Miss Fortune

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Miss Fortune
General Information
TitleThe Bounty Hunter
Real NameSarah Fortune
Release DateSeptember 8, 2010
Cost3150 BE 790 RP

570 (+ 93)

3.75 (+ 0.65)

325.84 (+ 35)

8.042 (+ 0.65)


52 (+ 2.7)

0.656 (+ 3%)


28 (+ 3)

30 (+ 0.5)

Miss Fortune is a champion in League of Legends.


For outdated and now non-canon lore entries, click here.
  • Biography
  • Story
A Bilgewater captain famed for her looks but feared for her ruthlessness, Sarah Fortune paints a stark figure among the hardened criminals of the port city. As a child, she witnessed the reaver king Gangplank murder her family—an act she brutally avenged years later, blowing up his flagship while he was still aboard. Those who underestimate her will face a beguiling and unpredictable opponent… and, likely, a bullet or two in their guts.

Like most who rise to notoriety in the twisting, salt-crusted labyrinth of Bilgewater, Sarah Fortune has no shortage of blood on her hands…

Beloved daughter of the renowned gun-dame Abigale Fortune, Sarah spent much of her happy childhood in the forge of their island settlement just off the coast—learning to file wheel locks, set trigger pulls, and even cast batches of custom pistol shot. Her mother’s skill in crafting firearms was legendary, and her bespoke handguns were to be found in the collections of many a wealthy merchant captain.

But oft-times, they were coveted by those with more meager means, and darker hearts.

One such individual was an up-and-coming Bilgewater reaver, known to his crew as Gangplank. Cocksure and certain of his power, he demanded a pair of Fortune pistols the like of which no other man could hope to possess. A reluctant deal was struck, and a year later to the day, Gangplank returned. With no intention of paying for the work, he had masked his face with a grimy scarf. He was there to take the guns by force.

Abigale had crafted two masterpieces, twin hand cannons of exquisite workmanship and pinpoint lethality—indeed, she declared, too fine for the likes of him. She could see the brutish thug that Gangplank had become. Enraged, he seized the pistols and gunned her down with her own creations before turning them on her husband, and young Sarah too. Then, out of nothing but spite, he set the workshop ablaze and smashed both pistols on the cobblestones, to wipe the Fortune legacy from the face of Runeterra completely.

Sarah awoke to agony. Her wounds were grave, but she managed to crawl from the burning ruins with the remains of the two pistols clutched to her chest. In time, her body healed, but waking nightmares and night terrors would torment her for many years to come.

Even so, she endured. She was determined to have vengeance. She rebuilt her mother’s pistols, and learned all she could of the masked murderer who had since declared himself the new reaver king of Bilgewater, and forced even the most influential ship captains to honor his claim.

No matter. When Sarah faced him again, she would be ready.

Taking a ship to Bilgewater Bay, she killed her first man within minutes of setting foot on the crooked timbers of the quayside—a drunken pirate with a gallon of Myron’s Dark in his belly, and a price on his head. Sarah dragged his corpse to the bounty board officials, before tearing off a dozen more warrants and heading off into the city.

Within a week, every one of them was settled, and those with the misfortune to be hunted by Sarah were either dead or in chains. She quickly earned a reputation in the taverns and gambling dens, becoming known only as “Miss Fortune”. Gangplank would never see her coming. What was one more bounty hunter on the streets of his city?

In the years that followed, tales of Miss Fortune’s exploits spread far and wide, each more fanciful than the last. She drowned the leader of the Silk-Knife Corsairs in a barrel of her own stolen rum. She took the Syren from a captain who learned the hard way what it meant to slip a hand where it wasn’t wanted. She tracked the insane Doxy-Ripper to his lair in the belly of a half-dismembered leviathan down on the slaughter docks, and shot him in the back as he fled.

In spite of all this, Gangplank was far too powerful to confront openly, with the fierce Jagged Hooks crew always at his side—but Miss Fortune knew just killing him would never be enough. Only his abject humiliation, and the burning to ash of all he had stolen, would satisfy the girl who had died on the floor of her mother’s workshop.

