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The Riot Season 3 Championship Series is the first season of North America's fully professional League of Legends league. Eight teams will compete in a round robin group stage, with the top teams continuing on to an offline playoffs.


  • 10 weeks
  • League play
  • Each team plays all of the other teams four times
  • Each match is best of one
  • Rankings are determined by the following methods:
    1. Win Percentage
    2. Total Wins (Or fewest losses when teams have no wins)
    3. Alphabetical order
  • At end of Week 10, if two teams have the same record, ties will be broken by:
    1. Head to Head record
    2. If still tied, a tiebreaker match will be played, with side selection determined by coin toss


Champion Pick and Ban Statistics
112 Total Games Played 86 Champions Used