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NaJin Black Sword
Najin Black Sword logo.png
LOCATION: South Korea South Korea
CREATED: 2012-05-30
DISBANDED: 2014-11

NaJin Black Sword is the second League of Legends team sponsored by NaJin Corporation. It was formed by captain and former NaJin Shield member MaKNooN.


Formation of NaJin Sword NaJin Sword was formed on May 30th, 2012, shortly after NaJin e-mFire was knocked out of Azubu The Champions Spring 2012. MaKNooN, e-mFire's top lane player, departed from his team and began recruiting for a second team under the NaJin organization. The original squad was renamed to NaJin Shield, while the newly acquired roster became NaJin Sword.

A day after the addition of the new squadron, NaJin would also hire former Starcraft Brood War progamer Reach.

Season 2 NaJin Sword would qualify for the Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 tournament by winning their best-of-three play-in against Relive. Although expectations were low for NaJin Sword due to their inexperience and lackluster performance in the previous season, they were able to take second place in the group stage by defeating Team Dignitas and RoMg, dropping their only game to group leader Azubu Frost. In the quarterfinal round, NaJin Sword faced off against StarTale, led by AD player Locodoco. Though StarTale came out undefeated in their group matches, Sword was able achieve an upset and take the series 2-0 to advance to the next stage. Unfortunately, CLG EU emerged victorious in their semifinal, going 3-1 against NaJin Sword. This loss set up a third place match against Azubu Blaze, which Sword was able to win 2-0.

NaJin Sword's third place finish gave them just enough circuit points to qualify for the Season Two Korean Regional Finals. They were seeded fourth in the event, but in a dominant showing, Sword would tear through LG-IM, Xenics Storm, and Azubu Blaze to claim Korea's second slot in the Season 2 World Championship.

NaJin Sword was favored to progress through their group in the Season 2 World Championship, and would not disappoint as they took first place over CLG EU, Team Dignitas, and Saigon Jokers. [1] Although many writers and professionals also expected Sword to place in the top four, the dark horse Taipei Assassins would beat them convincingly in the round of eight 2-0, knocking them out of the event. NaJin Sword left the tournament with a 5th-8th place finish.

Pre-Season 3 After the Season 2 World Championship, NaJin Sword would be invited to MLG Dallas as one of the two teams representing Korea. In the first two days of the event, Sword showed strong play with 2-0 victories over CLG Prime, Team SoloMid, and Azubu Blaze to advance to the finals. There, they met with Azubu Blaze once again and were defeated in two consecutive best-of-three sets to take second place at the event.

Following MLG Dallas, NaJin Sword attempted to qualify for IPL 5, but after strong play in the group stage, they would lose in the qualifier semifinals to their sister team, NaJin Shield.

Season 3 Season 3 had potential for Sword to make a huge impact, participating in OGN Winter 2012-2013. Despite the tough competition, Sword found themselves reaching the playoffs, and making it to the Grand Finals, winning against Azubu Frost in a clean 3 - 0 sweep. They were also able to place 3rd in the continental GIGABYTE StarsWar League/Season 2, losing in the Semi Finals to Invictus Gaming. The Spring season OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 did not fare as well as Winter for the team, unable to reclaim their champion title, coming in 5th place at the end of the season. However, in their other Korean competitive league, emTek NLB Spring 2013, Sword would take the first place finish over their sibling team, NaJin White Shield. Change was brought going into the Summer 2013 leagues for both roster and name. The organization would rename their teams NaJin Black Sword and Najin White Shield. HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 was a turbulent season for Sword, unable to make playoffs and coming in 9th for the season. They were able to take first once again in GIGABYTE NLB Summer 2013 over Incredible Miracle 2. Although having rough showings since Winter, due to their first place finishes in Season 3, NaJin Black Sword guaranteed themselves a spot in the Season 3 World Championship with 600 Korean Circuit Points, going with SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy Ozone (formerly MVP Ozone).

At the S3 Championship, NBS would be automatically placed into the quarterfinals being the Korean top seed. They would first play against the European favorite, Gambit Gaming. Sword would come out strong after not being seen competitively in a few months with their sub mid laner starting for them, Nagne. They would conquer Gambit in a 2-1 advancing to the semifinals against fellow Koreans, SK Telecom T1, guaranteeing that a Korean team would be present in the finals. Although SK T1 would be the favorites going into the match, NaJin would play a great set of games with the match going to the last 5th game. They would lose 3-2 and be eliminated from the tournament, taking home 3rd-4th place and newfound respect from fans around the world for their play.

Season 4 In Season 4, new rosters were announced for NaJin Sword and NaJin Shield. Expession would be leaving due to chronic illness, Peng and Winged's contracts ended, and Watch would be moved to NaJin Shield as their jungler. To fill the vacancies, Limit (formerly Toplulu from Neverdie) was recruited for the top lane, Helios (from CJ Entus Frost) was recruited for the jungle, and ActScene (from Jin Air Greenwings Stealths) was picked up as a substitute player. This was semi controversial in Korea, as ActScene was at the time considered a better jungler. Later in season 4, partly due to the inability to place high in Champions, PraY , Expession, and Helios left the team, while Limit and Nagne would be traded to KT Rolster Bullets in exchange for Leopard. To fill the Sword's roster, Hojin, kurO, and Ohq joined, while former mid-laner and substitude player, SSONG would become the team coach.