And so, little by little, she began to surround herself with a small but loyal cadre of allies that would eventually help her lay her demons to rest.

Miss Fortune risked everything to make her move against Gangplank. Plots within plots saw his ship, the Dead Pool, blown to flaming wreckage in the harbor, and the tyrannical reaver king overthrown. Best of all, everyone in Bilgewater saw him fall. It was everything Sarah could have hoped for, exactly as she’d planned.

And it was over in moments.

With Gangplank gone, the other rival captains quickly descended into fighting amongst themselves for control of the city. What little semblance of law there had been was gone in an instant, with countless innocent civilians caught between the warring crews. Reluctantly, Miss Fortune stepped up—as captain of the Syren, and backed by her own people, she brokered an uneasy truce that has somehow held to this day.

But little is ever really permanent in the port city, and Captain Fortune still finds herself having to impose her own brand of order on every reaver, ganglord, and distant threat that comes her way.

The real battle for Bilgewater has only just begun.

"The bigger the risk, the bigger the bounty."

Miss Fortune


Bilgewater’s White Wharf had earned its name thanks to the layer of bird waste covering it from end to end, which was only to be expected at a resting place for the dead. Folk here didn’t bury corpses; they returned them to the sea. A grave of the sunken dead hung suspended in the cold depths, marked by hundreds of bobbing grave-buoys. Some were merely name posts, while others were elaborate tomb markers carved to resemble rearing krakens or buxom sea wenches.

Miss Fortune sat on an empty crate of Rapture Rum at the end of the wharf, legs crossed and a noxious cheroot dangling from her bottom lip. In one hand, she held a length of breathing tube connected to a half-submerged coffin floating low in the water. In the other, she grasped a length of frayed rope running through a rusted pulley block and tied to the coffin lid. Both her pistols were holstered within easy reach.


Moonlight cast a weak glow through the mist rolling in from the sea, staining the water’s scummed surface tobacco yellow. Cawing carrion gulls lined every swaybacked roof on the quayside, which was always a good omen. They knew better than any the signs of fresh pickings.

“About time” she whispered, as a shaven-headed man in a drake-scale frock coat emerged from the narrow, debris-choked alley. A pack of needle-toothed wharf-rats stalked him, hoping he was drunk and might pass out to become easy meat. The man’s name was Jakmunt Zyglos, one of the Painted Brothers. Any corsair worth his salt had tattoos, but every inch of Zyglos was inked with clawed serpents, lovers’ names, and a record of every boat he’d sunk, every man he’d murdered. His skin was as good a confession as any she’d known.

He marched purposefully along the wharf, but his eyes darting warily from side to side gave the lie to his confidence. His hand gripped a long cutlass with a shark-toothed edge that hung low on his hip. He too boasted a firearm, a stubby carbine with glassy pipes running the length of its barrel.

“Where is he?” demanded Zyglos. “You said you’d bring him.”

“That a Piltover hex-carbine?” she asked, ignoring his question.


“Answer me, damn you!”

“You first” said Miss Fortune, letting some rope out through the pulley and allowing the coffin to sink a little more. “After all, I’m not sure how long this breathing tube is, and you wouldn’t want your brother to go without air, would you?”

Zyglos took a breath, and she saw the tension go out of him.

“Yes, damn you, it’s from Piltover” he said, drawing the weapon and holding it out by the trigger guard.

“Pricy” said Miss Fortune.

“I guess you’d know” he sneered.

She let out even more rope. Bubbles of air escaped the now fully submerged coffin. Zyglos held up his hands, instantly contrite.

“Alright! Alright!” he pleaded. “It’s yours. Pull him up. Please.”

“You’ll come quietly?”

Zyglos gave a bark of fatalistic laughter.

“What choice do I have?” he asked. “You sank my ships and killed all my men. You’ve sent my kin to the poorhouse or the gaol, and for what? A stolen hex-gun? A bounty?”

“A little of both and then some?”

“So how much am I worth to you, bitch?”

“Coin? Five hundred silver serpents.”

“All this mayhem for a lousy five hundred serpents?”

