Plutz 'N Friends!

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Plutz 'N Friends!
General Information
HostPluto - Brad Ramey
FormatPodcast & Livestream
CountryUnited States
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Plutz 'N Friends![1] was a podcast hosted by Brad "Pluto" Ramey. The podcasts were approximately a half to an hour in length. The guests were professional LoL players who shared the same role. The topics of discussion mainly included intricacies of that particular role, but also other general scene news.

On January 17th, 2013 Pluto added a new format to his show, called "Plutz 'N Friends Jeopardy".[2] This show borrowed the format from the American television quiz show Jeopardy!. Three professional LoL players and one fan were invited onto the show. The categories of the show included: lore, abilities, pro scene/tourney, quotes and general video games trivia.

Episode Lists[edit]

Plutz 'N Friends![edit]

Date # Title Participants Links Length
2013-01-24 06 Underdog Pluto, Crumbzz, DontMashMe, and TheOddOne VOD 33m
2013-01-10 05 All Dig All Day Pluto, Crumbzz, and TheRealKiWiKiD VOD 48m
2012-11-10 04 Welcome to the Jungle Pluto, I Will Dominate, and Nk Inc VOD 35m
2012-10-26 03 Support or Bust Pluto, Nhat Nguyen, and Lemongod VOD 40m
2012-09-21 02 AD Carry Pluto, Cop, Nien, and Aphromoo VOD 52m
2012-09-14 01 Top Lane Pluto, Sycho Sid, Westrice, and Cruzerthebruzer VOD 37m


Date # Participants Links Length
2013-01-17 01 Pluto, Crumbzz, Sycho Sid, AtomicN, and Shawn Buell VOD 29m

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  1. Since episode 4 the show is called "Plutz 'N Friends" instead of "Plootz 'N Friends"