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Rift Raff
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"Rift Raff" is a weekly show published by DBLTAP. In it, they cover things like patch notes, pro games and players, and various other aspects of the game as a whole.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Topics
15 2018-06-22 VOD 11m21s LCS Summer Split Starts, Cloud9 Benches Three, and MadLife Retires
14 2018-05-24 VOD 14m37s China Wins MSI Over Korea
13 2018-05-10 VOD 13m40s EVOS Esports and Flash Wolves Advance to MSI Main Event
12 2018-05-03 VOD 11m26s RNG wins LPL & MSI Play-in Stage
11 2018-04-26 VOD 13m57s Hai Retires From Professional League of Legends
10 2018-04-03 VOD 12m29s NA and EU LCS Spring Finals Are Set!
9 2018-03-30 VOD 13m33s First NA LCS Final Without TSM!
8 2018-03-23 VOD 10m23s 100 Thieves Tops North America
7 2018-03-15 VOD 9m13s League of Legends NA and EU Playoff Picture
6 2018-03-08 VOD 16m11s Counter Logic Gaming "Counter Logic" in Week 7
5 2018-02-16 VOD 14m26s Echo Fox Dominate Again, TSM Defeat CLG
4 2018-02-08 VOD 15m15s EU LCS Clown Fiesta
3 2018-02-01 VOD 15m20s SK Telecom Washed Up? Is Echo Fox For Real?
2 2018-01-24 VOD 15m33s TSM in Trouble? 100T for Real?
1 2018-01-19 VOD 14m31s NA and EU LCS Preview, Wolf in the Jungle?

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