Prime League 1st Division/2020 Season

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  • League structure
    • Pro League will feature 10 invited teams and is going to play a Spring Season, a Summer Season, a Grand Final and a Winter Cup.
      • Spring and Summer will determine the teams that represent the DACH region on EU Masters.
    • Other Divisons below that will be played in a three split system: Spring, Summer, and Winter.
    • Promotion games between Pro Division and 1st Divison are only happening after the Winter Split.
    • Promotion games between other Divisions are happening after every split.

1st Division[edit]

Prequalified Teams[edit]

If not accepted for the Pro Division, the following teams are guaranteed to participate in the 1st Division based on previous results in the DACH scene:


Prime League 1st Division 2020 Spring Standings
1PENTA 1860logo std.pngPENTA 186016 - 289%4W
2MTW Gaminglogo std.pngMTW Gaming15 - 383%6W
3Black Lionlogo std.pngBlack Lion13 - 572%1L
4Tempered Fatelogo std.pngTempered Fate11 - 761%1W
5CPLAYLogo std.pngCPLAY9 - 950%1L
6Aequilibritas E-Sportslogo std.pngAequilibritas E-Sports9 - 950%3W
7Spandauer Infernologo std.pngSpandauer Inferno8 - 1044%1W
81. Berliner Esport-Club e.V.logo std.png1. Berliner Esport-Club e.V.5 - 1328%2L
9ESports Nord e.V.logo std.pngeSports Nord e.V.3 - 1517%3L
10Core Dynamiclogo std.pngCore Dynamic1 - 176%10L