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"Mischief" is a light-hearted docuseries following the players and support staff of Misfits Gaming.

Episode List[edit]

Season Two[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
2 2019-08-02 VOD 7m20s Item Bug in the LEC? Through entire roster changes, accidental item sales, and limit-testing some assassin picks, our new team is showing up big.
1.5 2019-07-13 VOD 4m48s Misfits' LEC break was... interesting The LEC staff at our Misfits Gaming HQ had some fun during the Rift Rivals 2019 break...who do you think won?
1 2019-06-22 VOD 6m47s 10 Men 1 Roster Smile for the camera! We're proud to bring you the first episode of Mischief Season 2: 10 Men, 1 Roster...

Season One[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
4 2019-03-27 VOD 7m17s What Happened? The power of friendship will always prevail! The Mischief season finale breaks down our spring split and how we will improve.
3 2019-03-09 VOD 10m45s Return of the Moose Reset. Go behind the scenes on our LEC coaching changes and the fight for playoffs...
2 2019-02-16 VOD 10m05s Culture Shock How does a legend like GorillA adapt to a new life and new surroundings in Europe?
1 2019-02-01 VOD 10m32s Tweet Guru Can sOAZ teach Hans Sama his ways as a meme lord? Can Maxlore effectively peel a banana?

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