Narrative Wake

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Narrative Wake
General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
Kelsey Moser
CountryUnited Kingdom
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"Narrative Wake" is a talk show hosted by Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Kelsey Moser. The hosts, along with their guest(s), discuss a wide variety of League of Legends esports topics. The show is unofficially seen as a spiritual successor to Summoning Insight.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Guest(s) Title
54 2019-08-26 VOD 89m LS The History of the Decline of the Korean Empire
53 2019-08-13 VOD 125m Malaclypse Top Lane Now and Then
52 2018-12-19 VOD 120m Croissant and Veteran Academy and National Leagues
51 2018-12-08 VOD 106m LS and Emily Rand SKT Dynasty
50 2018-11-02 VOD 97m LS and Raz Payback
49 2018-10-26 VOD 178m Peter Dun and Veteran High on Hjarnan
48 2018-10-19 VOD 86m Inero and André Guilhoto Respectful and Unbiased Analysis
47 2018-10-08 VOD 193m Nukeduck, kaSing, veteran, Shakarez, Nelson, and Croissant Worlds Main Event Mega Preview
46 2018-09-23 VOD 130m Brokenshard Gauntlet
45 2018-09-12 VOD 178m Perkz Finally
44 2018-08-28 VOD 200m Kold, Zaboutine, Caedrel, and Empyre Trash Talking Profession
43 2018-08-26 VOD 100m FrVanLettow Loving Professional League
42 2018-08-16 VOD 108m Peter Dun Answer to Everything Coaching-Related
41 2018-08-08 VOD 87m Zirene Bjergsen's Broken Hearts
40 2018-07-26 VOD 128m Travis Gafford Gabbin with Gafford
39 2018-07-20 VOD 136m Vedius Nukeduck Numbing Gel
38 2018-07-15 VOD 114m Locodoco Loco's Funnel Royale
37 2018-07-06 VOD 95m Cabramaravilla 100 Thieves and 30 Guys
36 2018-06-27 VOD 77m LS Mad Meta Meltdown
35 2018-06-13 VOD 80m Alphari & Hauntzer State of Top Lane
34 2018-05-29 VOD 129m Rusty Olleh is the Anti-PawN
33 2018-04-19 VOD 116m Croissant Best NA Jungler of All-Time
32 2018-04-15 VOD 125m Locodoco Hope Your Son's Exactly Like You
31 2018-04-07 VOD 102m Hussain Moosvi Side Lane Preoccupation
30 2018-04-06 VOD 105m Saintvicious and IWillDominate Clutch Haters
29 2018-03-15 VOD 79m Clement Chu Clement Can't Read Sarcasm
28 2018-03-03 VOD 135m Emily Rand DryQuest
27 2018-02-22 VOD 76m sOAZ and Maxlore EU Error-Correcting
26 2018-02-13 VOD 107m MarkZ zig is a Time Traveller
25 2018-02-03 VOD 105m Cabramaravilla Welcome to the EU LCS, Perkz
24 2018-01-26 VOD 155m Shakarez and Brokenshard Having Impact in Solo's Lane
23 2018-01-17 VOD 121m Raz Don't Just Give Up and Apologise
22 2018-01-07 VOD 317m Youngbuck, Gilius, Odoamne, Jankos, Memento, flyy, Febiven, and Empyre S8 EU LCS Spring Mega Preview
21 2018-01-04 VOD 276m Stixxay, Apollo, Croissant, Doublelift, Locodoco, Shakarez, and Jensen S8 NA LCS Spring Mega Preview
20 2018-01-08 VOD 84m MonteCristo Summoning Samsung White
19 2017-12-22 VOD 179m Croissant NA's Problems Internationally
18 2017-12-18 VOD 162m Hussain Moosvi Misfits at Worlds
17 2017-12-05 VOD 120m Parth and Youngbuck Coaching in the West
16 2017-11-30 VOD 84m Peter Dun How Good Were S5 Summer FNATIC?
15 2017-11-23 VOD 145m Veteran The Recruitment Riddle
14 2017-11-17 VOD 111m Crumbz Triumph of Samsung
13 2017-11-03 VOD 119m Loyota and Emily Rand mlxgenius
12 2017-10-26 VOD 208m Grabbz and Zirene sOAZ Anime
11 2017-10-18 VOD 138m Veteran No More Groups, No More TSM
10 2017-10-11 VOD 94m Wickd Worlds Groups Half-Way
9 2017-10-03 VOD 355m Nelson, Upset, Odoamne, Gilius, YamatoCannon, Raz, MarkZ, and Emily Rand Worlds Prediction Spectacular
8 2017-09-27 VOD 59m Veteran How Great Was Ryu?
7 2017-09-13 VOD 66m Inero and Abaxial Cody Sun is Average
6 2017-09-06 VOD 138m Deficio and Veteran You Sound Cagey
5 2017-08-31 VOD 186m Empyre and Strong Makes You More Suggestible
4 2017-08-25 VOD 155m Sencux and YamatoCannon Selling a Picture
3 2017-08-21 VOD 125m Froskurinn and ClementChu Clement Chopped and Screwed
2 2017-08-15 VOD 90m Moon Krepo in the Wrong Aspect Ratio
1 2017-08-08 VOD 158m Locodoco and LS Hacking into Loco's Brain

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