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OPL All-Star
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OPL All-Star is a professional League of Legends team consisting of players voted by the fans to participate in the International Wildcard All-Star Event and compete against other wildcard regions. The winner of said event gets to participate in the All-Star Event.


Players for OPL All-Star changes yearly, depending on who gets voted. Players will participate in various tournaments including Regional Matches, Fun Game Modes and 1v1 Tournament.

Player Roster

Team Achievements

2015 Results
Date Place Event Result
2016-12-03 2016IWCA.png A55 - 8th 2016 International Wildcard All-Star 0 - 4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2015-11-29 2016IWCA.png I1NQ 2015 International Wildcard All-Stars 20 pts. Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)



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