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Nashor's Tooth (Item)

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Nashor's Tooth
Nashor's Tooth.png
UNIQUE: +20% cooldown reduction.
UNIQUE: +15 (+15% AP) on-hit magic damage.

Attack Spd

Ability Pwr
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
Item Code3115
Stinger.png + Fiendish Codex.png + 1000 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 3000 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 2100 Goldcurrency.png


  • Nashor's Tooth grants a minimum of +27 on-hit magic damage because its passive scales with the 80 ability power obtained from itself, granting +12 extra bonus magic damage along with the 15 base magic damage.
  • Nashor's Tooth's on-hit damage does not affect structures.


  • Nashor's Tooth is named after the legendary monster, Baron Nashor.
  • Nashor's Tooth's icon is a recolor of the icon for  Stinger, from blue to gold.

Similar Items[edit]

Patch History[edit]


Cost and attack speed down.

We took a look at Stinger while making the Trinity Force changes above. Its cost efficiency was higher than average for a component item, so we’re bringing it in line with other items around its price point.

COST : [1200 gold] 1100 gold
ATTACK SPEED : [50%] 35%
"We also adjusted the combine costs of Stinger’s upgrades to keep their total costs the same. "

 Nashor's Tooth

COMBINE COST : [900 gold] 1000 gold
TOTAL COST : 3000 (unchanged)

 Dervish Blade

COMBINE COST : [200 gold] 300 gold
TOTAL COST : 2700 gold (unchanged)

Nashor's Tooth.png   Nashor's Tooth

TOTAL cost : 3000 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Fiendish Codex + Stinger + 1000 gold
ATTACK speed : [40%] 50%

Cost and ability power increased. Attack speed decreased.

"In addition to pushing a number of items into the 100 AP tier, we're doing the same for the 80 AP tier below. For Nashor's Tooth specifically, while it's always been a great pickup for auto-attacking mages, that attack speed to ability power ratio meant you had to be pretty invested in your on-hit procs to even consider the Tooth. We're hoping this change will make it a little more enticing as a niche pickup for people not… Kayle. "
  • COST : 2920 gold 3000 gold
  • ATTACK SPEED : 50% 40%
  • ABILITY POWER : 60 80


  • Combine cost increased to 920 from 500
  • Ability Power reduced to 60 from 65
  • Additional Passive - Basic attacks deal 15 (+15% of Ability Power) as bonus magic damage on hit


  • Combine cost increased to 430 gold from 200 (total cost increased to 2,500 gold from 2,270)


  • Combine cost reduced to 200 gold from 250 (total cost reduced to 2,270 gold from 2,500)
  • No longer grants any mana regen


  • Total cost reduced to 2,735 from 2,885


  • Now gives 50% attack speed and 10 mana regen per 5 instead of 30% attack speed and 12 mana regen per 5


  • Tooltip was updated to match the functionality of the item


  • Mana regen per 5 increased from 10 to 12



  • Now has a unique item tag


  • Nashor's Tooth added