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TeamTeam Curselogo std.pngTeam Curse
CountryUnited States
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"Roads" was a mini-series produced and distributed by Azubu following Team Curse during the 2014 NALCS Summer Split and Playoffs.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
4 2014-09-23 VOD 22m13s Let It Burn In the season finale of Roads, Team Curse finds themselves on the ropes after a devastating loss to Cloud9 at PAX. Their next opponent, LMQ, is considered favored to beat Team Curse to advance to Worlds, but once again, the fighting spirit of Curse shines through. It has all lead to this. Everything is on the line.
3 2014-08-28 VOD 11m14s Warming Up Having proven their resilience in two extremely tough Super Weeks, Team Curse looks towards their first playoff match: a seemingly super-charged Counter Logic Gaming. CLG has spent the last two weeks in Korea preparing for the playoffs. Can Team Curse even compete without the experience CLG acquired? Voyboy specifically has a larger stake in this, as he’s one of the oldest pros still in the scene. With a potential place at Worlds on the line, this is his chance to make it.
2 2014-08-12 VOD 12m42s On the Ropes The last time we saw Curse, they were flying high after conquering a tough Super Week. It’s déjà vu in this episode, as Team Curse again finds their match ups to be less than ideal. With relegation a real possibility, every game counts as Curse has only two things on their mind: survival to avoid relegation, and the playoffs.
1 2014-07-10 VOD 10m58s Super Week In the premier episode of Roads, we are introduced to battered, but defiant, Team Curse. It’s the Super Week, and Curse must run a gauntlet of NA’s top teams. Their success could mark an incredible pivot point to their season; their failure could destroy team morale. Watch as Voyboy takes us through the experience, and learn why it’s #CURSEORDIE.

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