“It’s not the money that’s got you killed. It’s the fact that you’re one of Gangplank’s sworn men” said Miss Fortune. “That’s why I want you dead.”

“Dead? Wait, the warrant says alive!”

“True, but I’ve never been very good at following instructions” said Miss Fortune, releasing the rope and the breathing tube. The coffin plunged into the darkness of the sunken dead, trailing a froth of frantic bubbles. Zyglos screamed his brother’s name and ran at her, drawing his serrated sword. She let him get within spitting distance before drawing her pistols and blasting him with both barrels, one through the eye, one in the heart.


Miss Fortune spat her cheroot into the sea and blew the smoke from each muzzle.

“Self defense” she said with a smile, rehearsing her lie for the bounty pursers. “Crazy fool came at me with that fang-sword of his. I didn’t have a choice.”

Miss Fortune bent to retrieve the fallen hex-carbine. She turned the weapon over in her hands. Too light for her tastes, but artfully made and absurdly lethal. The ghost of a smile twitched the corner of her mouth as she thought back to the warmth of the old workshop, the smell of gun oil, and the touch of her mother’s hand on her shoulder. Miss Fortune sighed and shook off the memory before it turned sour. She threw the pistol out over the water, sending it down to the dead. The sea demanded its due, after all, and she’d not lied; the weapon was worth a small fortune.

She stood and strolled back into Bilgewater. She knew she ought to throw Zyglos’s corpse into the water too, but the wharf-rats and the carrion gulls had to eat, didn’t they?


And fresh meat was a rare delicacy on the White Wharf.


Love Tap.png Love Tap [Passive]

Innate: Miss Fortune deals bonus physical damage whenever she attacks a new target. Deals half damage to minions.
Damage: (+50 - 100% total)
Double Up.png Double Up [Q]
Cost: 43 / 46 / 49 / 52 / 55 Mana Cooldown: 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 seconds Range: 650 Area of Effect: 500

Active: Miss Fortune fires a bouncing shot through an enemy, dealing physical damage to each. Both apply on-hit effects.

The second shot can critically strike for 200% damage, and it always critically strikes if the first shot kills its target.

Physical Damage: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+100% total) (+35%)
Strut.png Strut [W]
Cost: 30 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds

Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains 25% Movement Speed. After another 5 seconds, this bonus increases.
Active: Fully activates Strut's Movement Speed and grants Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

Love Tap.png Love Tap reduces the cooldown of Strut by 2 seconds.

Bonus Movement Speed after 10 seconds: 55 / 65 / 75 / 85 / 95
Attack Speed: 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100%
Make It Rain.png Make It Rain [E]
Cost: 80 Mana Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds Range: 1000 Area of Effect: 200

Active: Miss Fortune rains down bullets at a location, dealing magic damage over 2 seconds and slowing enemies hit. Total Magic Damage: 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 / 220 (+80%)
Slow: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%
Bullet Time.png Bullet Time [R]
Cost: 100 Mana Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 seconds Range: 1400

Active: Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets for 3 seconds, dealing (+75% total) (+20%) physical damage per wave.

Bullet Time can critically strike for 120% damage.

Number of Waves: 12 / 14 / 16

Patch History[edit]

Patch 10.16

Base attack damage increased.

Pirate lady's been in a misfortunate place, and she's no fool. We’re giving her a small love tap to make sure she's relevant as an early game marksman.

Base Stats


Patch 10.11

The marksman class has major durability problems, especially in the early laning phase where their power feels heavily reliant on their supports. This has been causing issues in gameplay satisfaction since a marksman's strength relies on the length of time they're alive. By increasing their mobility (via items) and base health, we feel that ADCs won't be punished so aggressively when they fail and will still have a chance to bounce back and unlock their power in fights. That being said, we've heard your concerns about the bot lane marksman champions that can also solo lane like Lucian and Vayne. We're giving them a separate set of changes which you can find more details on below. We’ve also omitted Corki, Kindred, Quinn, Senna, and Graves due to having their primary playrate in other lanes, with the understanding that Senna may be considered for similar changes in the coming patches.

BASE HEALTH : [500] 530

Patch 10.10
W max bonus movement speed decreased.

