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Date Team/Tournament Text
2019-04-17 Gravitaslogo std.pngGravitas EGym leaves coaching role.
Avant Gaming's Aladoric is suspended for the first three matches of the 2019 OPL Split 2.
2019-04-11 ORDERlogo std.pngORDER Styled leaves.
OPL logo small.png
Gold.pngBomberslogo std.pngBombers Silver.pngORDERlogo std.pngORDER in the OPL 2019 Split 1 Playoffs.
2019-04-03 QUT Tigerslogo std.pngQUT Tigers Sype Nav leaves coaching role.
2019-03-21 Avant Gaminglogo std.pngAvant Gaming stillbaALin will take up on-stage coaching duties during OPL 2019 Split 1 - Week 10.
2019-03-14 Bombers Academylogo std.pngBombers Academy Frae and Looch join. Seb joins from Bombers.
2019-02-26 UQU Esportslogo std.pngUQU Esports Nightfaller, Alani, Zytah, Farmer, and artek join. Rickai joins as head coach. Mentels joins as performance manager.
2019-02-26 ORDERlogo std.pngORDER Academy Alani leaves.
2019-01-30 QUT Tigerslogo std.pngQUT Tigers Frogadog, hi and goodbye, and Spoil join. Flick, SanaKyul, and Iggy leave. Sype Nav joins as head coach.
2019-01-30 Tectonic Academylogo std.pngTectonic Academy Frogadog leaves.
2019-01-09 Avant Gaminglogo std.pngAvant Gaming Kai joins as a coach.
2019-01-03 Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Esports Club Volt rejoins as head coach.
2019-01-03 Dire Cubslogo std.pngDire Cubs Volt leaves coaching role.
2018-12-18 Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Esports Club Cupcake is announced as a member of the coaching staff.
2018-12-16 Dire Wolveslogo std.pngDire Wolves Sharp (now Curtis) is listed as a sub.
2018-12-16 Logo std.pngSportsGeek Collective EGym joins as a coach. Milky joins as a sub.
2018-12-12 Legacy Esportslogo std.pngLegacy Esports Crayzee joins as a sub. Denian joins as head coach. SoulStrikes leaves coaching role.
2018-12-12 Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Academy Denian leaves coaching role.
2018-12-12 ORDERlogo std.pngORDER Styled joins as a sub.
2018-12-11 Avant Gaminglogo std.pngAvant Gaming Chippys, Swathe, Shok, Gunkrab, and Aladoric join. Sybol rejoins.
2018-12-11 Legacy Esportslogo std.pngLegacy Esports Papryze, Guts, Chazz, Praedyth, and Yuzuki join. Only leaves.
2018-12-11 MAMMOTHlogo std.pngMAMMOTH Cuden rejoins as a sub.
2018-12-11 Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Esports Club Eyla and Only join. Cupcake joins as a sub. FiveToEight and Kimmy leave.
2018-12-11 Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Academy Swathe and Gunkrab leave.