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General Information
Host(s): Duncan "Thorin" Shields
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Reflections is a video interview series created by Duncan "Thorin" Shields. Following in the footsteps of his Grilled series, each episode is a one-on-one in-depth interview with an esports competitor or community figure, past or present.


The series focuses on players' careers, going in-depth on their tournament results, evolution as a player and thoughts on different areas of the game. The series will cater to a number of different competitive gaming communities, but with LoL as a primary focus. The average episode length is around 44 minutes.

Episode List

# Date published Date recorded Guest Links Length Occupation/Position Game(s) Notes
62 2015-02-24 2015-02-18 United Kingdom Richard Lewis Link 106m Veteran esports journalist, working for The Daily Dot General
61 2015-02-18 2015-02-13 USA LiQuiD112 Link 69m Co-Owner of Team Liquid LoL
60 2015-02-16 2015-02-13 Spain ocelote Link 126m Former Gamers 2 LoL Midlaner LoL, WoW
59 2014-12-29 2014-12-26 Sweden jw Link 98m CS:GO player for FNATIC CS:GO
58 2014-12-09 2014-11-21 Poland Jankos Link 67m LoL Jungler for ROCCAT LoL
57 2014-11-12 2014-07-25 South Korea lilsusie Link 45m LoL and SC2 interviewer and project manager for OnGameNet Global LoL, BW
56 2014-10-31 2014-07-05 South Korea Shy Link 22m LoL Top laner for CJ Entus Frost LoL Subtitled
55 2014-10-29 2014-07-05 South Korea MadLife Link 23m LoL Support player for CJ Entus Frost LoL Subtitled
54 2014-10-23 2014-08-27 USA Hiko Link 90m CS:GO player for Cloud9 CS:GO
53 2014-10-23 2014-07-02 South Korea DanDy Link 14m LoL Jungler for Samsung White LoL Subtitled
52 2014-09-24 2014-07-02 South Korea Mata Link 17m LoL Support player for Samsung White LoL Subtitled
51 2014-09-22 2014-07-02 South Korea Deft Link 7m LoL AD Carry for Samsung Blue LoL Subtitled
50 2014-09-11 2014-07-15 USA MonteCristo Link 74m LoL commentator for OnGameNet and former coach of Counter Logic Gaming LoL
49 2014-09-04 2014-07-11 South Korea Chobra Link 77m LoL commentator and Global advisor for OnGameNet global LoL
48 2014-08-22 2014-06-27 United Kingdom ODEE Link 70m Owner and Manager of Team Dignitas LoL, SC2, CS
47 2014-08-20 2014-06-30 USA DoA Link 59m LoL English language play-by-play commentator for OnGameNet LoL, SC2
46 2014-08-18 2014-07-17 USA pr0lly Link 104m LoL Mid laner for compLexity Gaming LoL
45 2014-08-14 2014-07-15 USA IWillDominate Link 71m LoL Jungler for Curse Gaming LoL
44 2014-08-12 2014-07-09 Sweden friberg Link 53m CS:GO entry fragger for Ninjas in Pyjamas CS:GO
43 2014-08-11 2014-06-25 USA ls Link 136m Former LoL coach of Supa Hot Crew LoL
42 2014-07-25 2014-07-05 South Korea Flame Link 52m LoL Top laner of CJ Entus Blaze LoL Subtitled
41 2014-07-15 2014-06-25 Israel Brokenshard Link 77m Former LoL Jungler of Dragonborns and compLexity LoL
40 2014-07-10 2014-06-27 Germany dexter Link 81m LoL Jungler of Counter Logic Gaming LoL
39 2014-07-06 2014-06-20 Greece FORG1VEN Link 100m Former LoL AD Carry of Copenhagen Wolves LoL
38 2014-06-25 2014-05-17 Canada Elementz Link 75m Former LoL Support player of Counter Logic Gaming and Curse Gaming LoL
37 2014-06-08 2014-05-18 Sweden Fifflaren Link 70m CS:GO player of Ninjas in Pyjamas CS:S, CS:GO
36 2014-06-06 2014-05-11 USA Kelby Link 88m General Manager of Counter Logic Gaming LoL
