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KLG Ragu 2019 Split 1.png
Background Information
NameJorge Carreño
Country of BirthChile Chile
 Latin America
TeamKaos Latin Gamerslogo std.pngKaos Latin Gamers
Favorite ChampsLee SinSquare.pngNidaleeSquare.pngEliseSquare.png
Team History
Jan 2019 - Present
Junglerole icon.png
Kaos Latin Gamerslogo std.pngKaos Latin Gamers

Jorge "Ragu" Carreño is a substitute jungler for Kaos Latin Gamers.


Jorge Carreño was born in Santiago, Chile. He began playing League of Legends in Season 2 after he played other MOBAs, like Dota 1 and Heroes of Newerth. Previously of being substitute jungler of KLG, he played in KLG Academy. He also is Nurse since 2016, after got graduated of Universidad Nacional Andres Bello with Honors.


  • His nickname is the phonetics pronunciation of Lars, a character of the manga Tsubasa Chronicles.
  • He studied 5 years Nursing in the university, and worked in Pediatrics services.
  • His favorite champions are Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin, NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee, and EliseSquare.png Elise.
  • He uses his Summoners Spells in the Key 1 and 2.
  • His favorites players are Spirit and Diamondprox.

Tournament Results

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Ragu Tournament Results
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