Putting a bit less pep in this pirate queen’s step.

Strut.png W - Strut


Patch 10.3 Base attack speed growth decreased.

Miss Fortune is doing well in all skill brackets, so we’re hitting her base stats instead of abilities that certain players utilize better than others.

Base Stats


Patch 9.18
E slow increased early.

Miss Fortune's E is barely worth casting at its first rank when considering the trade-off in mana, so we're buffing it at the early ranks.

Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

SLOW : [28/36/44/52/60%]


ARMOR : [33] 28
HEALTH : [530] 541
HEALTH REGEN : [1.2] 0.75

Attack damage growth increased.

Base stats



Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

COOLDOWN : [14/13/12/11/10]


BASE ARMOR : [24.04] 33

Q damage up. Q and E are smoother to use.

Last patch’s shifts to Lethality, Deathfire Touch and Double Up were a big, coordinated swing at Miss Fortune’s strength. While these changes were important to keep MF healthy in the long run, it was overall a bigger power-down than was needed, so we’re adding a few follow-up buffs. Double Up should pack a bit more of its old punch (still not three-quarters of a health bar), especially as she transitions into the mid and late game, and we’ve bundled in some Lucian-style slickness improvements to boot. These changes will help the pirate hunter scale better as she starts to pick up her big-ticket crit items.

Double Up.png Q - Double Up

DAMAGE : [20/35/50/65/80] 20/40/60/80/100
RATIO : [0.85] 1.0 total attack damage
NOW WE’RE PLAYING WITH POWER : Cast range now adjusts based on Miss Fortune’s attack range (ex. Rapidfire Cannon)
HAIR TRIGGER : Miss Fortune no longer briefly pauses after casting Double Up

Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

HAIR TRIGGER : Miss Fortune no longer briefly pauses after casting Make it Rain

Q bounce now has the same base damage and ratios as the first hit. If the first hit kills a target, the bounce now crits instead of dealing 50% increased damage.

Though Miss Fortune hasn’t reached Jhin or Varus levels of prominence, she’s still pretty oppressive in her own right. (Those of you who’ve lost three-quarters of your health bar in lane to a Double Up bounce know what we mean.) By the numbers, Double Up’s early-game damage was bonkers even before Lethality and Deathfire Touch became the norm. Tying bonus damage to Miss Fortune’s last hitting is a slick reward for learning her playstyle, but bounces also just had bigger numbers to begin with. Double Up’s first hit now has to kill a unit for the bounce to hit hard early on, and even then, the numbers are far more reasonable. For Miss Fortunes willing to give crit another chance, however, late-game Q’s will reliably knock the teeth out of squishies no matter how she lines up the shot.

Double Up.png Q - Double Up

BOUNCE BASE DAMAGE : [40/70/100/130/160] 20/35/50/65/80 (matching the first hit)
BOUNCE TOTAL AD RATIO : [100%] 85% (matching the first hit)
BOUNCE AP RATIO : [50%] 35% (matching the first hit)
MINI CRIT Bounces no longer deals 50% increased damage when the first hit kills a target
REAL CRIT Bounces can now critically strike, and always critically strike when the first hit kills a target. Damage is affected by crit multipliers (ex. Infinity Edge).

Passive does full damage to turrets.

Miss Fortune’s doing great at the things she’s designed to do: bully opponents in lane and melt teamfights with Bullet Time. Unfortunately, she isn’t passing muster on one of the marksman class’s main jobs: damage to turrets. (We addressed the same issue with Vayne a few patches back.) While demolition isn’t meant to be one of MF’s strengths, it’s not meant to be a liability, either. Upping her reward for landing a shot on a turret brings her more in line with the expectations of her class.

Love Tap.png Passive - Love Tap

DAMAGE : [TO TURRETS 50%] 100%
UNREQUITED LOVE TAP : Fixed a bug where Miss Fortune’s next basic attack would sometimes not activate Love Tap after casting Double Up (particularly at higher attack speeds)

W duration and cooldown up. Love Tap no longer extends W’s duration, but now reduces its cooldown.

