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has 10 skins (11 including classic). The most recent one was released on 28 May 2020.

Skin Circle Astronaut Poppy.png Astronaut Poppy1350RpPoints.png2020-05-28
Skin Circle Hextech Poppy.png Hextech Poppy2018-07-23
Skin Circle Snow Fawn Poppy.png Snow Fawn Poppy1350RpPoints.png2017-12-12
Skin Circle Star Guardian Poppy.png Star Guardian Poppy1350RpPoints.png2016-10-06
Skin Circle Scarlet Hammer Poppy.png Scarlet Hammer Poppy975RpPoints.png2012-02-01
Skin Circle Battle Regalia Poppy.png Battle Regalia Poppy520RpPoints.png2011-03-14
Skin Circle Ragdoll Poppy.png Ragdoll Poppy975RpPoints.png2010-12-14
Skin Circle Lollipoppy.png Lollipoppy975RpPoints.png2010-10-18
Skin Circle Blacksmith Poppy.png Blacksmith Poppy975RpPoints.png2010-08-24
Skin Circle Noxus Poppy.png Noxus Poppy520RpPoints.png2010-02-02