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Nimbus Cloak (Rune)

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Sorcery Trait

- The Incontestable Spellslinger: +5.5% AS, +14 AP / +8.4 AD.
- The Calamity: +20 AP / +12 AD.
- The Ancient One: +15 - 135 Health and +10 AP / +6 AD.
- The Cryptic: +20 AP / +12 AD.

Other Rune Paths


Casting your ultimate ability, after a 1.5-second delay, grants the ability to pass through units and provides a bonus of 100 movement speed for 2.5 seconds which decays over the last 1 second.

Cooldown: 60 seconds, reduced by Cooldown Reduction.

Patch History


Battle mages should feel good about a rune that helps them get (or stay) in a fight when they push their go button.

NIMBUS CLOAK : Shortly after casting your Ultimate, gain 100 movement speed, decaying over the next 2.5 seconds
LIKE THE WIND : For the duration of the movement speed increase, you can pass through units
COOLDOWN : 60 seconds
COOLDOWN REDUCTION : Unlike other runes, Nimbus Cloak's cooldown is affected by cooldown reduction