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Mouz promisq 2020 Split 1.png
Background Information
NameHampus Mikael Abrahamsson
Country of BirthSweden Sweden
BirthdayMarch 4, 1994 (age 26)
TeamMousesportlogo std.pngmousesports
Favorite ChampsMorganaSquare.pngJannaSquare.pngNamiSquare.pngLeonaSquare.pngLuluSquare.pngZileanSquare.png
Competitive IDssprattel
Soloqueue IDsEL promisQ, Ackiieqt aka zil,
King Abrahamsson (EUW)
King Abrahamsson (KR), Fix The System1 (EUW)
Social Media & Links
Infobox Facebook Fanpagelogo std.png
Infobox LOLProslogo std.png
Infobox Twitchlogo std.png
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
Mar 2015 - May 2015
InFerno eSportslogo std.pnginFerno eSports
May 2015 - Jun 2015
Elementslogo std.pngElements
Jun 2015 - Jan 2016
Elementslogo std.pngElements
Jan 2016 - May 2016
Elementslogo std.pngElements
May 2016 - Oct 2016
FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngFC Schalke 04
Dec 2016 - Apr 2017
Paris Saint-Germainlogo std.pngParis Saint-Germain
May 2017 - Oct 2017
Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngNinjas in Pyjamas
Dec 2017 - Sep 2018
H2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2k-Gaming
Mar 2019 - Nov 2019
G2 Esportslogo std.pngG2 Esports
Jan 2020 - Present
Mousesportlogo std.pngmousesports

Hampus Mikael "promisq" Abrahamsson is a League of Legends esports player, currently support for mousesports. He was previously known as sprattel.


Hampus "Promisq" Abrahamsson is from Stockholm, Sweden. He spent some time in Oslo, Norway, before moving to Berlin, Germany. Prior to League of Legends, he played CS 1.6, Heroes of Newerth, World of Warcraft, and CS:GO. Prior to playing League of Legends professionally, he played on a Challenger team called Inferno Esports.

2015 Season[edit]

Promisq joined Elements in May 2015, prior to the start of the Summer Split. He was announced as part of a new line-up for the team including Jwaow, dexter, Froggen, and Tabzz - only Froggen remained from their Spring Split's roster.[16] The Summer Split was disappointing for the team, with Promisq being replaced by the team's coach and former support, Nyph, after just four weeks of the split.

2016 Season[edit]

Promisq renamed to sprattel and stayed with Elements for the 2016 spring season, moving back to being their starting support while Nyph became the team's head coach. Elements's roster for the 2016 season seemed weak to fans, and many expected them to be relegated; however, they were able to hang on to seventh place for the majority of the split to automatically requalify for the summer split without seeing any post-season play.


  • Played NHL/FIFA before moving to computer games.
  • Enjoys playing ice hockey.
  • Memed while a substitute on G2 for having "won" two LEC titles and MSI 2019 despite only playing in two regular season games, after photos of him lifting the trophy began to circulate.

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Promisq Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2020-05-050050085 - 8 EM 2020 Spring Main Event
0 : 2AGO ROGUElogo std.pngAGO
Mousesportlogo std.pngMOUZ Tolkin,  Obsess,  LIDER,  Jeskla,  promisq,  Candyfloss
2020-03-290020002 Prime League Pro Division 2020 Spring Playoffs
1 : 3FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04E
Mousesportlogo std.pngMOUZ Tolkin,  Obsess,  LIDER,  Jeskla,  promisq,  Candyfloss
2020-03-120020002 Prime League Pro Division 2020 Spring
13 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Mousesportlogo std.pngMOUZ Tolkin,  Obsess,  LIDER,  Jeskla,  promisq,  Candyfloss
2019-03-160010001 LEC 2019 Spring
13 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
G2 Esportslogo std.pngG2 Wunder,  Jankos,  Caps,  Perkz,  Mikyx,  promisq,  GrabbZ,  Duffman
2018-08-1901000010 EU LCS 2018 Summer
2 - 16Blanklogo std.pngRR
H2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2K Smittyj,  Shook,  Caedrel,  Selfie,  Larssen,  Sheriff,  promisq,  Veteran,  Kelsey Moser
2018-04-080050065 - 6 EU LCS 2018 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3Team Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT
H2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2K Smittyj,  Shook,  Selfie,  Sheriff,  promisq,  Veteran
2018-03-170050005 EU LCS 2018 Spring
8 - 10Blanklogo std.pngRR
H2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2K Smittyj,  Santorin,  Shook,  Caedrel,  Selfie,  Sheriff,  promisq,  Veteran
2017-08-25bbbbbbNQ EU LCS 2018 Spring Promotion
0 : 3FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04
Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngNiP Profit,  Shook,  Nagne,  HeaQ,  sprattel,  NicoThePico
2017-08-130050005 EU LCS 2017 Summer - Group A
2 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR
Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngNiP Profit,  Shook,  Nagne,  HeaQ,  sprattel,  NicoThePico
2017-03-26bbbbbbNQ EUCS 2017 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3Fnatic Academylogo std.pngFNC.A
Paris Saint-Germainlogo std.pngPSG WhiteKnight,  Kirei,  Blanc,  Pilot,  sprattel,  Duke




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