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Important Brushes[edit]

Lane Brushes

Junglers will often try to gank a lane by hiding in a lane brush and waiting for a good opportunity to strike.

Pixel Brush

Also known as a "midriver brush" or "death brush." Sometimes teams will gather altogether here and ambush the enemy.


Generally "tribrush" refers to one of these 3-pointed brushes. It's very important to keep them warded while laning.

Tribrush (Secondary)

Sometimes "tribrush" also refers to one of the brushes behind the towers. Teams will pass through these brushes to towerdive.

J4 Brush

Named by Jarvan IV's ability to get into it from over the wall. This is another important path into lane.

Banana Brush

In past seasons, this brush was shaped like a banana, so it is sometimes still referred to as that.