Rise of the 32

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Rise of the 32
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General Information
HostPluto - Brad Ramey
CountryUnited States
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Rise of the 32 was a series of interviews hosted by Brad "Pluto" Ramey. In this series Pluto interviewed the teams participating at the North American 5v5 Ranked Qualifier of the Riot Season 3 Championship Series. The interviews were approximately 15 minutes in length and started with the introduction of the players. The topics often included the creation of the team, favorite champions and the team's opponent in the qualifier. Some teams were joined by their managers.

Episode List[edit]

Date # Team Links Length
2013-01-05 16 Complexity Academy (Heating Up) VOD 18m
2013-01-05 15 Falafel Gaming VOD 26m
2013-01-04 14 Hype Beast City, Pt. 4 VOD 16m
2013-01-04 13 DVS Spark VOD 13m
2013-01-04 12 Team Majestic VOD 10m
2013-01-04 11 The Salad Bar VOD 13m
2013-01-04 10 Serenus Gaming VOD 14m
2013-01-04 09 Team Marn VOD 14m
2013-01-04 08 Team TowerDiveTV VOD 16m
2013-01-04 07 Motion Gaming 32 VOD 14m
2013-01-04 06 Objective E-Sports VOD 14m
2013-01-04 05 Team Try Again VOD 14m
2013-01-04 04 Endless Variety VOD 14m
2013-01-04 03 Young Based God (Pulse) VOD 15m
2013-01-04 02 Chiefs Rowing Club VOD 14m
2013-01-04 01 The Bunny Squad VOD 15m

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