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Name RP Release Date Chromas Legacy? Limited?
Cost Date Colors
Galactic Renekton 520 RpPoints.png 2011-01-18 GreenCheck.png
Outback Renekton 520 RpPoints.png 2011-01-18 GreenCheck.png
Bloodfury Renekton 975 RpPoints.png 2011-07-26
Rune Wars Renekton 975 RpPoints.png 2012-05-01 GreenCheck.png
Scorched Earth Renekton 975 RpPoints.png 2014-02-11
Pool Party Renekton 975 RpPoints.png 2013-09-11
Prehistoric Renekton 750 RpPoints.png 2015-06-15
SKT T1 Renekton 975 RpPoints.png 2016-08-18 GreenCheck.png
Renektoy 750 RpPoints.png 2017-03-30 1225 RpPoints.png 2018-03-30
Hextech Renekton 2018-12-20 Hextech Crafting exclusive