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Muramana (Item)

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UNIQUE - Awe: Grants bonus attack damage equal to 2% maximum mana. Refunds 15% of mana spent.
UNIQUE - Shock: Basic attacks and single targeted abilities against champions (on-hit) consume 3% current mana to deal bonus physical damage equal to 6% current mana. This effect only activates while you have greater than 20% maximum mana.


Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Tear item.
Map AvailabilityALL
Sold For: 1680 Goldcurrency.png


  • Muramana grants a total of 45 attack damage by itself.
  • The Mana Charge stacking does not stack when holding multiple  Tear of the Goddess ,  Archangel's Staff or  Manamune. It is possible to stack a new Tear of the Goddess after upgrading fully the previous one into either  Seraph's Embrace or  Muramana.
  • The bonus stats granted by Awe are not shared between  Manamune /  Muramana and  Archangel's Staff /  Seraph's Embrace. This means that with both item lines you will get both the bonus attack damage and ability power from both items.
    • On the other hand, the mana refund granted by Awe is shared and only the highest refund value will apply.
  • While unstated in the in-game description, the item does not trigger on single target damage over time abilities, such as Drain.png Drain, or non-damaging abilities such as Cocoon.png Cocoon.
  • Multiple component spells which are calculated as single-target spells, such as
    's Unleashed Power.png Unleashed Power, will proc Muramana's passive multiple times.
  •  Runaan's Hurricane applies Muramana's bonus damage on each bolt, draining mana dramatically while dealing bonus damage.
  • Single-target item actives like  Blade of the Ruined King's apply Muramana's Shock.
  • There are a selection of on-hit effects that are classified as abilities, and will trigger Muramana's damage twice. The reason for this is Muramana is triggered once as an on-hit effect, and once as an on-ability effect.


  • Similarly to  Manamune, Muramana has a "Quick Charge" version on the Howling Abyss but unlike its predecessor, it does not have any difference in its functionality or a special icon.
    • It also holds a different item code than the regular Muramana (3043).


  • The name Muramana seems to be based on Muramasa, a sword made by a famous Japanese swordsmith.
  • Muramana was the first item to have an ability toggle (now known as its second passive, Shock).
  • The ability toggle could be a reconstruction of the old passive of  Wit's End.
  • Prior to V3.03,
    's Nether Blade.png Nether Blade would trigger the damage on each attack while active.

Similar Items[edit]

Patch History[edit]

Patch 9.9

Base damage increased.

Bow down Ezreal mains.

Base Stats

DAMAGE : [25] 35
MURAMANA : Also applies to Muramana

Patch 9.6
All Tear items now belong to a Tear item group, with a maximum of 1 allowed.

We told you that we were potentially nerfing Ezreal last patch, and we decided that targeting his Double Tear build was a better solution than directly changing him. We're putting all Tear items into one group so players can't buy more than one Tear of the Goddess (and subsequently, its upgrades). After these changes go into effect, we don't expect Ezreal to stay as super dominant as he has been, but we’ll be keeping an eye on him.

WE ARE FAMILY If you own Manamune(/Muramana) or Archangel's Staff(/Seraph's Embrace), you're unable to purchase the other (or another Tear of the Goddess)

Stacking effect can now occur up to three times every 12 seconds.

Stacking Tear often incentivizes odd behaviors, such as using abilities while simply walking down the lane or standing still at the base. We want to make it easier for Tear to be stacked when you’d already be casting abilities, such as lane trades, teamfights, farming, and so on.

Editor’s Note: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Mystic Shots fired at the shoulders of Ornn. I watched Overloads glitter in the dark near the Base Gates. All those abilities were lost in time, like Tears in rain. Time to stack.


LESS QQ : [Can gain up to two stacks every 8 seconds]
Can gain up to three stacks every 12 seconds
THE OTHERS : This change also impacts Seraph’s Embrace and Manamune


Carryover from the changes to Tear.

 Archangel's Staff
Also affects Seraph’s Embrace.

MANA REGENERATION No longer grants mana regeneration
MANA REFUND Refunds 25% of mana spent

Also affects Muramana

MANA REGENERATION No longer grants mana regeneration
MANA REFUND Refunds 15% of mana spent

No longer a toggle. Now always consumes mana to deal damage, but only when fighting champions.

Borrowing from the Manamune section, the payoff to Tear-stacking is the promise of a huge power-spike once you've made your transformation. With Muramana, this wasn't always the case. In theory, Muramana uses your resource bar as a means of overloading your damage output - in reality, the cases where folks would burn so much of it on farming minions (or simply forgetting to toggle it on) left the item's performance lackluster.

These changes are about increasing accessibility such that you can count on the power that Muramana provides rather than chalking it up to human error why your big item purchases didn't help you win that last teamfight. The decisions around when you'd toggle it on or off are mostly kept in this iteration (vs minions: conserve mana, vs champions: FIRE EVERYTHING), and the gains to reliability outweigh the costs. Besides, Urgot's got enough to worry about without having to remember if he left the Muramana stove-light on or not.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY Can no longer be toggled 'on' or 'off'
PASSIVE Shock - Single target spells or basic attacks on champions consume 3% of your current mana and deal twice that as bonus physical damage. This effect only triggers when you have more than 20% maximum mana.

v3.05 Balance Update

  • Toggle damage changed to physical from magic


v1.0.0.152 Muramana added

  • +1,000 Mana
  • +20 Attack Damage
  • +7 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
  • Unique Passive - Awe: Gain Attack Damage equal to 2% of your maximum Mana.
  • Toggle: Your single target spells and attacks consume 3% of your current mana to deal twice the amount as magic damage.
  • Cost: Special
  • Transforms from Manamune