Player Roster

ID Name Role Next Team
South Korea Duke Lee Ho-seong (이호성) Top
NaJin e-mFire
South Korea Ohq Oh Gyu-min (오규민) AD
NaJin e-mFire
South Korea Cain Jang Nu-ri (장누리) Support
NaJin e-mFire
South Korea GuGer Kim Do-yeop (김도엽) Sub
South Korea Lee Lee Ho-jin (이호진) Jungle
GE Tigers
South Korea kurO Lee Seo-haeng (이서행) Mid
GE Tigers
South Korea ActScene Yeon Hyeong-mo (연형모) Sub/Jungle
Team WE
South Korea SSONG Kim Sang-soo (김상수) Sub/Support Coachlogo std.png Coach
South Korea Expession Gu Bon-taek (구본택) Top
Incredible Miracle
South Korea Limit Top
KT Rolster Bullets
South Korea Helios Shin Dong-jin (신동진) Jungle
Evil Geniuses
South Korea Nagne Kim Sang-moon (김상문) Mid
KT Rolster Bullets
South Korea PraY Kim Jong-in (김종인) AD
GE Tigers
South Korea watch Cho Jae-geol (조재걸) Jungle
NaJin White Shield
South Korea Peng Yoon Young-min (윤영민) Sub
South Korea Winged Park Tae Jin Sub
Keyd Stars
South Korea MaKNooN Yoon Ha-woon (윤하운) Top
KT Rolster A
South Korea Fimir Cheon Min-ki (천민기) Support
ahq Korea
South Korea MulrOc Won Jun-ho (원준호) Jungle
KT Rolster A


ID Name Position
South Korea Reach Park Jung-suk (박정석) Head Coach
South Korea 싱선생 Sim Sung-soo (심성수) Gaming Coach
South Korea ViNylCat Chae Woo-cheul (채우철) Gaming Coach
South Korea MOKUZA Kim Dae-woong (김대웅) Gaming Coach
South Korea SSONG Kim Sang-soo (김상수) Gaming Coach

Team Achievements

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-08-09 NLB Logo Small.png 2nd ITENJOY NLB Summer 2014 0 : 3
SK Telecom T1 K
₩ 3,000,000
2014-07-18 Ogn logo.png 5 - 8th HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014 2:3
SK Telecom T1 S
₩ 10,000,000
2014-05-17 NLB Logo Small.png 2nd bigfile NLB Spring 2014 1 : 3
CJ Entus Frost
₩ 3,000,000
2014-04-05 Ogn logo.png 9 - 16th HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 1-1-1 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) ₩ 6,000,000
2014-01-18 NLB Logo Small.png 2nd ZOTAC NLB Winter 2013-2014 1 : 3
CJ Entus Blaze
₩ 3,000,000

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-12-04 Ogn logo.png 9 - 16th PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014 0-2-1 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) ₩ 6,000,000
2013-10-15 WCGlogo small.png 5 - 8th 2013 WCG Korea Qualifiers 0 : 2
CJ Entus Blaze
2013-09-27 RpPoints.png 3 - 4th Season 3 World Championship 2 : 3
SK Telecom T1
$ 150,000
2013-08-24 NLB Logo Small.png 1st GIGABYTE NLB Summer 2013 3 : 1
Incredible Miracle 2
₩ 5,000,000
2013-07-27 Ogn logo.png 9 - 16th HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 0-3-0 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) ₩ 6,000,000
2013-06-14 NLB Logo Small.png 1st NLB Spring 2013 3 : 0
NaJin Shield
₩ 5,000,000
2013-05-17 Ogn logo.png 5 - 8th OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 1 : 3
CJ Entus Frost
₩ 12,000,000
2013-04-16 StarsWar logo.png 3rd GIGABYTE StarsWar League Season 2 0 : 3
Invictus Gaming
¥ 10,000
2013-02-02 Ogn logo.png 1st OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013 3 : 0
Azubu Frost
₩ 80,000,000

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-09-21 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2nd 2012 MLG Fall Championship 1 : 4
Azubu Blaze
$ 8,000
2012-10-05 RpPoints.png 5 - 8th Season 2 World Championship 0 : 2
Taipei Assassins
$ 75,000
2012-09-21 RpPoints.png 1st Season 2 Regional Finals - Seoul 3 : 2
Azubu Blaze
2012-08-31 Ogn logo.png 3rd Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 2 : 0
Azubu Blaze
₩ 12,000,000



  • NaJin Black Sword (2014 Spring)
  • NaJin Black Sword
    (2013-2014 OGN Winter)
  • NaJin Sword (S2 World Championship)


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