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Click on each tab below to see the music that fits into that category. Links are from YouTube. Original source from Riot Games.

  • EU Commercial Break
  • NA Commercial Break
  • Other

EU LCS Commercial Break Music[edit]

Track Name Artist Length Link
Serial Number Dom Kane 3m21s Song
Electro Goal Danny McCarthy 1m4s Song
It Goes On And On Kevin Zaremba 3m26s Song
Beach Party Gabriel Heinrich Grote, Henning Birkenhake 2m43s Song
A Running Chip Evan Beigel, Scott Emerson 2m24s Song
Champions Glory Darren Loveday, Stephen Loveday 2m25s Song
Phunky Pheet Eric Peter Goldman, Skyler Christian Felix 2m6s Song
Under 21 Only Evan Beigel, Pat Regan 2m2s Song
Saw Wave Gregory Fitzgerald 3m20s Song
Vision Of The Future Gregory Fitzgerald 2m58s Song
The Best You Can Be Adam Salkeld, Neil Pollard 1m 32s Song
Spirited Soul Adam Salkeld, Neil Pollard 1m53s Song
Holes in the Desert Ali Theodore, Bryan Spitzer, John McCurry, Michael Klein m s [song]
Day Drinking Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 1m28s Song
Something Devine Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m18s Song
In the Right Ali Theodore, Bryan Spitzer, John McCurry, MIchael Klein 2m23s Song
Smooth Bits Danny McCarthy 2m04s Song
Party Pickup Anthony Sorbello, Danny McCarthy 2m09s Song
Glitters of Gold Danny McCarthy 2m22s Song
Sin Solder Daniel Voicians, Danny McCarthy 2m15s Song
G.I. DJ Danny McCarthy, DJ Dollz 2m37s Song
Night Glam Flow Tiborg 3m19s Song
Indie Smiles Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m27s Song
Beach Calm Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m59s Song
All I Need Robert Cutarella, Sebastian Royce 2m42s Song
Serotonin Chad Petree 1m48s Song
Come Rescue me Jeffrey Washburn, Jonathon Gordon 2m32s Song
Victory is Ours Josh Mobley, Steven Stern, Stuart Hart 2m48s Song
Shot Clocker DeeJay Pin-Up, Matlock 1m34s Song
Blissful Beat Paul Emanuel 3m01s Song
Hooked On You Paul Emanuel 2m19s Song
Good Feelings Jules Bromley 2m35s Song
Love Machines Bob Mitchell, Jez Pike, Jimmy Kaleth 2m31s Song
You See Victory DeeJay Pin-Up, Matlock 1m41s Song
In A World Like This Jay Glover, Richard Neale 1m47s Song
Electrorock Craig Joiner 2m15s Song
Headliners Steve Everett 2m07s Song
The Main Aim Tom Linden 1m46s Song
Cold Sweat Jules Bromley 2m18s Song
Moving Mountains Elizabeth Mott, Ethan Galloway 3m06s Song
In The Lights Of Stockholm Eike Lüchow, Kasper Lindgren 2m41s Song
Aqua Sports Andy Kubiszewski, Calvin Odom, Doug Beck, Rashad Stone 2m14s Song
Jump Ali Theodore, Lee Cromartie, Nicholas Loizides 2m03s Song
Red Bull & Vodka Chris Lang, Eric Cunningham 2m07s Song
Sugar Drop Sunrise Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m35s Song
Cyclodope Dan Zagor 2m02s Song
Across The Bridge Burt Goldstein 1m01s Song
Vibe Jeffrey Fayman, Yoav Goren 3m27s Song
Cool That You Care Luke Esterkyn, Matt Bissonette 1m43s Song
It Hurts So Good Doug Bossi, George Bernhardt, Jorge M Palacios, Matt Bisonette 1m48s Song
My Complex World Doug Bossi, George Bernhardt, Jorge M Palacios, Matt Bisonette 1m51s Song
Starry Eyed Haig Shirinian, Kyle Biane, Toby Mason 2m50s Song
Can't Stop This Love Logan Raskin, Roger Raskin 1m49s Song
How Dare You Chris Constantinou, Judy Nylon, Paul Frazer 2m06s Song
Punishers Emmanuel Lipszyc, Sébastien Lipzyc 2m11s Song
Digital Drive JC Lemay 2m59s Song
Glowing Path JC Lemay, Laetitia Frenod 2m27s Song
Astrorealm Dana Ruzicka 2m26s Song
Smoke the Competition Chuck Kentis 2m32s Song
Electro Shimmer Eric Peter Goldman, Zederic Kelly 1m48s Song
Dungeon's Drawl Eric Peter Goldman, Zederic Kelly 1m34s Song
Last Forever Danny McCarthy m s [song]
She's On Fire Alexi Misoul, Dan Book, Scott Stallone, Stan Hope, Steven Stern 3m07s Song
You Came Around Eric Goldman, Lauren Vogel 2m36s Song
Hop On The Clouds Danny McCarthy, David Travis Edwards, Ras Kass m s [song]
Right Now Carsten Wegener, Timo Hohnholz 1m57s Song
Should Be Dancing Henrik Wikstrom, Niklas Edberger 2m53s Song
Stargazer Bob Mitchell, Jez Pike, Jimmy Kaleth 3m34s Song
Sax On The Beach Marc Barrachina Sanchez 1m46s Song
Club Ritual Danny McCarthy 1m58s Song
Electric Skies Jamie Fonti, Rachel Rosen m s [song]

NA LCS Commercial Break Music[edit]