35 2014-05-30 2014-05-18 Denmark Anders Link 74m CS:GO commentator for NiP TV CS:GO
34 2014-05-26 2014-05-17 Netherlands Tabzz Link 84m LoL AD Carry of Alliance LoL
33 2014-05-26 2014-05-09 Finland lurppis Link 86m Former in-game leader of the 69N-28E and Evil Geniuses CS 1.6 teams, and current CS:GO journalist for CS 1.6, CS:GO
32 2014-05-19 2014-05-10 Czech Republic Freeze Link 75m LoL AD Carry of Ninjas in Pyjamas LoL
31 2014-05-17 2014-02-24 USA Semmler Link 50m CS:GO commentator and member of the GD Studio BLC, HoN, Dota2, CS:GO
30 2014-05-16 2014-02-24 Denmark Zorozero Link 56m LoL former Top laner of Lemondogs and Ninjas in Pyjamas LoL
29 2014-05-15 2014-05-08 Russia Alex Ich Link 65m LoL former Mid laner of Gambit Gaming and current Top laner of Ninjas in Pyjamas LoL
28 2014-05-09 2014-05-07 USA impulsivE Link 64m Former CS 1.6 player for Turmoil/Gravitas and coL. Current manager of iBUYPOWER CS:GO. CS 1.6, CS:GO
27 2014-04-22 2014-03-16 United Kingdom Tosspot Link 24m Commentator for Counter-Strike 1.6, Enemy Territory and Quake. CS:GO
26 2014-04-14 2014-02-13 Belgium Moopz Link 16m LoL former Mid laner of Supa Hot Crew LoL
25 2014-04-05 2014-02-24 Sweden GeT_RiGhT Link 68m CS:GO player of Ninjas in Pyjamas CS 1.6, CS:GO
24 2014-04-05 2014-02-12 Germany Candy Panda Link 38m LoL AD Carry of SK Gaming LoL
23 2014-04-02 2014-02-11 United Kingdom ReDeYe Link 74m Commentator and host for ESL TV SC2, CS:GO, LoL
22 2014-03-31 2014-02-14 Germany kev1n Link 24m LoL Top laner of Millenium LoL
21 2014-03-26 2014-03-01 Sweden pronax Link 26m Former CS 1.6 player, CS:GO in-game leader of FNATIC. CS 1.6, CS:GO
20 2014-03-25 2014-02-12 Netherlands YoungBuck Link 28m LoL Top laner of Copenhagen Wolves LoL
19 2014-03-22 2014-02-13 Germany nRated Link 28m LoL Support player of SK Gaming LoL
18 2014-03-21 2014-03-15 Sweden NaNiwa Link 63m SC2 Protoss player SC2, LoL
17 2014-03-19 2014-02-12 France sOAZ Link 29m LoL Top laner of fnatic LoL
16 2014-03-18 2014-02-13 Poland Overpow Link 22m LoL Mid laner of Team ROCCAT LoL
15 2014-03-10 2014-02-15 South Korea Jaedong Link 25m Former BW Zerg player and current SC2 Zerg player of Evil Geniuses BW, SC2 Subtitled
14 2014-03-08 2014-02-15 Poland Carmac Link 56m Managing Director of Pro-Gaming for ESL LoL, Dota2 Part 2
13 2014-03-05 2014-02-15 Poland Carmac Link 51m Managing Director of Pro-Gaming for ESL UT, SC2 Part 1
12 2014-02-27 2014-02-14 Spain mithy Link 61m LoL Support player of Ninjas in Pyjamas LoL
11 2014-02-22 2014-02-10 Germany TheSlaSH Link 64m Managing Director of SK Gaming LoL, CS:GO, SC2
10 2014-02-20 2013-12-21 Armenia Edward Link 28m LoL Support player of Gambit Gaming LoL Subtitled
9 2014-01-30 2013-12-21 USA Westrice Link 33m LoL Top laner of Determined Gaming LoL
8 2014-01-21 2013-12-14 Venezuela Crumbzz Link 40m LoL Jungler player of Team Dignitas LoL
7 2014-01-15 2013-12-21 USA NintendudeX Link 69m LoL Jungler player of Team Coast LoL
6 2014-01-12 2013-12-13 France YellOwStar Link 63m LoL Support player of Fnatic LoL
5 2014-01-08 2013-12-20 Spain Araneae Link 43m LoL Jungler of Millenium LoL
4 2014-01-05 2013-12-16 Denmark Wickd Link 24m LoL Top laner of Alliance LoL
3 2013-12-30 2013-12-14 Denmark Froggen Link 56m LoL Mid laner of Alliance LoL
2 2013-12-27 2013-12-15 USA Imaqtpie Link 46m LoL AD Carry of Team Dignitas LoL
1 2013-12-24 2013-12-20 South Korea Bischu Link 50m LoL Mid laner of The Walking Zed LoL