Ever since Miss Fortune’s dominating preseason performance, the Bounty Hunter’s business seems to be anything but booming. Her contributions to clustered fights are still worth a pretty silver serpent, but MF’s ability to compete alongside her marksman siblings outside of that best-case scenario is lacking. Retuning Strut for higher potential uptime should bring Miss Fortune’s baseline a little closer to the expectations of her class, without hindering the unique bullet-hell style of teamfighting she’s known for.

Strut.png W - Strut

ATTACK SPEED DURATION : [3 seconds] 4 seconds
COOLDOWN : [8 seconds] 12 seconds
TAP DANCING Applying Love Tap no longer extends the duration
STRUT YOUR STUFF Cooldown now begins on-cast instead of when the buff expires
GUNS BLAZING While Strut is on cooldown, applying Love Tap reduces its remaining cooldown by 2 seconds (scales down with cooldown reduction)

Passive ratio down. E damage down.

The bottom line is this: Miss Fortune's doing too much damage. While most of it is warranted (especially when aided by allies to combo some amazing Bullet Times), Make It Rain's increased range and synergy with Thunderlord's Decree have turned it from an area control spell to just another way to bully her opponents. That said, MF's not far off from where we'd like her laning phase to sit, so we'll be watching her this patch to make sure she hasn't walked the plank entirely.

Strut.png W - Strut

RATIO : [0.6 - 1.0 total attack damage (at levels 1-18)] 0.5 - 1.0 total attack damage (at levels 1-18)

Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

DAMAGE : [90/145/200/255/310] 80/115/150/185/220

Early ranks of W’s attack speed and E’s slow down.

Miss Fortune’s still ruling the laning phase with an iron fist, so we’re taking a crack at draining early power. Specifically targeted at the initial ranks, these changes reduce her raw effectiveness in trades (unless making good use of Love Tap) while adding a level of choice as to which you’d want to max second.

Strut.png W - Strut

ATTACK speed : [60/70/80/90/100%] 40/55/70/85/100%

Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

SLOW : [40/45/50/55/60%] 28/36/44/52/60%

Health down. W's attack speed lowered.

Just a light tuning for Miss Fortune. We feel like her profile of strengths and weaknesses are playing out nicely (great in trades and aoe fights, poor sustained single target damage), but her ability to brute-force trades without much thought was too overbearing for most to compete with.


BASE HEALTH : [578] 530

Strut.png W - Strut

ATTACK SPEED : [60/75/90/105/120%] 60/70/80/90/100%


Once the 'Queen of Combo', Miss Fortune's taking back her throne faster than she took Bilgewater (and just as forcefully). Armed with new crit scaling on her Bullet Time and a brand new passive, MF's the markswoman to call when you want to spread the love (as long as 'love' means 'lots of face-melting bullets'). Though her shots aren't as impure as they used to be, Miss Fortune's attack speed steroid lasts as long as there are new targets to switch to, letting her juggle her attention between as many bad guys as there are bounties to collect.


BASE MANA : [275.84] 325.84

NEW Love Tap.png Passive - Love Tap
Whenever Miss Fortune basic attacks a new target, she deals bonus physical damage.

DAMAGE : 0.6 - 1.0 total attack damage (at levels 1-18)
NO LOVE FOR MINIONS : Deals 50% damage to minions
OR BUILDINGS : Deals 50% damage to turrets

NEW Strut.png W - Strut

IMPURE SHOTS No longer passively deals ramping magic damage per basic attack
ACTIVE COOLDOWN : [12 seconds] 8 seconds
COOLDOWN START : [On cast] On buff expiration
PASSIVE MOVEMENT SPEED : After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, gain 25 movement speed, ramping up to 70 ⇒ 60/70/80/90/100 after 5 additional seconds
MADE FOR WALKING : When activated, Strut now instantly grants the maximum movement speed value instead of ramping up over time.
ATTACK SPEED DURATION : [6 seconds] 3 seconds
ATTACK SPEED : [20/30/40/50/60%] 60/75/90/105/120%
GETTING IN THE GROOVE : Love Tapping increases Strut's attack speed duration by 1 second (2 seconds against champions)

Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

RANGE : [800] 1000

Bullet Time.png R - Bullet Time

DURATION : [2 seconds] 3 seconds
PURIFIED No longer applies Impure Shots
DAMAGE PER WAVE : [50/75/125 (+.1/.175/.25 bonus attack damage) (+0.2 ability power)] (+0.75 total attack damage) (+0.2 ability power)
NUMBER OF WAVES : [8] 12/14/16
BULLET HELL : Bullet Time can now critically strike, dealing 120% damage per wave

R has a scaling bonus AD ratio.