Track Name Artist Length Link
Can U Feel Andreas Dohmeyer, Farid Gharadjedaghi, Nils Ruzica 3m29s Song
Party Crowd Christian Drommer, Markus Kretschmer 3m34s Song
Leave The World Behind Marcello Pagin, Rainer Rütsch 3m01s Song
Time to Go Jack Aisher, Marcello Pagin, Rainer Rütsch 3m03s Song
Free With You Aidan Laverty, Jon Cotton 2m19s Song
Digitalism Paul Emanuel 2m39s Song
On The Pulse Gregory Fitzgerald 6m27s Song
Chasing Lights Gregory Fitzgerald 3m01s Song
Bright New Morning Adam Salkeld, Neil Pollard 2m15s Song
Miracles Exist In You Adam Salkeld, Neil Pollard 2m13s Song
Embrace The Moment Adam Salkeld, Neil Pollard 2m10s Song
Gorgeous Horizon Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m30s Song
Rooftop Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m15s Song
Do It Ali Theodore, John McCurry, Michael Klein, Omar Glover, Tony Aviles 2m12s Song
Lost In Lights Eric Goldman 2m27s Song
Clutching Tight Daniel Weber, Eric Goldman 1m59s Song
Party Planet Eric Goldman 1m15s Song
Mesmerize Danny McCarthy 2m04s Song
Turnt Up Laney Stewart 1m57s Song
Windy Roads Adam Jason Fox 1m57s Song
Lions and Lambs Jordan Baum, Michael McNamara, Nicholas Furlong, Travis Margin 1m48s Song
Come On Now Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m57s Song
Give It a Rest Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry 2m57s Song
The Night Doctor Chad Petree 1m35s Song
Positive Currents Anthony Cioppa, Harold Stellini, Robert Cutarella, Sebastian Royce 2m08s Song
Into The Night Cassidy Lidden, Jonathon Gordon 2m32s Song
Leadsled Devin Bronson 2m24s Song
Urban Action Billy Lincoln, Kat Green 2m06s Song
At the Buzzer DeeJay Pin-Up, Matlock 2m01s Song
Monster Dunk DeeJay Pin-Up, Matlock 1m54s Song
Work Ya Body Chris Bangs 2m21s Song
Class In Da Hood Billy Lincoln, Henry Gorman 1m53s Song
The Beat Is Mine Craig Joiner 1m51s Song
Alive Inside Matthew Corbett, Mike Wilkie 2m21s Song
Moment Of Glory Gresby Nash 1m56s Song
Dare to Dream Assaf Rinde 2m17s Song
NRG Paul Whitehead 2m33s Song
Wall Breaker Harry Valentine, Tom Linden 2m38s Song
Déjà Vu Chris Lang 2m06s Song
Level 1 Ali Theodore, Jordan Yaeger, Nicholas Lozides 3m36s Song
Epic Chris Lang, Eric Cunningham 1m58s Song
Hypercolor Bleu McAuley 2m26s Song
Humanoids Bleu McAuley 2m33s Song
Simon Dan Zagor 2m22s Song
Metro Flight Jeffrey Fayman, Yoav Goren 2m46s Song
Bulletproof Daniel Pursey 2m34s Song
Expendable Agent Marcello De Francisci 1m31s Song
Reaching Up Jeffrey Fayman, John Samuel Hanson, Yoav Goren 1m42s Song
I'll Find A Way Doug Bossi, George Bernhardt, Jorge M Palacios, Matt Bisonette 2m10s Song
Sunrise Gazer Jeffrey Fayman, John Samuel Hanson, Yoav Goren 1m29s Song
Freefall Nicholas King 2m29s Song
DJ Morris Oliver Renoir 2m30s Song
Monster Track Emmanuel Lipszyc, Sébastien Lipszyc 2m34s Song
Synthetic Choreography JC Lemay 2m51s Song
Monster Bounce Backup 2 2m37s Song
Groove Box Pierre Terrasse 1m49s Song
Kaleidoscope Chuck Kentis 3m47s Song
Something Slick Eric Peter Goldman, Zederic Kelly 2m05s Song
Light the Night Danny McCarthy 2m07s Song
All Weekend Long Eric Goldman 2m45s Song
Circuit Glider Danny McCarthy 1m58s Song
Let's Run Away Eric Goldman 2m36s Song
Winter Fashion Richard Neale 2m23s Song
Move Your Body Henrik Wikstrom, Niklas Edberger 2m44s Song
Taking Me Home Anders Kampe, Henrik Wikstrom 3m36s Song
Electric Ascent Danny McCarthy 2m19s Song
Eternal Sunshine Henry Gorman, Kat Green 2m05s Song

Other Music[edit]

Track Name Artist Length Link
Champion Select (EU)
THE THROW DOWN Gregg Lehrman 2m07s Song
Rags To Rings Danny McCarthy, Mark Petrie 2m53s Song
Beat Haven 2m15s Song
Nashor's tune 2m50s Song
Phantom Dance 1m37s Song
Champion Select (NA)
Sixty Seconds Left 1m36s or 1h Song1h
Peakin Malcolm Kirby Jr, Mark Petrie 10m22s Song
Rift walking 2m26s Song
Choice of Champions 2m25s Song
Empower 6m04s Song
End of Show (Both)
Eternal Fortune David Edwards 1m54s Song
New Found Life Lucas Vidal 2m03s Song
Try And Survive Gresby Nash 2m18s Song
Inspiring Visions Darren Loveday, Stephen Loveday 2m32s Song
Summoning Glory 1m54s Song
Legends Were Born 2m29s Song
Silver Scrapes Danny McCarthy 1m53s Song