Solary finished the split with 6W-8L (one place away from qualifications). After the Summer Split, Solary took part in the Underdogs 2020, where they finished top 8, after losing 3-1 against GamersOrigin in quarterfinals. Solary surprised many people by managing to threaten Misfits Premier in groups stage, forcing them to dispute a tiebreaker to determine the first seed of the group, as they both went 4-2. Solary eventually lost the match.

Playing Style[edit]

Manaty is known to be an aggressive jungler, don't hesitate making "high risk, high-reward" plays. This playstyle is enhanced by his champion pool. Indeed, Manaty tends to play carry junglers, such as


  • Started playing League of Legends in Season 2.
  • Known for his
    in Solo Queue when he joined Solary
  • Stopped school to join Solary and become a Pro player.
  • Had 5 accounts in challenger in season 10
  • Hit EUW Rank 1 on August 3, 2020 with 1582LP
  • Known for his
    in S10

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Manaty Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-09-237 LFL 2020 Summer
5 - 9Blanklogo std.pngRR
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Fraid,  Manaty,  tonerre,  dreamsu,  Hantera,  Samchaka
2020-06-185 - 8 Underdogs 2020
1 : 3GamersOriginlogo std.pngGO
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Fraid,  Manaty,  Tonerre,  Dreamsu,  Hantera,  Samchaka
2020-03-046 LFL 2020 Spring
6 - 8Blanklogo std.pngRR
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  tonerre,  Wakz,  Hantera,  Samchaka
2020-03-015 Lyon e-Sport 2020
1 : 2GamersOriginlogo std.pngGO
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  tonerre,  Wakz,  Hantera,  Samchaka
2019-11-159 - 16 Underdogs 2019
0 : 2Izi Dreamlogo std.pngIZI
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  tonerre,  Wakz,  Hantera,  SamChaka
2019-07-168 LFL 2019 Summer
2 - 12Blanklogo std.pngRR
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  tonerre,  Wakz,  Hantera,  Caelan
2019-05-191 DreamHack Tours 2019
3 : 0DTL Projectlogo std.pngDLT
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  Tonerre,  Wakz,  Hantera,  Caelan
2019-04-227 - 8 Gamers Assembly 2019
0 : 1Aaalogo std.pngaAa
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  Tonerre,  Wakz,  Hantera,  Caelan
2019-03-208 LFL 2019 Spring
2 - 12Blanklogo std.pngRR
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  Tioo,  Wakz,  Hantera,  Caelan
2019-02-247 - 8 Lyon e-Sport 12
0 : 1ROG Schoollogo std.pngROG
Solarylogo std.pngSLY Katare,  Manaty,  Tioo,  Wakz,  Hantera


Post-Match Interviews

2020-08-31LFL 2020 Summer
Team MCESlogo std.pngMCES
Solarylogo std.pngSLY
2020-08-12LFL 2020 Summer
GameWardlogo std.pngGW
Solarylogo std.pngSLY



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