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Push To Talk
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HostKrok - Martin Berthelot
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Push To Talk is a podcast host by Martin "Krok" Berthelot. Every week French speaking personality of League of Legend are guest onto the podcast. They are here to speak about their parcour, how they are launching into video games, how they start it at a competitive level, and what are their future project for their careers. This podcast is approximately an hour in length and the guests can be players, coachs, managers, or any person involved into League of Legend community. Most of the time, "Krok" try to understand the passion of the players and their goals for the future.


ID Name Pillar Run
Krok Martin Berthelot 2019.09.02—Present

Previous Players[edit]

Previous Coachs[edit]

Previous Managers[edit]

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Esports Director[edit]

Episode List[edit]

Date # Guests Links Length
2020-07-22 26 Saken VOD 53m
2020-06-17 25 Prime VOD 1H15
2020-06-03 24 Hajin VOD 53m
2020-05-20 23 Bando VOD 1H25
2020-05-06 22 Tolki VOD 1H06
2020-04-22 21 Yann Cédric Mainguy VOD 1H14
2020-04-08 20 Arailla VOD 1H13
2020-03-25 19 Dioud VOD 1H36
2020-03-11 18 Bulii VOD 1h17
2019-12-23 17 YellOwStaR VOD 1h04
2019-12-16 16 Zaboutine VOD 50m
2019-12-09 15 Vulcan VOD 1h03
2019-12-02 14 Toucouille VOD 59m
2019-11-25 13 Djoko VOD 1h05
2019-11-18 12 Duke VOD 59m
2019-11-11 11 sOAZ VOD 1h20
2019-11-04 10 Mephisto VOD 1h10
2019-10-28 9 Lounet VOD 57m
2019-10-21 8 Cabochard VOD 59m
2019-10-14 7 Wakz VOD 1h13
2019-10-07 6 Shemek VOD 1h14
2019-09-30 5 Eika VOD 52m
2019-09-23 4 Nisqy VOD 1h
2019-09-16 3 Steeelback VOD 1h08m
2019-09-09 2 Skeanz VOD 51m
2019-09-02 1 Hans Sama VOD 51m

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