Though the days of Miss Fortune’s dominance have long passed, she’s still a natural pick when looking to combo tons of bullets into an enemy team. We’re looking to push the relevance of Miss Fortune in the team-fighting compositions she’s already good in, rendering the recipients of a well-placed Bullet Time into nothin’ but powder monkeys.

Bullet Time.png R - Bullet Time

RATIO PER WAVE Now additionally scales with 0.1 / 0.175 / 0.25 bonus attack damage per wave
TOTAL RATIO 0.8 / 1.4 / 2.0 bonus attack damage


"Miss Fortune's been updated! Head to her update article for a preview of her new visuals and check below for details on her balance updates."
  • General
    • VISUAL UPDATE : Miss Fortune and her skins have received a visual update, including new models and textures (except for Arcade Miss Fortune), new VFX and animations, new spell icons and an updated base splash!
  • Double Up.png Q - Double Up
    • DOUBLED DOWN : Now deals 150% damage if the first shot kills an enemy unit
    • DOESN'T FAVOR FOOLS : Bounce logic is now more predictable; Double Up will attempt to find a target directly behind the first. If no target is found, will go to the closest target in a 60 degree angle.
    • BOUNCE ANGLE : 100 degrees 60 degrees
  • Impure Shots.png W - Impure Shots
    • GROG-SOAKED BULLETS : No longer applies Grievous Wounds
    • SET SAIL : On activation grants Strut's Movespeed bonus
  • Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain
    • SLOW : 25/35/45/55/65% 40/45/50/55/60%

Strut is no longer broken by non-damaging crowd control effects, like Nasus' Wither, Lulu's Whimsy, or... the aura from Frozen Heart (sorry!).

"Miss Fortune's Strut was always meant to be broken by damage (and the tooltip says this) but, for some time now, Strut also considered non-damaging forms of crowd control to be valid ways to break (like Nasus' Wither, Lulu's Whimsy or... Frozen Heart's aura (sorry!)). We've fixed that. "
  • Strut.jpg Passive - Strut
    • STEP TO Strut is no longer broken by non-damaging effects

More like Mage Fortune amirite?

"We saw a unique opportunity to support Miss Fortune's off-builds without impacting her game health and play patterns. This is a fancy way of saying we added AP ratios to Double Up."

  • DoubleUp.jpg Q - Double Up

Miss Fortune now has a meaningful mid to late game where she can deal more damage and scale harder (via Impure Shots and Bullet Time) from her early lane advantages. In exchange, MF's lost some of her lane bully power (reduced Double Up damage and lower early damage from Impure Shots).

"In the past, Miss Fortune's been seen as the go-to markswoman with a strong early game presence who transitions to high AoE power. As the landscape of League has changed, however, she's been left in the dust for both strengths, so we wanted to give her something of her own to get excited about. So while we did need to tune down some of MF's early game bullying, we did so to further highlight the shock and awe factor of Bullet Time and Impure Shots."

