OCS/2017 Season/Split 2 Playoffs/Picks and Bans

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Unlike some other charts, this page is based on data that was manually entered to the wiki, and as such it is possible that there are some mistakes. If you notice any, please report it to wiki staff!
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Pick and Ban Order - OCS 2017 Split 2 Playoffs (View Text-Only Version)
FinalsAbyss Academylogo std.pngOutlawslogo std.png1 - 37.16
FinalsOutlawslogo std.pngAbyss Academylogo std.png2 - 17.16
FinalsAbyss Academylogo std.pngOutlawslogo std.png1 - 17.16
FinalsOutlawslogo std.pngAbyss Academylogo std.png1 - 07.16
SemifinalsAbyss Academylogo std.pngLegacy Genesislogo std.png2 - 17.15
SemifinalsAbyss Academylogo std.pngLegacy Genesislogo std.png1 - 17.15
SemifinalsAbyss Academylogo std.pngLegacy Genesislogo std.png0 - 17.15
SemifinalsOutlawslogo std.pngAthletico Esportslogo std.png2 - 07.15
SemifinalsOutlawslogo std.pngAthletico Esportslogo std.png1 - 07.15