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The player I'm passionate about
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General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
CountryUnited Kingdom
Social Media & Links
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The player I'm passionate about is a video interview series created by Duncan "Thorin" Shields. Each episode is an interview with a professional player, journalist or fan, discussing their admiration for the play, personality or career story of an esports competitor, past or present.


The series focuses in-depth on the guest's admiration and respect for the play of an esports competitor, past or present. The series is a celebration of the great players, personalities and careers in esports history. Rather than a lecture or quiz on the player's career or style, the theme is more what the guest most appreciated about the person in question.

Episode List

# Date published Date recorded Player discussed Player description Guest Guest category Guest description Links Length Game(s) Notes
5 2014-07-15 2014-06-09
LoL Top laner of EDward Gaming
  Kelsey Moser
Journalist Journalist for OnGamers Link 35m LoL
4 2014-07-07 2014-05-21
Former LoL Mid laner of World Elite
Journalist Journalist for GosuGamers Link 29m LoL
3 2014-06-02 2014-05-20
LoL Jungler of Team SoloMid
Journalist Journalist for Copenhagen Wolves Link 17m LoL
2 2014-05-28 2014-05-10
LoL Jungler of Gambit Gaming
Professional player Former LoL Jungler of SK Gaming and Millenium Link 42m LoL
1 2014-05-14 2014-05-??
QW dueler
Journalist Commentator for SuddendeathTV Link 27m QW