Riot Open LAN/2018 Season

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2018 Riot Open Season
Riot Open 2018.png
Tournament Information
Prize Pool$ 6,000
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2018-02-10
End Date2018-04-29
WinnerLogo std.png2Days
SecondNameless Esportslogo std.pngNameless Esports
ThirdAnger Gaminglogo std.pngAnger Gaming
FourthNawal Gaminglogo std.pngNawal Gaming



  • Five tournaments:
    • Each tournament gives an specific amount of accumulative points depending on the position reached. This amount of points grow in each tournament (example, Tournament 1 gives 2200 points to the champion, while Tournament 2 gives 3300).
  • Cumulative table:
    • Top 8 teams of the table qualify for the Finals.
  • Finals:
    • Single elimination.
    • 8 teams.
    • All matches are Bo3.
  • Official RO Rulebook

Prize Pool[edit]

$ 6,000 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:

PlacePrizePrize (%)Team
PlacementIcon1.png 1$4,00066.67%Logo std.png2Days
PlacementIcon2.png 2$2,00033.33%Nameless Esportslogo std.pngNameless Esports
PlacementIcon3.png 3Anger Gaminglogo std.pngAnger Gaming
4Nawal Gaminglogo std.pngNawal Gaming
5-8Logo std.pngBoosted Monkeys RD
DP5 Gaminglogo std.pngDP5 Gaming
LoL Academialogo std.pngLoL Academia
Logo std.pnguwu Gaming

Points Ranking[edit]

  • Only teams which reached a Ro16 are shown below.
SeedTeamTournament 1Tournament 2Tournament 3Tournament 4Tournament 5Total
1Nameless Esportslogo std.pngNameless Esports1600105032002750330011900
2Anger Gaminglogo std.pngAnger Gaming700105044002750210011000
3DP5 Gaminglogo std.pngDP5 Gaming220024001400400012009200
4Nawal Gaminglogo std.pngNawal Gaming300400175066009050
5Logo std.pngBoosted Monkeys RD400165080050048008150
6Logo std.png2Days165040055006007740
7LoL Academialogo std.pngLoL Academia4003300220017506910
8Logo std.pnguwu Gaming100600800175033006550
9Logo std.pngLitch E-Sports40060080050021004400
10Logo std.pngHunab Ku e-Sports700600140010006004300
11Logo std.pngAbsolute Esports4001050400100012004050
12Saudade Esportslogo std.pngSaudade Esports200600800100012003800
12Logo std.pngTactical E-Sports White200600800100012003800
12Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLoto Gaming400220012003800
15Logo std.pngDragon's Hive Gaming1100105014003550
16Logo std.pngVglife Gaming110014005003000
17Logo std.pngWinter Wolves80021002900
17Logo std.pngTactical E-Sports Black300400100012002900
19Logo std.pngArtStyle60040017502750
20Logo std.pngGucci Gang Gaming40060012002200
21Logo std.pngMoon Walkers E-sports21002100
21Logo std.pngMystical E-Sports20030010006002100
23We Talentlogo std.pngWe Talent30010006001900
23Jurassic Gaminglogo std.pngJurassic Gaming4004005006001900
25Logo std.pngThe Fenix Reborn10006001600
26Zeu5 Gaminglogo std.pngZeu5 Gaming7006001300
27Logo std.png3kb12001200
28Logo std.pngKings Never Die800800
28Logo std.pngNordick E-sports800800
30Regular Teamlogo std.pngRegular Team700700
31Logo std.pngBlackOut eSports400400

Top 4 by Tournament[edit]

February 10 - April 7

T # Finals Date 1st place 2nd place Semifinalist Semifinalist
1 2018-02-10 DP5 Gaminglogo std.pngDP5 Nameless Esportslogo std.pngNAM Logo std.pngDRAG Logo std.pngVGLI
2 2018-02-24 LoL Academialogo std.pngLAE DP5 Gaminglogo std.pngDP5 Logo std.png2DAY Logo std.pngBOOS
3 2018-03-10 Anger Gaminglogo std.pngAnger Nameless Esportslogo std.pngNAM LoL Academialogo std.pngLAE Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
4 2018-03-24 Logo std.png2DAY DP5 Gaminglogo std.pngDP5 Anger Gaminglogo std.pngAnger Nameless Esportslogo std.pngNAM
5 2018-04-07 Nawal Gaminglogo std.pngNawal Logo std.pngBOOS Nameless Esportslogo std.pngNAM Logo std.pngUWU

Finals Participants[edit]

  • The eight teams with more accumulation of points.
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