  • Strut.jpg Passive - Strut
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Bonus movement speed now displayed on buff icon
  • DoubleUp.jpg Q - Double Up
    • COOLDOWN: 9/8/7/6/5 ⇒ 7/6/5/4/3
    • MANA COST: 70/75/80/85/90 ⇒ 43/46/49/52/55
    • 1ST TARGET BASE DAMAGE: 25/60/95/130/165 ⇒ 20/35/50/65/80
    • 2ND TARGET BASE DAMAGE: 30/72/114/156/198 ⇒ 40/70/100/130/160
  • ImpureShots.jpg W - Impure Shots
    • MANA COST: 50 at all ranks ⇒ 30/35/40/45/50
    • BONUS DAMAGE PER STACK: 4/6/8/10/12 (+0.05 ability power) ⇒ 0.06 attack damage
    • ATTACK SPEED BUFF: +30/35/40/45/50% attack speed ⇒ +20/30/40/50/60% attack speed
    • GRIEVOUS WOUNDS DURATION: 3 seconds ⇒ 2 seconds
  • MakeItRain.jpg E - Make It Rain
    • COOLDOWN: 15 at all ranks ⇒ 14/13/12/11/10
    • MOVEMENT SPEED SLOW: 20/28/36/44/52% ⇒ 25/35/45/55/65%
    • VISION: More closely matches the area of effect
  • BulletTime.jpg R - Bullet Time
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Passively increases the stack cap of Impure Shots to 6/7/8
    • BASE DAMAGE: 65/95/125 per bullet ⇒ 50/75/125 per bullet
    • TOTAL BASE DAMAGE: 520/760/1000 ⇒ 400/600/1000
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Each bullet applies a stack and procs the damage of Impure Shots (but does not apply Grievous Wounds)

Miss Fortune excels at trading in lanes, but her Impure Shots were building too quickly and dealing too much burst damage with the use of Double Up. With this change, Miss Fortune loses some of her burst potential, but will do around the same damage in extended trades.

  • Impure Shots
    • Passive
      • Max stacks increased to 5 from 4
      • Damage per stack reduced to 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 from 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14


  • Bullet Time
    • Bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 0.35 from 0.45
    • Targeting cone is now attached to
      Miss Fortune


  • Base Movement Speed increased by 25.

September 18th - World Championship Hotfix

  • Strut
    • Out-of-combat activation time reduced to 5 seconds from 7
    • Ramp-up time to reach max speed reduced to 5 seconds from 13
  • Bullet Time
    • Windup time significantly reduced
    • Mana cost reduced to 100 from 150


  • Double Up range increased to better match her attack damage
  • Make It Rain
    • Slow increased to 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52% from 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
    • Mana cost reduced to 80 at all levels from 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100


  • Bullet Time now deals physical damage
  • Double Up secondary target damage increased to 120% from 115%


  • Fixed a bug where effects like Guardian Angel broke Strut until she died and respawned


  • Strut now shows a cooldown timer


  • Bullet Time base damage increased to 65 / 95 / 125 from 60 / 85 / 110


  • Bullet Time attack damage ratio increased to 0.45 from 0.4


  • Bullet Time now scales with attack damage and ability power


  • Damage that is absorbed by a shield now properly removes Strut


  • Impure Shots healing reduction debuff duration reduced to 3 seconds from 8


  • Fixed a bug where Strut sometimes wouldn't show a particle while active
  • Fixed a bug with Bullet Time where it would occasionally scale off of ability power instead of attack damage even though attack damage provided slightly more overall damage


  • Fixed audio timing of Make it Rain and fixed a bug that caused the audio not to play at certain distances


  • Base movement speed reduced to 300 from 310
  • Double Up base damage reduced to 25 / 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 from 35 / 70 / 105 / 140 / 175


  • Standard attack missile speed reduced to 2,000 from 2,250
  • Bullet Time
    • Fixed a bug where the bullets sometimes dealt too much damage
    • Fixed a bug where the tooltip was calculating bonus damage form attack damage incorrectly (at 45% instead of 40%)
    • Lowered cone width by about 25%
  • Fixed a bug with Strut where the bonus movement speed could go slightly about 70
  • Make it Rain base damage reduced to 90 / 145 / 200 / 255 / 310 from 95 / 155 / 215 / 275 / 335


  • Ricochet Shot damage dealt to the secondary target reduced to 115% from 120%
  • Make It Rain slow duration reduced to 1 second from 1.5 seconds


  • Bullet Time
    • Range reduced to 1,400 from 1,500
    • Scaling reduced to 40% of damage per shot from 45%
  • Strut maximum movement speed bonus reduced to 70 from 80
  • Double Up bounce range reduced to 500 from 575


Miss Fortune

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