Red Brambleback

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Red Brambleback
Red BramblebackSquare.png
Gold Gain42 (+)
Experience Gain100 (+)

2,000 (+)

Attack Dmg
80 (+)

Attack Spd


Magic Resist


The Red Brambleback is a neutral monster found on updated Summoner's Rift replacing Lizard ElderSquare.png Lizard Elder. It spawns along with two CinderlingSquare.png Cinderlings. Slaying the Red Brambleback grants Crest of Cinders.png Crest of Cinders.

Smite (Summoner Spell).png Smite the Red Brambleback restores 20% of maximum health.


  • Controlling the Crest of Cinders.png Crest of Cinders buffs can give your team an advantage in the match. Most jungler will attempt to control not only their own but also the opposing team's buff because it also gives a lot of XP.
  • The Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback will not respawn if both of the CinderlingSquare.png Cinderlings are not killed. This can be used against the enemy when stealing their buffs, as it robs them from potential buffs until they kill the remaining creeps and it respawns.
  • Starting on the side of the Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback allows for better sustain and safety especially if you kill the KrugSquare.png Krugs
  • In high-level play, the jungler tends to take the buff during the laning phase, but donates it to his team's Attack Damage Carry after the laning phase has ended.

Patch History


The jungle is harder, but rewards have been increased as well. Just don't die to the Brambleback.

"The 2014 jungle was just too soft. 5 minutes into a game, sustain no longer became an issue as junglers mauled their way through camps while recovering via Spirit Stone's recovery mechanic. This meant that junglers who specialized in sustain got overshadowed by junglers who could clear faster because, really, there's no way you can sustain past full health. This bears repeating: as a result of sustain being so easy to access, 'optimal' junglers become ones who can hit that low sustain cap while doubling up on their gank power (Lee Sin, Kha'Zix, Elise, Evelynn, or Rengar come to mind).
Part of our big answer for this preseason is to increase the difficulty of the jungle. By doing so, we can better differentiate between the junglers who clear fast versus those who can stay healthy. This puts a higher premium on that mitigation-focused jungler who can still gank after clearing a camp, while a high-damage jungler might be more effective at ganking but will have a tougher time keeping up. Combine these changes with our below jungle itemization changes (and Smite reward changes above!), and you've got a pretty diverse jungle that caters to a number of different styles. "
    • RED BRAMBLEBACK : Red Brambleback is also scarier
      • BASE HEALTH : 1500 1800
      • DAMAGE : 60 80
  • Blue Sentinel & Red Brambleback
    • EXPERIENCE : 260 100
    • GOLD : 60 42